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  1. Aiden Ryan is shown in the center of the ring with microphone in hand looking up the rampway.

    "It's the end of the month, Well was the end of the month and i did make an announcement that i would be returning at that time. Things have been shakey for our company over the past couple of months and it's been hard for most of us to return to in ring action with any reason. Thought it's a few days delayed, I'm formally requesting a chance not at a championship, but at a champion in general. Rita Kendall, You know exactly how precious that championship you are holding is, and how long i've been trying to claim that glorious beauty. We don't always see eye to eye but you pride yourself on earnings and that is something we can both agree on. You earned that championship and i commend you on your outstanding performance... a couple of months late, but hey take it. Now there is no championship/contender tournaments going on that i can submit myself into, so i am once again formally requesting an opportunity to face you in a non-title match up at a pay per view of my choosing. Now i know this is coming of as a typical Aiden Ryan speech, but i know an opening when i see one. The Influence is out of my way, I have no tag team partner holding me down and I am ready to get back on the contendership marketing and reclaim that position. If you gave me a non-title chance i would gladly show you what a true contender is made of."

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  2. Rita appears at the top of the ramp, wearing a smart black dress and matching heels. The Intercontinental belt sits on her shoulder, she glances lovingly at the belt before throwing Aiden a smirk.
    'A match at a PPV of your choice? That's not how it works, Aiden.' The crowd begin to boo, Rita holds a hand up encouraging the crowd to let her finish 'I hold the belt, so I make the decisions. Now as much as I don't like you; and as much as I'd love to beat the living hell out of you right now, I'm going to save it… For our Intercontinental title match at the next PPV' The crowd begin to cheer
    'Let's be real for a second, you're the only person on the roster who deserves a shot at this belt and I'm no coward. I'm more than willing to put my title on the line to show exactly why I deserve it in the first place.' Rita holds the Intercontinental title in the air before heading backstage

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  3. Aiden Ryan smiles and graciously claps as he watches Rita Kendall walk up the rampway with her championship in the air. He signals a hand motion over his stomach indicating that the championship match that he didn't expect he'd be given would be his.

    He raises his finger before speaking once more.

    "That championship she holds so proudly, Will be the crown jewel this prince needs and come that pay per view, Ms Kendall. After i collect what's rightfully mine and you lay their on the canvas a broken wrestler. I myself am also not a coward and have overcome odds that you are yet to do as well. It'll be a brawl like no other, but rest assured, Rita. I will be standing over you the new intercontinental champion... "

    The audience cheers for Aiden Ryan as he jumps out of the ring and heads up the rampway.

    "Correct me if i was wrong, but did we just hear Rita Kendall state that Aiden Ryan was worthy of a championship match?" One commentator asks as the other responds. "Whats even worse is that these two coexisted for a moment. I'm quite frightened, but it's confirmed. Intercontinental Champion, Rita Kendall will be facing Breakout Star of The Year, Aiden Ryan at the next pay per view for the gold."