Voting EC Qualifier - Big Boss vs MrSackfist

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Who won?

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  1. Farooq

  2. Mr.Sackfist

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    the winner of the match will be entered into
    the IWT Elimination Chamber!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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  3. Entrance start: Farooq comes out onto the stage on his own as he looks out to the booing crowd. He puts out a cigar he was smoking as he heads down the ramp. He looks at a fan(@Emperor Lelouch Britannia) asking why Sackfist was in the match and flips him off, the crowd booing more. Farooq enters the ring by the steel steps as the climbs onto the turnbuckle. "Introducing first, from Houston, Texas, Farooq!" The announcer says as Farooq smirks at the crowd, the crowd booing loudly. Farooq jumps down the turnbuckle and takes the microphone from the announcer as his music stops.
    \Entrance end.

    Farooq closes his eyes and raises his arms, the crowd booing loudly as he lowers the microphone beside his lips. "Times...have changed. Last time I have fought my opponent Sackfist. We were fighting for gold in the midcard division, what would soon become the X Division, and has history would have it, I walked out as champion. Now today, we are fighting for a chance to become IWT Champion, the highest championship in the company, a chance, not to be leader of a midcard division, but to be the leader of the entire company in whole."

    "Times have changed, this is no longer the era of Gohan, Eric or Perfect, this is now the era of Aids, Victoria and Joey. This is a different time, and it will continue to change. After Elimination Chamber, this company will be owned by The Order in divisions, everything. And of course I say I do, I have been here since the start, but it's not just because of that. It's because I have been here and put my heart into every match, I've went out and made the company public, and I've been working back stage. I have been working in IWT with everything I had inside of me, I've been pushing myself and finally now I will get my reward, to be in the IWT Elimination Chamber."

    "Times have changed, but my work hasn't. My promos have become better, my reputation is more well known. My wins have become higher. My haters have grown, my respect with it. Everything has changed since the last time we fought, but one more thing won't change, and that's me leaving today to enter the hell structure of the Elimination Chamber. You are a great competitor, but you have not put in enough work here like me. You can call me out, and say everything you like. Call me bad, good, a hard worker, a lazy worker, a bad challenger, a good challenger, ugly, good looking, stupid, smart or anything. In the end of the day, even if I lose this match, I'll still be back stage doing more than you have ever done in your entire career here. I will still come out as much as I can, still absorb these boos, but I'll be here for the boos often. My question is, if you lose this match, will you continue to try and climb this mountain, or will you leave the path again? Because so far, I haven't seen results in you staying here for long. Times have changed, and you have expired."
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  4. Sersuly is a joke sackfist is not show up! Why is he getting shot and I not!
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  5. *Jwab watches on his TV*
    The fact that there are 2 Chambers and 2 Major Titles..... this feels like a..... brand split.
    OOC - I like brand splits guise.

  6. Mr.Sackfist emerges to the IWT crowd looking very different, his head is now shaved completely bald, he is wearing a black trench coat, and a black T-Shirt underneath. He has tattered jeans and a microphone in his hand and is bear foot, his feet are black on the bottom. He stands there for a moment, as he takes in the crowd and remembers his time in IWT, a smile crosses his face, small but subtle that is before his gaze comes upon Farooq and it removes as quickly as it formed, his left eye twitches and he walks slowly to the ring, he ignores any fan comments made as he makes his way towards the ring, and rolls in. He then rolls into the corner and sits against the lower turnbuckle as the music dies out and he sits there, looking at a spot in the ring with the microphone as he fiddles with it on his chest, he then raises it to his mouth
    Mr.Sackfist: The Elimination Chamber...

    He pauses

    Mr.Sackfist: A structure built to punish the human body and destroy the soul that lies with the vessel. A structure that lies between 5 brave warriors and entering the biggest event with the gold on his shoulder. Is that a spot I deserve?.....Is that a spot I, a feeble monk, a man who has walked for days, weeks, months and saw what this earth really contains behind it's invisible barrier, containing the air we breath and use to fuel our violent and destructive ways, air that 6 stars will breath to fuel caged destruction and blood is spilled on this very canvas I sit upon. Is that a spot I deserve.....I, a man who was banished from this company months ago and forced to live in shame...I have been put in this match because of my record, a record that has been bested by the man that stands before you, a man who has turned his back on his youthful self as I have done. This man took everything I had but he didn't put the nail in the coffin. The man who put the nail in the coffin of my former self too must.."" to face a champion I defeated. Is that a spot I deserve.....Because I defeated our champion in a one off occasion I should get a title spot.

