DX Championship match

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  1. On WM weekend!
    Rodrigo will face off against Senhor Perfect in a match for the DX Championship!

    Will Rodrigo be able to out predict Senhor?

    @"Rodrigo" vs @"Senhor Perfect"​


    It will be a prediction contest for the WM PPV. Put in your picks at the latest 24 hours before WM in this thread. Once the card is finalized I'll put up the questions.
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  2. Now That's Perfect !


    @britanica Do you approve this ?
  3. Yes, DX belt is a stand alone belt so challenging it can happen anytime you guys want.
  4. Just a thought, why don't you just make a Group Championship?

    Say if Aids won it, the DX Championship would turn into the nWo Championship.
  5. This was some what suggested.
    If all groups made belts, the title holders of them belts can battle to see which group has the best champion but no one ever commented on it any further, nor made belts.
  6. Ooh, a prediction contest. Sounds cool. :) I'll be curious to see how this one goes.
  7. What you talkin bout? :willis:

    If Aids won the Championship, there is no longer a DX Championship until a DX Member wins it back.
    When Aids wins it, it becomes the nWo Championship.
  8. I was saying that something relevant to your idea was already suggested. Your idea sounds good too but groups would have to make belts and all agree on it.
  9. Wow guess I'm gonna take two titles from you at WM .
  10. :awyeah: I'll send you back to the indies where you belong.
  11. This is spot on.