OOC EC PPV Cancelled - Uprising moved back

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  1. Ok, so we have decided to nix the actual EC PPV, but we will still have one of the EC matches at the Uprising that will still take place (cause let's face it - Uprising >>> "Fastlane" as far as names go).

    Uprising - February 23rd-1st March
    (3 week break)
    WrestleMania - March 23rd - March 29th

    For matches we will have:
    One EC match (participants to be announced later - 6 total - none from the Euro title tourney)

    @Ovalhead vs @Forrest (if you guys are still doing that. Let us know plz)

    And some Euro Title Tournament matches (3 max). Get in contact with your opponent and figure what day would be best for you both and let us know plz. I don't think creative should have to do ALL the leg work here. And while you're contacting them why don't you guys discuss some build to your matches. I know @Butters! and I will. And these matches do not have to be "at PPVs" either. If you can both do the match before the next show (or between the next show and WM even) and want to I will gladly help you out with getting it all set up. HOPEFULLY people vote on it.

    Anyway - if there were any other matches that people wanted to be "at a show" this will be the last one before WM. So speak up now. And get to writing. :boss1:
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  2. Yeah, Me and Oval are still doing the Ladder match, so Book us as a Title Match...
  3. Ok cool. Just curious: what makes it a ladder match? because we were discussing stipulation matches the other day
  4. Why can't see rename this PPV, to start moving away from the Uprising stuff? I mean this is a perfect opportunity to do so.
  5. I suggest IWT Downfall
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  6. Any thing that has a logo made in the poster thread. I have IWT Vice's logo ready and I can make a similarly themed match-card template.
  7. I suppose we could but I would rather we focus on getting the matches set up and straightened out before we start coming up with the name of the pretend show we are putting on.

  8. Me and Oval just wanted a ladder match....plus because I could write some spots into the match after it...
  9. Thats cool with me man. Just asking since you wanted the ladder match what you guys were under the impression the stipulations were for a ladder match. Or were you just calling it that so you could write the action pieces in that scenario.

    This is basically how I had proposed it the other day. Creative sets a goal number - say 75 or 80 (matches are usually around 23-25 points total). You guys do rounds of one promo each and they get voted on. Each subsequent round's totals are added up and the first one to reach the set number "gets to the top of the ladder first".

    Or you guys could just do a regular match and use the "ladder" scenario for what you write out. Up to you and @Ovalhead
  10. It's an...Interesting Idea...I'm unsure though so I'll let Oval decide as he is Champion.
  11. Me and dwarf can do fri and saturday for the Euro match
  12. Personally, I love the idea. It's new, it's fresh, it's unique. I say we go for it!
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  13. Yeah and When you lose your title, you can blame it on Creative :russo:
  14. I'll be so busy preparing for an IWTMania main event I won't even notice. xx
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  15. Assuming that's a nickname you have for Indy and not mean me? :p Because i think i'm slated to face Tsar. But yes there will be some build up to the matches, just doing some storylines and such. Will go annoy Tsar about it and fix something up :D

    If possible i'd say do the 'semi finals' in Uprising, first round can be dark matches. That way you have the break from uprising, all the way to Mania to do the build up for the finals. Just a thought.
  16. Anyone who wants a fued goin into Mania with the former IWT Champ, I'll be makin a thread later. Don't leave me hangin.
  17. I do agree with that man, but that rests on the shoulders of the competitor's themselves IMO (of which I am one). Like I've said before, I figured out how to do the voting forms myself not long ago so now both Delik and I can get those ready for you guys in dark matches if you want to use them. No reason you guys can't have dark matches whenever you want to help build storylines.

    Think you might be in the EC match there bud. Keep that in mind. IIRC it's made up of all past holders of either of the two top belts (who are not champs now obviously. Also no one who is in the Euro tournament - that should narrow it down well for ya)

    As far as The Legacy (@CM Punk and @THG? ) goes, I guess you guys are just sitting back to see who you will face at WM. No idea whats up with the tag team competition ATM though. I guess you get a pass on that? I dunno. We don't have enough teams. Be cool if you guys could defend the tag belts at Uprising and the main belts at WM, but no idea what team you would defend against.

    @Ovalhead - you going for IWT belt or WHC belt with your Rumble win? Winner of the EC match will go after the other.
  18. who's the legacy
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