Storyline D'Z Gives his thoughts on his Uprising Opponents

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  1. D'Z comes down the aisle looking upbeat, casually toking a blunt.

    The crowd gives D'Z a warmer reception than usual as he stands before them giving his trademark pity face. He signals for a mic and begins speaking matter-of-factly.
    When I stepped up and challenged Sir Lee for his championship at IWT Mania 2 it created a buzz across the landscape of this industry. Two main event caliber talents set to steal the show from the mid card. It was trending worldwide on Twitter. The IWT website crashed due to the mass amounts of traffic. Forum threads reached thousands of replies. But in IWT, things can never be as simple as 1 + 1 = 2, can they?
    Ziggler shakes his head and smirks.
    No, because you see in IWT we have this all empowered entity that collectively is known as "creative" ::Ziggler gives a "jerking it" hand gesture as he says creative:: which I can only assume is supposed to be one of those ironic names the kids are into these days.
    They came to me and they said "D'Z, we would love for you to face Lord Lee at IWT Mania, but first we need you to squash 3 little fuckboys at Uprising!"
    Well Jesus Christ. I'm all for squashing fuck boys, it's my thing, but 3 of them? It is pretty obvious the "powers that be" are upset with my crusading ways. But that's fine, I am more than happy in the role and expected the backlash to come from them eventually, but they really want to kick me in the nuts before I even get out of the box. They want to set up some obstacles for me to prove myself? I'm all for it, that's the point of this whole damn venture.

    Some of you still seem confused about my "3 opponents". Let the record show that when fuckboy #3 known as "Jwab" aka "Jwabtista" heard that I was to be in the #1 contender's match, he all of the sudden had "better things to do" which turned out to be a feud with Christian, which literally everyone agrees is a shitty feud. Literally. Everyone. Themselves included if you catch them in an honest moment.

    But, on to more important IWT competitors, the ones who will actually have to deal with me at Uprising. When I decided to remove myself from the breakfast club, to stop allowing myself to be the puppet with Creative's hand up my ass, someone else had to step in and fill the void. With no shortage of participants willing to bend over to get fisted, they had their choice of the litter. Why then did they decide to choose Nick of all people? Why did Mr. Smith want to sink his hooks into Nick, a pathetic, borderline jobber?

    D'Z makes a disgusted face as he mentions Nick's name.

    Its a win/win really, and I'll explain it to you. They took a guy who.. admittedly.. has talent, and that's the end of the nice things I'll have to say about the piece of shit, they took this guy with a morsel of talent, but his career is at a dead end.. and they bring him in and he is so grateful for what they've done for him, he becomes a blind and loyal stooge. Let's be real Nick, look at your record. You damn sure wouldn't be in #1 contender's matches for prestigious championships had you not decided to jump in bed with the slightly less shitty of the two commissioners. They can get you into the match, but then what happens? You will then realize that you are in deep waters with a shark you aren't ready to swim with. So you remember that Nick when you have Smith's dick in your mouth and/or ass tonight. He can get you this match, but he can't win it for you. And after I embarrass you, you will be damned to obscurity for the rest of your sad little career... no matter how many dicks you are willing to sit on.

    Annnnnnnnddddd speaking of sitting on dicks, we have fuckboy #1, Chris Kaizer. All I ever see this fucking guy doing is napping at ringside. Or jobbing his ass off. What is he supposed to be? I put on the tape and he absolutely sucks. I can't see any way for this guy to even be competitive in this match, let alone win it. As much as I make fun of Nick, he actually seems like more of a threat in this match, which just goes to show you the level of bums I am truly dealing with.
    So Nick, you suck and shouldn't be in the match, but Kaizer, get your ass out here and explain to me just who the fuck you think you are? I haven't heard a goddamn word out of your ass concerning this match, so why don't you fill me and these people in on what makes you think you have a chance in hell to win other than your own personal delusion.

    I'm calling you out buddy. @Bill Clinton explain to D'Z how you can overcome these overwhelming odds. How can you stop D'Z from whooping your ass pillar to post?

