Storyline D'Z Lays down the IWTMania Gauntlet

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  1. The IWT broadcast returns from break and we see that D'Z has been given a jobber entrance is already in the ring prepared to speak as the crowd chants "Joey Bryant".
    Hush, hush, sad clowns. I'm not here to talk about that little fuck boy. Well, I guess I sort of am, in the context that I'm here to call out every peon in that locker room for not having the brass set to answer my open challenge.
    D'Z looks toward the ramp and gives a look of pity while shaking his head in disappointment.
    Now, I had heard-tale that the IWT roster had become a bunch of fat cats...but damn fellas, you don't have to prove the naysayers right by laying around, licking your paws all day. Being all.... shitting in boxes and stuff. Chasing mice and taking long naps and such. You know, among other various cat-like activities.
    The crowd is mostly silent until one fan screams "HEY ZIGGLER, YOU'RE A FAGGOT!" inciting riotous laughter from the crowd. Ziggler smirks and directs his attention to the fan.
    Hey, not my cup of tea guy, but with lips like those maybe if you buy me a couple of drinks after the show I can make an exception.
    Grrr, winky face.
    Enough about cats and secretly gay-for-D'Z audience members. My open challenge stands, not that it really needs to be re-stated. I will face any of you inferior blokes at the drop of a hat.. just say the word hombre.

    Some members of the crowd appreciate D'Z's sharp wit along with his fighting spirit and he gets a small pop.
    That particular challenge is open to anybody, anytime. You want a dark match? Knock on my door. But now I want to lay down something a little more specific that I had in mind. First of all I need you to understand... that.. undoubtedly, with my stroke I could have gotten myself booked in a top flight match for IWT Mania 2.

    I probably could have found my way into a WHC feud with Dat Kid.

    The crowd chants "Flying faggot!" *clapX5*
    I probably could have worked a match with my 'old pal' and 3 X IWT Champion Aids Johnson!

    The crowd gives a not-quite-Joey-Bryant-level pop for Aids, as D'Z instructs for them to get louder.
    That's right, who doesn't love Aids? But no, I'm not working a match with Aids at IWT Mania 2.

    The crowd erupts. Ziggler shakes his head in disgust.
    Fuck that guy. Yea, I probably could have goaded that gullible dickhead into a co-main event match for a monster payday, but I'll save that for another time and place. I don't think anyone wants to see that pussy on the IWT Mania card anyway.
    The crowd chants "In-cog-ni-to!" as D'Z frantically tries to shush them.
    Sort of fucked myself by even bringing him up... so who does that leave??
    The crowd once again chants "Joey Bryant"
    Holy shit, no, you fucking marks, not Joey Bryant. Goddamn. He's facing.. oh god, not going there again. You know who he's facing and why.
    No no, the man I am here to call out finds his own career in a similar place to my own. He was in the IWT Championship Elimination Match. He, much like myself, put on a forgettable performance. Hell, a lot of you have probably forgotten by now that he was even in the damn match. Much like I was humbled, he was humbled.
    Our paths run parallel, as we both head back to the ranks of the proving grounds. And hell I figure, what quicker way to prove ourselves than against one other. Anyone keeping up with this game of 21 questions knows damn well I am talking about the Intercon-- err, European Champion, Sir Lee. So Lee, bring your tea sippin' ass on out here if you have the desire to lose your pretty new belt at IWT Mania brother.

    As D'Z waits for Lord Lee to arrive, he collects phone numbers from groupies who are DTF after the segment.

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  2. *Lord Lee Tudor emerges from the entrance. He wears his trademark black suit, trousers and shoes combo with a blue tie. He stands still looking at Dolph's, Lord Lee Tudor laughs to himself. His European belt is around his waist, the shine on his belt is blinding. He walks down the ramp and into the ring. He waves to Dolph's and stands in front of him. The music cuts.*

    Lord Lee Tudor: We meet again DZ.... While we both got shut down in the chamber, it isn't over for you and me. If we keep going, we'll both have our main event run, we just got to wait for people like Knight, Bryant and Dat Kid to get their over-hyped bodies out of there! Until then, we should certainly have a match Dolph's. What makes this fascinating though is that we both have a highly significant superiority complex, we both believe and to a point know we are above people that society feels we are actually below. [Whispers into DZ's ear] Like Dat Kid. Our personalities are a nice match-up, our match is going to be a freaking spectacle SO DAMN GREAT THAT IT'LL MAKE THE MAIN EVENT OF MANIA LOOK LIKE AN OPENER TO B PPV!!

    *Lord Lee pauses*

    Lord Lee Tudor: I'm ready to lose my blood, my hair AND EVEN MY DIGNITY TO BEAT YOU!! I started the fire to the metaphorical houses of Rodrigo, Draven and Senhor Perfect's careers. These legends are now generic cogs that run the concept that we call the IWT alumni. The spirits of their careers Rest in Peace.. I hope if AND WHEN I beat you, you do not cry, you do not retire. Sure, take a vacation and console yourself about it, but don't take it personal buddy!

    *Lord Lee walks up to Dolph's and pats him on the cheek*

    Lord Lee Tudor: You want a piece of me...Well, you'll be getting a piece very soon!

    *Lord Lee Tudor winks at Dolph's and turns around. He leaves the ring but half up the ramp he suddenly stops. He instantly stares towards Dolph's with a focused look in his eye.*

    Lord Lee Tudor: Seeing as Dolph's didn't get his theme song played earlier, let's play it now!

    *Lord Lee Tudor sadistically grins at Dolph's*


    *Lord Lee turns around again and walks up the ramp, raises his fist, pats his EU belt with his other hand and leaves. The music cuts.*
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