Duke Nukem issues open challenge

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  1. *whole arena goes dark then extra bright for about 30 seconds then when lights go normal a mushroom cloud and a huge explosion*
    entance music plays from 24 seconds in the song

    Then duke nukem walks down to the ring in a confident manner with a microphone and says "i like to kick ass and chew bubblegum........and im all out of gum"
    Then he walks over to the announcer and in the ring and gives him a powerbomb and leaves.

    non kayfabe: i dont know if this is done right if not please just tell me and i will make necasary adjustments and stuff please bare with me i have never done this before lol
  2. Guy In Crowd: OMG! ITS DUKE NUKEM!
  3. Backstage johnathan coachman catches up with Duke Nukem to try an interview him
    Coach:What was your intention with that horrific attack on our poor announcer
    Nukem: my intention? i made it quite clear anyone on the IWT roster who thinks they can take me on im just waiting to rip off there heads and shit down there neck and that goes for title holders and non title holders alike.
    coach soils himself and runs away