    Sackfist then rests the mic on his chest as the crowd boo him, expecting Mr. Sackfist to be as he was in the rumble. His expression is un-changed as he grabs the mic with his hand and puts it back to his mouth
    Mr.Sackfist: You boo a humble man? Do I deserve this spot, the answer is no, rather than give a younger talent a title shot, IWT recruit a has been, a never was, purely based on his record and try and give him a title run, polish the fool and make him a star. Stars emerge and burn out, I was a star too far from the sun, what you see is it not a protest, in my travel I have become humble, The greed that consumed me and lead to my ultimate demise has vanished from my system, to quote the saying "I was lost and then I was found". I found myself not through scripture, not through a vision. I found myself when I was cheered by you, blood thirsty animals, I found myself when I returned to this ring, and what happened to that shell? It was tossed aside and forgotten. Farooq...I have not forgotten you, nor am I ignoring you, I see you as the link to my former self, I see you as the man who brought out that self-destruction. You began my death and gave me life, so to that I say thank you

    Sackfist's eyes roll up to Farooq, he sits up slightly to save raising his head

    Mr.Sackfist: You are my opposition, my opposition in an opportunity to enter hell. If it had been any other match Farooq, I would have not shown up tonight, but the Elimination Chamber is a match I must take part in, it is a match I have to be a part of, to pay for my sins, to prove to myself that I am content, I am at peace. I must walk into that match Farooq, to fight not Aids Johnson, I must walk into meet my undertaker, the man who killed my former self, to meet the man I ended my career against, Joey Bryant. You don't understand, but Joey Bryant ended my career and I must enter the chamber with Bryant, two warriors of destiny who's path's cross in a violent environment. I must enter that chamber match and show I have repented, to meet the man and take back the one thing he took that night and show my violent ways are behind me. My sincere regrets Farooq, but you were put in the wrong match at the wrong time
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  7. Farooq looks at Sackfist and puts the microphone close to his mouth. "That's all put together great, but I'm not going to let my title hands slip through my fingers once more because of this. Joey beat you, but you knew what was on the line. Regardless of it was Joey, Dat Kid, Aids or anybody, if you were to lose, you were done.. Joey didn't hand pick you to fight, you put the stipulation on the tournament and lost to someone."

    "There were plenty of times to take action against Joey between here and back then, but no action happened. You want to enter the chamber just as the other five people want to, to become IWT Champion. Don't get me wrong, you are a great competitor, but I'm not buying the redemption Joey story. Yes, you were fired from the company, but you also put that on your own weight. No one told you to go and put your career on the line just to take place in a tournament, There was a 1/8 chance of winning for everyone."

    "You want your rematch, fine, but it's not going to be at my expense. Since day 1, I have been busting my ass, you all want a story of a career? Okay. How about a man, that has clawed his way through life, through the ashes of a torn down home, through bullying and negative motivations, to get to the spot I am now. Everybody telling me, that I couldn't do it, everybody telling me, to give up. To go home, to become something lower, because I am not good enough to be a wrestler. They told me, I would be nothing, and they watched as I walked into this company, and on my first day...I lost. I lost the IWT Championship, and it hurt, but I didn't stop. The next day, I fought again and became the first ever US Champion....just to have it stripped away from me. I return, the eyes watching me again, witnessed me becoming Million Dollar, Hardcore, European, Cruiserweight and X Division champion in all the span of just one month. The man that couldn't be a wrestler, the man that should pack his bags and give up, started a division. Fast forward and I've been through losses, through wins, through everything. At the end of the day, I'm not looking for redemption."

