Duggan's bombshell

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    *Duggan comes out to his new theme (1st one wasn't that good), lighting is red and white, he stands on the stage then walks into the ring, music shuts off around 1:10, some cheers*
    Dexx: ... ... ... ... *Looks around* ... ... Gday mates, if you didn't see Summerslam,my name is Dexx Duggan, now last night I was unsuccessful in the "Proving Grounds" Battle Royal where I lost to an ego manic known as Nick. Now Nicky, you actaully got yourself a pair of testicles there mate. But i'm not here to talk about you. ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
    Now listen, I am not calling out anyone that I mention, I am not targeting anyone and I am not saying i'm the best. I want to get a chance to do this, so here we go... First things first, what is the deal the talent here? I mean this place is for some of the most vicious men in the buisness and last night we've unified the 2 world titles, and the first undisputed champion... is a GIRL. Whats her face? Oh yes, Victoria Parker. Gentlemen your losing your ground here, Suicide?! Oh my bad, Andrew?! How the hell can you live with yourself knowing that you lost the unification match to a women? Now Victoria, i'm not saying you don't belong here, your tough, but this just ain't right misses. But Andrew Evans, that by far mate was probably the most embarrassing loss in your career.

    Alright Moving on, I got more... ... ... The Cure... now... these guys I believe are alright, they have the tag titles I'll give them that, but they are just like the WWE group in 2010, the Nexus, and The Nexus did all that the Cure did right and that was win the tag titles. So The Cure is basically going down the same road The Nexus did, now i'll give them a little more credit here, they do have a Money in the Bank briefcase, but lets face it, the way you guys sound, we are looking at an unsuccessful cash in like John Cena mates, keep dreaming.

    Onto these other 2 lads, these 2 were in a vicious Falls Count Anywhere match, there names are Adam Hawk and Jacob. Now this is before their whole thing with Rodrigo seen earlier. What was with their gimmicks, I mean where have I heard those before, what I saw out there at Summerslam was one total Lone Wolf AJ Styles impersonator and one half Lone Wolf AJ Styles impersonator and half Jeff Hardy Impersonator. Real original guys... but anyway however the 2 of you have now settled your differences so thank you for doing that guys. However what you did next... "The Crusade"...the group to stop The Cure, basically what we are looking at is another Main Event Mafia Aces and Eights story right here and trust me that is a train wreck mates. So to be honest you guys shouldn't even bother like I said, The Cure will fall on its own.

    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Dat Kid... ... ... ... ... ...
    Now, I was your favorite at the battle royal? I was your favorite? Now to be honest Mr.Kid I like you... you're alright and yeah this place could use a better man in charge like you. However, I'll let you know this... you can be against me and i'll hate it, you can help me and i'll like it... but as much as you do what you do to me. I am NOT your pawn, not like the former Suicide Andrew Evans, not like Joel Rain, who didn't show up to take on that Mr.Perfect wanna be of an Intercontinental Champion. Not like any of them, i'm my own man mate! *cheers*

    Now I would insult others, I would insult Senhor's new partner, Farooq, on how he stole the good ring name of Ron Simmons and makes an Retro Edge like entrance, I would insult the guy he lost X Division Title to, David, who asked us why we got no good champions around here, in which he is right but he's not a good champ himself. But they are just wastes of time. Now I would insult Duke Nukem, he is my opponent in 2 weeks, we went at it like Wolverines in the Battle Royal and he insulted the good name of my home country. Nukem i'll get to you when the time is right, but mark my words, just like all other names i've just mentioned, YOUR JUST AS WEAK AS THEM.
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  2. *The arena goes pitch black and the music hits 23 seconds the whole place is lit up brighter then normal then there a mushroom cloud and duke nukem pops out from underneath and walks to the ring with a microphone*
    Dexx you come out here and insult pretty much everyone on the whole roster apart from the chairman and our mutual last opponent what does this tell us about you? Well it shows your a suck up! All you have done is come out and mimic the boss' opinions so you can get yourself fast tracked to a title shot. As for putting over that idiot nick the only reason he won the damn match is because we both kicked seven shades of shit out of each other and he got a lucky hit so why would you suck up to him i ask? well maybe you and nick are both in some shitty corporation stable datkid has masterminded backstage and that would explain why i managed to lose because you fuckers teamed up and you always knew you were taking the fall however if that is not the case im guessing your just eyeing him up as your next friend you take for a long strole in the outback i think you catch my drift.
    If you think coming out here and doing those things makes you strong i have news for ya it actually shows your weakness and how pathetic you really are needing to make yourself allies or just hanging onto coattails get a grip kangaroo jack this aint your back yard you best start getting serious or you best shut the fuck up *goes right into dexx's face*
  3. *Duggan pauses, looks around, slaps Nukem in the face hard, massive OH! by the crowd*
  4. *Headbutts and walks off*

    OOC: Are we allowed to hit each other in the rules lol i don't know?
  5. *Duggan is laying in the middle of the ring holding his head after the headbutt and gives a mean face to Nukem, that ends the segment*

    OOC: I guess we can, I saw it happen in The Crusade scene, good job louis, solid
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  6. OOC: Nice segment guys :obama:
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