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  1. The crowd goes quiet as an unfamiliar theme plays throughout the arena. Most fans look confused, while a much smaller contingent begin chanting "Ziggler, Ziggler"

    15 seconds pass before a man with shaggy, unkempt hair sticks his head through the curtains before throwing them aside and beginning his walk toward the ring. D'Z looks around the arena disapprovingly before reaching the ring and looking over the arena in disgust.

    The small group of smart-marks chanting his name draw the attention of D'Z, who turns to face the spectators seated in the front row.

    Is this what you do in your spare time? Pay your last cent to come and chant my name, the name of a man who would just as soon see you lying face down in a gutter as to being here wasting my valuable time as I make my debut in this foul company? I suggest you go back to your pathetic forums and fawn over my workrate instead of wasting your money making asses of yourselves at live shows.

    A hushed silence falls over the crowd and a slight smile appears on the face of D'Z who seems satisfied enough to continue.

    Much better, because I didn't come here to get a reaction out of you marks. Believe me when I say evoking a response from slack-jawed hillbillies is the least of my concerns while I'm here in your little 'IWT'. The higher ups here knew full well what I've known all along.. the IWT needed D'Z more than D'Z needed the IWT, and they gave me every contract provision you could imagine to make sure I was standing in front of you here tonight.

    A few fans begin chanting "You sold out" while the majority of the crowd sits in stunned silence.

    Did I?
    Am I sell out?
    I enjoy hearing the ignorant masses spewing such hypocrisy, as I am sure any of you mouth breathing morons would jump at the chance to 'sell out'. In the strictest definition of the term, yes, you could say I've 'sold out'. I came to a place I have no interest in being for no other reason but to stack paper. Now you can sit there with those ridiculous judgmental faces on, or you could just applaud me for being man enough to come out here and tell you the truth.. while all of your favorites sit in the back lying to themselves and lying to you about why they do this.

    Ultimately, you can twist your unsightly faces up into whatever shape you like, it makes no difference to the wrestling demigod standing before you. You can hate me, boo me, choose to ignore me... but I can promise you that you will have no reason to cheer me. I am not here to entertain you with '5 star matches'. I am not here to earn your affection. Parents, if your child asks you for a D'Z t-shirt you should be alarmed, as your precious little angel is not who you think he is.

    The crowd begins to grow restless as a "we want Aids" chant breaks out.

    I'll bet you do. Just don't let 'Champ' hear you calling him 'aids' or he might pitch a fit. Because the simple truth of the matter is that man, 'Champ' ceased to be Aids the moment he started pandering to everyone around him. He lost his ruthless aggression towards his opponents, towards authority but worst of all he started concerning himself with what allllllllll of you idiots in the crowd thought.

    So you can sit there pretending you root for a guy named Aids, but that man died a long time ago, before being reborn as the Charmin soft paper Champ we see today. The good news for your 'champ' is that if anyone can reawaken the monster inside of him, it is me. The greatest opponent he's ever had bar none, and believe me marks we don't need the confines of the IWT to burn an arena to the fucking ground.

    So where is he anyway?

    Signalling towards the ring announcer, D'Z demands to know the whereabouts of Champ Johnson

    He what? at a charity event?

    D'Z glares in the direction of the ring announcer menacingly before gesturing for him to leave

    The first body I leave lying in IWT is not going to be the ring announcer, believe me folks, so stop looking so worried. So there you have it The Artist Formerly known as Aids Johnson has gone full blown super babyface on us. A charity event. Isn't that just fitting. But *I'm* the sell out, right?

    Champ, your time will come. You may feel protected by the hierarchy of the IWT built around you but believe me, I will bring it all tumbling down, and you will crash with it. And to any other swingin' dick back there in the locker room that wants to be made an example of, come on down and grab this bad boy

    D'Z grabs his crotch with his free hand

    and maybe if I deem you worthy of my time I'll make your career with a response.

    'Paint it Black' again plays as D'Z disappears to a chorus of boos echoing through the arena
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  2. *holy shit chants*
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  3. OOC In the stands a creepy, pale white dude faints like a bitch, causing security to run out and surround him, as the fans chat "you're a pussy."
  4. I know you can do way better. But it's your debut promo. Dont go hard on yourself
  5. Farooq turns off the television and lights another cigar. "Here we go."

    OOC: Marked for Paint it Black tho
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  6. They say that if you listened really closely after that promo you could hear faintly, "FIGGER?!?! OH HELL NO!"
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  7. Paint it Black. Damn cheap pops
  8. Nice. I don't like to use the actual words "babyface" or "heel" but that's just my preference
  9. Dat Kid lays out on a couch as he is fed grapes by his servants. He looks over at the TV and sees Ziggler, he quickly sits up.

    Son of a bitch!

    Dat Kid throws his cane at the TV screen. The servants jump up and get scared.
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  10. Wait can I post a promo now to counter this dumb promo
  11. kissless virgins don't have permission to post in my promo threads, actually, so kick rocks.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. Pretty sure that's the most likes a single post has got in the IWT section.

    Also, marking hard for Paint it Black.

    Great debut promo. Zach, :gtfo: jobber.
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  14. OOC: I marked bro. Good shit
  15. You're in IWT now? :damn:
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