Storyline D'Z needs a sacrificial lamb for the Rumble

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  1. Paint it Black hits and the IWT Crowd responds with the most hostile reception for D'Z to date. Dolph's makes his way to the ring quickly while gesturing for the crowd to direct even more anger in his direction.

    That's right, marks, shower me with your affection. Just like you all have been showering me with affection everyone I go. When I go to Whole Foods, because I shop at Whole Foods because I'm better than you, people say:

    "Man, D'Z, what happened?? That match was the drizzling shits!"

    When I'm on my way home from the gym, where I workout because I'm so much more physically fit than all of you slobs, people say:

    "You rat bastard, how could you do that to our Champ?? I hope you burn in hell!"

    Well I hope you all get lupus. Even on Twitter all I ever hear about is how 'terrible' my match was or how dare I ignite this change in Aids Johnson. The response to this match is exactly why I am here in IWT. Because this place is a cesspool filled with the lowest level of scum in society. If Jerry Springer promoted wrestling, he would be directing this white trash circus.

    But don't worry IWT Universe, I'm not here to help turn this company around---

    D'Z's voice trails as the crowd begins chanting "Brokeback wrestling"

    What a shock hearing a homophobic chant coming from a crowd consisting of mostly undercover fags. Keep repressing your gay urges while lashing out, you have us all fooled!
    Now as I was saying, I am not here to help turn this wretched company around, I am here to burn it to the ground.

    People call IWT the best company in the land but I fail to see how. Take next week's Pay per view, the Royal Rumble for instance. You have every swinging dick in the locker room lining up to take a number to play a game of chance. Typical in this day and age I suppose, lining up with your hands out wanting things given to you.

    D'Z did not get into this business to play games of chance. D'Z did not get in this business to take handouts. I make my own breaks, so I will not be entering IWT's sham of a Royal Rumble. As many of you probably already know, I'm not booked to do a damn thing at the Rumble.

    But the thing is, my schedule is clear. I will be at the Royal Rumble, ready to unleash an ass whooping of epic proportions on the first idiot dumb enough to step out here and answer this open challenge. So any John Wayne in the back with the combination of huge balls and no brain cells that wants to add an L to his resume, come on down and let's make the match official.

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  2. Brokeback wrestling is trending on Twitter again :happy:
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  3. OOC: I think senhor is also not on the Royal Rumble card....I think D'z vs Senhor would be a great match.
  4. Yeah we can have a match where I say I love his flowing locks and he can compliment my beard. :jeritroll:
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  5. it'd still be 10x the match you had with CM Punk. Plus you putting him over really doesnt make sense, considering where you are in IWT.
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I would never compliment your beard :pity1:
  8. Wow, you cut deep brother :sad1:
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. OMG d'z what a good promo u r god
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  11. answer the challenge, pussy
  12. prefix is storyline
    this is fixed.
    fake and gay
    no thanks
  13. such a wimp
  14. for anyone as intellectually challenged as CM Punk, this is a legitimate open challenge, I'm not waiting for anyone in particular
  15. Ty
  16. Dat Kid is driven out in the popemobile. Kid is immediately booed. Even the smarks who usually cheer Kid are in unison with the rest of the crowd.
    Crowd: "You can't wrestle!" *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
    Dat Kid is not in a good mood, as he stares down at the ring. He walks out of the popemobile's protective glass and into the ring.

    You're not the only one who these "people", if you can call them that, have been saying had a bad match. However, we're not the ones to blame here. It was our opponents, who ruined those matches, but yet you people boo us. Every time I've stepped in this ring I have always put on a five star match. Just being in my presence, elevates competitors to preform at a level they have never performed at before. Just ask Gav the Chav, who's never performed as good as he did up until he faced me. So it takes a special type of abomination to ruin a main event match with me. Just like Aids Johnson was too busy admiring you, to give you the debut match you wanted.

    So instead of being automatically given an IWT title shot at the Royal Rumble, which I undoubtedly deserve. I get placed in two matches. One is a so called "opportunity" to throw 29 other men out of the ring to get a shot at Wrestlemania against the IWT Champion or the far inferior, unimportant, tarnished, disgrace that is the World Heavyweight Championship, that was recently brought back with a champion who almost mimics that title in characteristics. My second match on that same night, is to beat some no name, overrated punk, who gets the same opportunity just because he pleasures the current IWT champion in ways that no woman would.

    ...that's where you come in. I was told to come down here and accept your open challenge. The winner of the match, excuse me what I meant to say was, when I win the match THEN i get the opportunity, NOT for a one on one. I get the opportunity to face 5 other competitors in a steel deathtrap for the IWT Championship, while The Whore of Babylon named Victoria Parker gets her 4th title opportunity in the span of 6 months, while I have received 0.

    So, I don't know who you are and quite frankly I have no interest in being associated with you, let alone being in a match with you, where I will crush your being into further nonexistence. As your most merciful god and savior, I have come to speak with you. As God, I command you to get on your knees, bow down to me, and forfeit the match to me right now.

    Dat Kid taps his cane on the ground and motions D'Z to get on the floor, with an impatient look on his face.
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  17. D'Z lets out a big yawn before getting back on the mic

    Through all of your bitching and whining I've gathered that you have accepted my challenge? I'll be honest I knew our paths would cross eventually, but I had anticipated it being in a much more profound manner. I'm not here to bore the people with longwinded soliloquies, I'll leave that to you during our match. See you at the Rumble you nappy headed ho.
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  18. Match scheduled for Sunday, 19th Jan.
  19. What a waste of my time. Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid exits the ring, enters his popembile, and backs out of the arena
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