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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. 0:33 IS SO BITCHING!!!!! :yay::yay::yay:

    2.13 is for Crayo
  2. It's hideous.
  3. I like his theme. :sad:
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  4. I thought you loved it? You, like me, hated it at first and then it grown on you. Then it grown on me and now I sort of like it, though I want him to change it still.
  5. I fucking love this theme. I have it in my music folder. :ryder:
  6. It grew off me again.
  7. I think it's epic.
  8. I love this theme so much that I have it on my phone....
  9. I also didn't care for it but it grew on me. I listen to it pretty often.
  10. I loved it ever since it was first used and still like it. It's really epic.
  11. You sure you're not bipolar?
  12. Not entirely. I can't decide.
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  13. :isee:
  14. Like your dick.. :pity:

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    Come on, man.. It's epic.. :laugh:
  15. Thanks for the bad memories I actually have reversepenisatoosisous, it's an irreversible condition where the penis retracts, it rendered me infertile crushing all my hopes of a family.
  16. I am sorry.. Very sorry..

    Glad you can still pull an Angelina Jolie.. :jeritroll:
  17. Brad Pitt's single?
  18. I'm not crazy about it. I preferred his last one.
  19. The same. It is an okay theme to me though.
  20. Surprised you don't have your e-peen out bumming this theme because your boy Dolph has it.

    Such a random attack on you, sorry.
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