Storyline Eastern Promises

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  1. The camera, that is focused on Natasha Nelson, suddenly zooms out to reveal Rita Kendal sitting on the stool next to her.

    Natasha: Joining me tonight is the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Rita Kendal. Firstly, let me congratulate you on your recent title defense a Revival. That was quite a bout between you and Aiden Ryan!
    Rita nods her thanks to the redhead but still looks at her with disdain.
    Natasha: Now the word around the locker room and on the dirt sheets is that you're going to be leaving us for a couple of weeks, is that true?
    Rita: It is. I'll be visiting Japan for a few weeks. I'll be competing in a couple of different promotions and putting my Intercontinental title on the line in every match, just to show the rest of the locker room here what being a good champion involves. I need a little more of a challenge...
    Rita smirks to the camera before throwing in a cheeky wink.
    Natasha: Well I, like the rest of the IWT universe wish you the best of luck! This is Natasha Nelson, signing off!
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  2. *Before Rita has a chance to ditch the interview area Jack passes by the two, and decides to stop to the right of Natasha's side.*

    Just do me a favor and keep clinging to the title for your stint over in Japan.

    *Forté pauses for a moment as his expression transitions into something more... satisfied.*

    The thing is, when I take that title I want to beat you, nobody else.
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  3. Rita looks unimpressed, with a sigh she stands from the stool and closes the gap between her and Jack. She briefly gives him a sultry glance.

    Oh, I'll be bringing my title back from Japan. Maybe when I get back I'll even let you take a shot at me for it... if you can show me why you deserve it.

    She pats him on the cheek gently

    Sayonara, Jack.
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  4. *As Rita begins to walk away Jack slowly takes a few steps back, and responds in a louder tone to make sure that he gets his point across.*

    It's not me that you ought to saying goodbye to, Rita.

    *Instead of walking away Forté approaches Natasha and the audio starts to become incoherent as they engage in conversation.*
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