Storyline Duggan's Explanation

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  1. *Mixed Reaction, Duggan comes out at 0:32 (New Theme song), he doesn't have a guitar but he has a hockey stick with weird markings on it*
    Announcer 1: There he is! For the first time since the rumble, Dexx Duggan!
    Announcer 2: Again this goofball but, he seems liek he's acting a little different, no guitar but he has a hockey stick.
    *Duggan gets in the ring, grabs a mic, music stops,"What the Fuck" chants*
    Dexx: Leo Wang, you know when The Panda summoned me he told me to work along side you as if brother to brother to help Boston achieve greatness, and I believed him, I thought Boston had the eggs to master DA WAYZ. But it took me a little while, and a few helpings of saucages to realize that what The Panda was saying was wrong. Not just that you see before the great rumble match, I had a little "house visit" by none other than, THE RHINO, he asked me, he said, "is Leo really treating you equal, what kind of things has he lets equal with you, and has the Panda done anything about it?" NO! He wasn't, all he did was focus more on Boston and yell at me for just missing meetings or blame me eating his pie buddy Martin. So whats the point in me helping Leo and Mike anyway if its not beneficial to me at all. So now *looks at stick* by the powers in my position award by the vulture *breaks the hockey stick* I now announce a civil war in our society!

    *Crowd rustles a little*

    Dexx: Council members who care to join me can do so its now Rhino vs. Panda for supremacy in the overworld. I get to lead this order by The Rhinos request. So Master Panda, I know your probably upset by this and by any means want to destroy but you can't do anything about it, so deal with it! You will realize that when this is over a new animal will have rule and Da Wayz will be all reset in time and space! LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!

    Announcer 1: Wha?
    Announcer 2: Do we call this like a heel turn or something?
    Announcer 1: I guess?

  2. *Boston comes out, walking normally, he stops on the stage, music stops*
    Mike: *speechless for a little* thats the way its gonna be? I'm sorry Leo wanted to come out here, but now since the stick was broken he's in mediatation with the Master to discuss this Civil War, and you know, it shocks me not just you Duggan but THE RHINO?! What is he thinking turning on the Panda. Beacon I trusted you, you're like a BROTHER TO ME! (Funny in legit life...) We would never treat you like this! You obviously had too much of that sausage if you're turning you're back on me! I guess since you had too much of that meat, I guess i'm the acting medicine in this case, i'm not gonna destroy you i'm gonna fix you! Even if this war goes on for 20 years i'm gonna fix you and I guess The Rhino too since he's diseased to restore order. What do you say to that?!
  3. Dexx: Hold on minute there Boston, you're getting ahead of yourself, listen I was about to offer you to join us but since it looks like you already swore loyalty to the Panda I guess that is out of the question. You don't know who you are messing with! The Panda doesn't stand a chance you see I talked to a few council members backstage about The Rhino's offer to join us and some accepted, now The Rhino said for this sake not to reveal who accepted yet and identies will be shown in time later to come, you don't know who to trust now Boston, Jason could be with us, or Morty, or Arthur, even Susan can be with us. You gotta sleep with one eye open every night now... hehehe... told by the song, no sleep will put you on that trip to never-never land... and you of course don't want that.
  4. Boston: *a little scared* e-enough! No more mind games, I don't know if that is the truth of not, i'll find that out myself! But in the meantime I guess i'm gonna have to lay down a proposal then! What do you say Beacon? I'll take you on at Elimination Chamber! Beacon vs. Boston first time ever the start of The Panda vs. Rhino war! What do you say?
  5. *Cole is watching backstage*
    Cole: what are they talking about?....i'm SO confused right now
  6. Dexx: What do I say? I say, BRING IT! In fact, how about we reveal the first council member to turn on you in the mean time. *Duggan gives a signal, Jason comes out from behind and rams Boston, he brings him into the ring, Duggan tells Jason to set him standing up and Duggan bounces off the ropes and gives Boston a spear (or you can call it a gore) Duggan kneels and looks at Boston's carcas* I'll see you at the ppv hehe...

    A1: Damn, I don't know what happened but Jason is with Duggan!
    A2: Well Duggan accepted and we got a match at EC!

    Yep we're doing it, Dexx vs. Mike at EC
  7. PM me if you want to book a match, it's much easier for me.