Duke Nukem chalenges trip in the head to a dark match

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  1. *Duke Nukem walks out to his usual entrance*
    So i have seen alot of new signings here at IWT recently i think thats a good thing personally just more people for me to compete with but one caught my eye his name is trip he thinks he is some kind of butcher, and i heard him say he wants to take out the biggest guy in the locker room well look no further than me.
    I guess a match against me will be similar to what a butcher is used to only differance is the only one doing the slaughtering is going to be me and after the match if your still able to move you best go and shove that fake halloween toy meat cleaver straight up that stinking ass of yours.
    Balls in your court now trip if you accept the match we can get it underway as soon as our stupid chairman turns up and makes it official. *crowd cheers* So whats it to be chump?

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  2. *Trip walks out onto the stage. He seems to be holding a charred Christian teddy bear he got from Britanica close to his face like he is snuggling it, sniffing it almost. It appears to have blood spots on it as well. He is wearing the apron, but has no cleaver with him, just the bear.*

    Trip: Duke Nukem eh? A pleasure to make your acquaintance sir. You consider yourself the big guy in the back huh? You know you are nothing compared to the opponents I had to overcome to just to make it here. At least when those guys had a video game coming out with their name on it, it was out on time.

    *Crowd reaction: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!*

    Trip: Ah, yessss. We do have some gamers in the audience tonight don't we. Make no mistake sir, I am no alien pig pushover. And snappy one liners will not intimidate me. I NEED this action to keep some sort of control over myself. *smiles from ear to ear* I don't LIKE to hurt people, but that always seems to be what it comes down to. Whether they deserve it or not. At least this way I get volunteers, hahaha. *Trip stops to cuddle up to the bear for a second* Just let me know where and when and I will prepare your order. Maybe you can come over to my place and pick it up when we are all done. Of course, *Trip tilts his head to the side quite awkwardly* you may not come back afterwards.

    *Crowd has a small pop*
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  3. OOC: So should we do the whole "leaves the ring" stuff too or just leave it at that?
  4. I am glad you accept my challenge lets make things more interesting shall we? i say we make it a tables match just because i know every single one of these fans wants to watch me put your sorry carcass through one. I know for a fact you have not faced a single competitor better than me because quite frankly there is not one in the world who is as tough. Not even all your imaginary friends in the world can save you tomorrow night when that bell ring you will regret the day you set foot in IWT and you and that ridiculous teddy bear can back to wherever the hell you came from. *lights cigar* oh this *points to cigar* this is just my victory cigar thought i would smoke it now as this match is already over little bitch. *leaves to the locker room shoulder bardgeing trip slightly on the way past*
  5. *Trip takes the bardgeing(?) and watches Duke walk back to the locker room. He makes his way to the ring and slides under the bottom rope slowly, teddy bear still in hand.*

    TRIP: So la di da, good ol' Dookie wants to face me in a tables match now? What do you all think?

    *Crowd reaction: We want tables! Clap-clap-clapclapclap We want tables!*

    TRIP: Well there you have it. A tables match it is then. *smiles* And for your information there Dookie, my carcass is not sorry at all. It is actually quite a remorseless carcass. There's no way it couldn't be after the things I have done, hahaha. And as far as your toughness is concerned, I am sure I have faced steaks that were tougher than you in my days. But even if you are a little chewy, I imagine I'll get a good chance to tenderize you in this match. And my "friends" never stick around very long, but I wouldn't call them friends. I would call them MEAT. MEAT FOR THE SLAUGHTER! *Trip starts laughing maniacally, falls to the mat, and rolls around continuing to laugh for a minute. He eventually regains his composure and stands up.* Uh ha.........haha....oh excuse me. I get a little carried away sometimes. *Trip snuggles up to the bear again* Dookie, I also heard you say I would regret the day I came here to the IWT. I got some news for youuuuuuu. I already have enough regret in my life that the feeling means NOTHING to me now, so I find it hard to take you seriously. You should be worried about what I decide to do with you when I am done. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones, but eventually everybody's luck runs out when facing "The Excellence of Executions". Mwahahahahaha!

    *Trip stands in the middle of the ring and holds the bear up high*


    *Trip then leaps over the top rope and vanishes into the back. The crowd is buzzing, but it does not seem to be from cheers or boos*

    Announcer 1: Well that was interesting. I don't think the fans know what to think about....Trip in the Head...was it?
    Announcer 2: I don't know. He freaks me right the hell out. I wouldn't want to be in Dookie's - I mean Duke Nukem's - shoes come tomorrow night.
    Announcer 1: And whats up with the bear? Does he worship that thing or what?
    Announcer 2: I'm not sure, but he seems pretty focused on it. Must be important to him for some reason?

    OOC: So how does a tables match work on here anyway?
  6. OOC:I dont think its any differant just thought it would be more interesting to get it booked as a tables match
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  7. *Duke comes back down to the ring*
    HAHA meat to the slaughter? that doesn't make sense butcher you slaughter animals not meat its called meat after its dead. I thought you would know that being a butcher and all? oh i guess i was wrong your just some nut job who cuts bits of bacon up at home and puts fake blood on there dumb apron.
    what sort of a man wears an apron anwyay? oh thats right a retarded butcher one. I would have ten times more respect for you if you came out here in a jump suit but you didn't just that dumb apron to match your shit for brains. Beating you in a tables match will be like a holiday for me and just another normal beating for you to take, when i chalenged you i thought you might actually be the real deal a proper psycho for me to crack the skull of but your just a dumb redneck who watched to many films im glad you laughed because the whole world is laughing to the only thing is there laughing at you.
    datkid get your ass out here and book this dark match Dat Chocolate From Jersey
  8. *Duggan at a bar watching, he's playin pool*
    Dexx: *drinks a beer* what? No invite? Well I guess I'm gonna show up unattended. *looks at billards table* that hole *hits 8-ball in* I win, pay up mate.
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  9. Who are you facing?
  10. tripinthehead69 in a tables match