    D'Z puts down the mic and signals for Kaizer to come to the ring.
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  2. All of a sudden the lights hit, the crowd expecting Chris Kaizer to walk out but in fact it is the newly signed loveable deer everyone knows named Crank.
    Crank jumps out onto the ramp as the crowd starts to give boo's towards his direction. Crank flairs off a few flex sequences with his right arm at the crowd. His aviators glisten off the lights that beam down on his face. He then uses his left hoof, the one that isn't taped with a microphone, and points it to Ziggler. The music begins to dim as Crank claps his hooves together.
    Wonderful, absolutely gorgeous. You are exactly what these people wanted to see.. a meat sack complaining about crap and calling people out, it just never.. gets.. old.
    Crank shakes his head and lowers his aviator shades while focusing on Ziggler.
    You happen to be the most arrogant son of a bitch I have ever met. You talk about people sucking dicks, getting it in the ass. I just don't get it- it seems like your fantasized with gay porn or something- b-b-but if that's your thing well.. hey, who am I to judge?

    The crowd boos for only a moment as Crank shakes his head. He raises the microphone back up to his mouth.
    You see Ziggler, the reason you are sucha' pain in the ass to this company, is because you won't shut the hell up. Hell, I've only been here a few days and from what people tell me, you're nothing but a snot nosed brat that complains too much.

    The crowd gives off a loud boo to Crankdeer as he shrugs his hairy shoulders.
    I guess now I am finally seeing it for myself, the Great Bitch Ziggler making his appearance for everyone to enjoy. You see, you have called out certain people, but how does it feel just to have a random person come out and tell how they really feel about YOU. It must feel weird, hearing something come from someone who hasn't even been here as long as you. I am just that type of .. person?
    Crank winks with his last remark. Crank awaits Ziggler's response while the crowd boos.

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  3. Chris Kaizer walks out, he has a blank expression on his face. He raises the mic up to his mouth


    Kaizer doesn't say a word before he drops the mic and walks backstage
  4. *Lord Lee watches backstage*

    Lord Lee: This Kaizer kid........ He gives me so much reason to assume Dolph's as the favourite. I would have Jonno throw Kaizer in a dustbin and have Crank take his place but Crank is better off facing Reagan Cole instead of Dolph's....for now!

    *Lord Lee shakes his head walks off*
  5. An interviewer spots Nick pacing backstage. He approaches him and asks if he can have a word with him.

    Interviewer: Can we get a word with you, Nick? Any thoughts on D'Z's comments about you as your opponents?

    Nick turns around, revealing his face to the camera. He pushes his disheveled hair off to the side and begins breathing heavily.

    Nick: "You wanna talk shit Ziggler!? HUH? I tell you what HAPPENS... to people who make fun of me. PEOPLE. GET. HURT!"

    He pushes the interviewer to the floor and stomps on him a few times. He spits on his grounded body and turns back to the camera.

    Nick: I know your not the smartest of guys, so I made a visual for you. This is what awaits you at Uprising. THIS... is what you will look like after our match. And Kaizer...

    He can't help but muster a laugh.

    Nick: "Leave this company before your life ends."

    He begins breathing heavily again and out of rage kicks the reporter one more time.

    Nick: "I didn't suck any dicks - I didn't take any dicks - I did not change. We all know the only one in this match who has sucked dicks I get where they're at is YOU. How many times did you blow Aids? We all know you didn't deserve a match with him. Give me a break."

    Nick: "My talent. My drive. My motivation, my potential, my charisma, my ability. This is why Mr. smith has chosen me. I just think that you're jealous. Jealous because you're just an overrated mid carder who's defining career moments will be you not being able to be put over - even by the IWT champion. Jealous, because you don't stand a chance in this industry and I'm the Prototype. So here's a promise."

    He moves closer to the camera.

    "I am going to BREAK BONES, I am going to END CAREERS... I'm not gonna let up until I have each of your heads mounted on a plaque."
  6. Dude if you touch me I'll sue. keep your goddamn hands to yourself. I'm serious
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  7. but wait in all seriousness, wasn't this match supposed to happen today?
  8. tomorrow
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  13. Lol, u mad.
  14. you are.... ?
  15. Better than you
  16. Whatever your mom tells you to help you sleep at night
  17. The more I see people post on their major feuds and the more I notice I'm just flop, never to be anything. Opening the show, getting 0 votes, people think I'm a comedy character, saying I'm boring. Just waiting.....
  18. I mean. why do you try hijacking shit? you gotta do your own thing not try to force yourself in between others feuding
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  19. What? I never hijacked anything, Trip hijacked my match with gav original to be a singles match, my only feud so far. I'm just saying I don't know what to do to change this comedy character perception of me.
  20. idk. don't be funny. what's wrong with being a comedy character? Hurricane got to feud with Rock