Storyline Dudes With 'Tude Tournament

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    Al Poppin' comes out to the ring wearing a white headband, a poncho and his purple tights with a white stripe down the side and the Shining Star Title around his waist. The crowd pop mildly to him while he stands on the stage and walks down to the ring, Al gets into the ring and is handed a mic, he then puts the Shining Star title on his right shoulder

    Al Poppin': So IWT has an upcoming event and word is they are tossing the salad when it comes to the matches. Luckily for Management, Al Poppin' has come to the rescue with 3 Matches for the card. You see Dudes with 'Tude feature 4 Champions, but the question is, which I know every fan is on the edge of their seat to find out, which Dude is better. So we will be killing two birds with one stone.

    At Uprising, Al Poppin' is going to take on The Big Dawg Champion, Clobbersaurus, while The British Kid will take on the newly sober Eduardo. The winners of those two matches will face off against one another to prove which member is the best, who is the reed richards of this group? All will be decided at IWT Uprising......New School
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  2. OOC: Ok cool, and I hate to say this, but can you remind me which users goes with which characters Ric? Thanks

    EDIT: OH! And what days work for you guys?
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  3. So, just so I have it straight:

    Ric Flaire = Al Poppin
    HunterHearstJericho = Clobbersaurus
    Reagmaster = British Kid
    Ed! = Eduardo
    FailFaceFTW = Justin Magnus?

    I got that right?
  4. yeah but why are you Including Justin Magnus?
  5. Flaire knows why, I'll leave it at that
  6. I'm good any day except I won't be on Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 to like 5:30 or so I got a softaball game to go to.