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    1. What type of E-Fed is this?
    EAW is a promo/roleplay based E-Fed, that is for the most part how we judge winners and how you progress your career. General consistency could also play a part in you succeeding in EAW.

    2. How long has EAW been around?
    Technically since June of 2007 but that didn’t last very long. It was re-opened in December 2007 and took off from there, we haven’t looked back since. We’re currently in our seventh year and show no signs of stopping.

    3. What does EAW offer?

    EAW has a lot to offer. Top notch writing and graphics. Stellar video making, and a pretty enjoyable environment. We have a lot of platforms to communicate on whether it be on chat or through the forums. We try our best to make your tenure here as enjoyable as we possibly can.

    4. How many times can you promo/roleplay?

    As many as you’d like however there is an unwritten rule where you wait at least 24 hours in between promos (assuming your opponent doesn’t promo back).

    5. What brands are there and which titles belong to them?

    We have 3 brands. Dynasty (World Heavyweight Championship and National Extreme Championship), Voltage (EAW Championship and New Breed Championship) and Showdown (Answers World Championship and Interwire Championship). The EAW Unified Tag Team Championships as well as The EAW Vixens Championhip are interbranded.

    6. Can I interact with my writer and pitch ideas?

    Yes, you can. We encourage it.

    7. What are live shows?

    Live shows are when we post the EAW scripts in chat. Our three brands Voltage, Dynasty and Showdown are not always live however are Free-Per-View events ALWAYS are.​
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