Storyline Drinks with Marcus

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  1. *Marcus Anthony is seen once again at the bar and the cameraman slowly approaches*

    Don't worry there guy I'm not shit faced I ain't gonna whip your ass. I understand that I had given my all in my last match whipping ass from pillar to post and the some bitch kept coming back.*Marcus wipes his face in disgust and looks down* I got in my head and he took advantage of it and he beat me clean. All my years of drinking and fighting I hadn't made that type of mistake since I first started in this business *Marcus sips his beer* Rodrigo was the better man that night. I don't regret a damn thing that I've done. I'll continue to drink my beer, kick some ass, then drink some more. Damn, sucks drinking alone.
  2. *A helicopter smashes into the bar, out steps Tyrone Martin and Tim Tebow, they are fucking hammered.*
    Tyrone: YO MY NIG-
    Tebow: Yo brah, not cool!
  3. Tyrone, Tebow chillin grab a drink.
  4. *Tyrone and Tebow take a seat next to Marcus*
    Tyrone: The hottest guy you have! AND A BUNCH OF VODKA!
    Tebow: Water will do.
  5. Marcus finishes his beer and orders another
  6. Tyrone Martin is making out with some random guy. Tebow is praying with a bunch of nuns.
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  7. *a strange figure stands behind Marcus, dressed in a hooded trench coat*
    *it approaches Marcus while parting between the make-out session Tyrone seems to be enjoying*

    "Why hello there Marcus! You seem to be enjoying your booze there... *takes beer away and pours it on the floor* Hey bartender, lets get this man to grow a little hair on his chest! He'll have a shot of Hennessy *Marcus looks up confused* No no, make that two! No worries, I'll pick up the tab. As I was saying, Marcus. Markush. Marcash. I was the former owner of that once lovely tragedy known as IWT. You may have heard the rumors... I can assure you, they were all true. *Britanica grins with an evil look on her face* You see, you may not know it yet, but we have something in common. We both had to hit rock bottom to realize our dreams. *makes Marcus take his shot* Well, you may not see yours clearly at the moment, I have plans for you. *A random all black cat jumps up on the bar, Britanica looks at it and back at Marcus* No worries, you are not that drunk. There is a cat sitting there. You see the black cat is a symbol of tragedy and bad luck. When I look at a black cat, I see something worthwhile. Something that people fear because they don't understand it. Something... That people would just rather ignore then face. You. You are that black cat. What am I doing sitting here, you may ask? Well, I am here to show you, your true colors. To see what I see. To bring the crazy, feared animal out of you. You and me are going to go places. I know the people in this business like the back of my hand. They are cowards. *Makes Marcus take his second shot*. I been living under water for far to long. The darkness empowered me. Enlightened me, if you will. I want one thing, and one thing only. Revenge. You are the key. Will you open this door? Will you allow me to transcend upon your brain, engulf your mind and make you a true legend? Save you from yourself? What do you say?"

    *Britanica smiles at the cameraman she had been ignoring the whole time*

    "I pity men like you, you disgust me!" *she grabs the nearest drink on the bar and pours it on the innocent camera man and turns back to Marcus waiting for his reply*
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  8. *Marcus still with the second shot glass in his hand slams it down on the bar then looks at Britanica*

    What makes you think I'm this key to your revenge? I understand you may have heard about my demons but I keep them in check for a reason. It never ends up well if they come out. If you think you can handle the darkness inside of me, I only have one question for you....what's in this for me? How do I know you're good for your word. I'm sitting here not quite drunk with two guys making out near me, Tim Tebow, and a lady in a hood that has a cat sit on my bar staring me dead in the eyes. I've heard you're crazy. I can dig that but I can't just get up and give myself to you.
  9. Ooc: Arab Skywalker and Emperor Britatine :mog:
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  10. *Britanica leans in*

    "Are you a gambling man? I can't assure you or expect you to trust me. But what I want you do to is chance it. What is in this for you? Gold & leather. As I said, you will be a legend. Allow me to help us both. Killing 2 birds with one stone. The cat speaks to you. Let him purrrsuade your inner evil thoughts. I know how hard it is to see what you want and not be able to grab it. I understand the frustration of people looking down on you and the disrespect. Take a chance. Gamble with me. What do you really have to lose?"
  11. Only control of myself and potentially my mind. All I ever looked for was a fight and some drinks. *Marcus looks at Britanica* you say we can have money, power and respect with what you see in me and with what you bring to the table? *Marcus laughs and grabs another drink* Lady, either you got a true conviction in me or you're deranged. I'm feeling funny. I've had wayyyyy more than this todrinkbefore whatdidyoudotomeeeee? *Marcus is holding onto the bar and trying to stay awake*
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    *Britanica grins*

    "Funny story... That last drink had a lil' candy in it. I would imagine that is why you are so tired now. Deranged? Maybe. But when I see a vision, I make sure it comes to pass. You see, I came here to ask politely, but I didn't plan on taking no for an answer."

    *Britanica catches Marcus from falling off the bar stool*
  13. *Marcus passes out and Britanica has a couple people carry him out to an all black van. She directs them to throw him in. She laughs maniacally as she gets in to the passenger seat and the van peels out and drives away. The cameraman tries to catch up but he gets hit by the same van and the last image it captures is Britanica grabbing the camera man and the camera loses its feed.
  14. OOC: Ok marking for Brit's return if thats what this is, lol
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