Kayfabe During Robert Blake VS Andersen Vega

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  1. *In the closing moments of the match Andersen Vega is in control after hitting a massive superkick knocking Robert Blake right down to the mat. Andersen Vega tries to take advantage by going for the pin 1....2....Kickout! Andersen Vega jumps to his feet as he knew that wouldn't finish off the former World champion. Vega calls for his finisher (Pedigree) As Robert begins to get up very slowly. Vega doesn't see that Robert has his baseball bat he likes to use, but Vega soon knows about it as Robert swings it connecting Vega right on the side of the head knocking him right down to the mat. Robert falls back to the ropes which are holding him up at this point. Vega is still unconscious on the mat as Robert Blake calls for his finisher (famouser) And Robert connects with the move. Robert goes for the pin on the unconscious Vega 1....2......Kickout! Robert Blake has shock on his face as the arena busts into cheers since they seem to dislike Robert Blake a great deal more than Andersen Vega. Robert grabs the baseball bat as Vega tries to move around with pain in his eyes. Robert runs to Vega trying to connect with another deadly shot, but Vega ducks the swing and connects with the pedigree which completely knocks Robert out since he connected with the bat on the way down. Robert Blake is ready to be pinned as Vega uses what little power he has left to stand. But before Vega goes for the pin someone comes up behind him. The arena burst into boos as the GM Ryan Blake comes up behind Andersen Vega and hits his finisher (Pop up powerbomb) Completely breaking Vega. Ryan Blake walks over to Robert Blake who is still unconscious and begins to drag his broken body over to Vega. 1....2.....3 Robert Blake wins with the help from his brother. Robert Blake begins to move not knowing why his music is playing. He somehow has enough power to stand on his knee as he sees Ryan Blake standing right above him in his suit and everything. Ryan helps his brother to his feet holding him up since Robert doesn't have enough power to stand by himself. The final shot is Ryan Blake holding his brother up while both men stand over the broken body of Andersen Vega*
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