    "Why? Because I have no regrets. I know, that I don't have to prove anything to anybody, because I know it, in my heart body and soul, that I am good enough. If there was one person that always knew I was going to make it this far, it was me dammit! And you know what. You can keep chasing after Joey, you can keep searching for redemption, but if you lose that match, then you'll always hold yourself down. Me? If I lose this match...then I'll come back and do what I love most. Putting my body on the line here in this ring, fighting until I can't fight anymore. Win, lose or draw, I'm a wrestler dammit. Not you, not Joey, not Jonathan, not Dat Kid, not Gohan or anybody else can tell me otherwise." Farooq says as he looks out onto the silent crowd, and takes the top of his ring attire off. On his back are the numbers 4/22/99. "This date, this marking on my back, this is the day my parents were taken away from this Earth. Everyone can boo me, everyone can insult me, everyone can do what they want...but I know, at the end of the day, when my mother and my father look down and see me compete, that they are proud. Proud to have a child, who pushed through life. A child that never gave up..." Farooq then turned to face Sackfist. "When I become X Division champion, I laid the original championship on their graves, and never returned there. I laid the belt there, as a monument. No matter what happens, their son will always be in history, as a winner. As someone who proved everybody wrong and gave it his all. When I become IWT Champion, I'm going to continue to fight, not for redemption, not for my parents but for myself. Because I don't need a redemption path, I don't need anything from the past to hold me down. I'm looking to the future, to fight until I cannot fight anymore. That, is my only purpose left in this company." Farooq said as he drops the mic and puts his top back on, the crowd beginning to cheer as Farooq doesn't stop looking at Sackfist.
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  8. Keep this open for Sack to show back up, i'm sure he will at some point tonight.

    Am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious FTJ keeps talking about how he cant be around to vote in matches because he has a life, but his bitch ass has posted in every single fucking match thread this week? Must be his vacation time. Did you vote in any of the matches yet @Emperor Lelouch Britannia
  9. He voted in mine.
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  10. Mr.Sackfist sits emotionless throughout Farooq's speech and after a 20 second pause which is filled with cheers for Farooq Sackfist picks up his microphone.

    Farooq, a desert washes away traces of any human being, for all that lives is footprint, the winds wash footprints away and removes the being from existence. No matter how hard you try to retain your footprint in this desert, the wind that will remove your existence is inevitable, I have realized this and hopefully this message will echo throughout your time as a reminder. To have salvation, one must first enter hell.

    He pauses as he looks up at Farooq, clenches his fist and holds it hard against his chest

    Mr.Sackfist: I weep for you Farooq, you have become consumed by the same disease that consumed me, You claw after a material, you revert yourself to your primal compounds, you force yourself down the food chain of life by the comments you made. I'm a higher being, I have realized my mistakes and I will right the wrongs, what you have conveyed is an argument of false promises and facts, My career, like yours is not in my control, my matches, like yours are not in our control, we are simply ants leading the line and following our orders hoping one day we will sit upon that throne and become the omega. That is what you want Farooq, but when I look at you, I see a sheep, a sheep who has lost his Shepard, a sheep who is searching for the path to salvation, you remind me of myself. What you see before you Farooq is what you will become, a man who is in the era of sacrifice, willing to spill his blood, break his bones and enter salvation. But Farooq, you are not where I am yet, you are not ready to enter hell, you have not been found and must still wonder the world as the sheep you are, avoiding the wolves that will overthrow you, the snakes that will poison you and find that message that will peel back the curtain on life. My time is upon me Farooq, I must enter hell and meet the demon who threw me out into the shadows, That is what is expected of me, failure is not an option Farooq

    Sackfist then stands up and slowly walks over to Farooq, where he drops to his knees and looks up at Farooq

    Mr.Sackfist: Farooq, my dear friend, you have proven to me how un-advised you are, listening is a skill that will benefit you through your life, this is not about redemption, Hell is the land of temptation, I must enter hell and emerge from hell as the man that kneels before you. I CANNOT BECOME THE MONSTER WHO CONTROLLED MY LIFE BEFORE.

    Sackfist then uses Farroq to stand up and takes a step back but remains in contact with Farooq

    Mr.Sackfist: The Chamber Farooq is my path, and only one must take it. We have been paired because of what we accomplished in the past but only our desires will bring forth the chosen one to lead the path to temptation, Farooq, my condolences to you, but this is the path I must take, I must enter hell and walk out an un-changed man, in order to achieve salvation. You were my greatest rival Farooq, but you were a rival to different me, you have been pardoned and I hope, one day, someday soon, I'll have a fellow brother in salvation.
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  11. Sorry Fooq, but I'm going with Sackfist for this one. As much as I want to vote for you. I really enjoyed reading Sackfist's more.
  12. I'm gonna have to re-read at least once more, and i'm a-ok for that. Sick promos dudes, awesome awesome job.
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  13. I really cannot vote for this. Too tough.
  14. Great work guys!
  15. Match of the Month candidate
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  16. i hate then both. one kayfade I hate in Farooq (I don't really hate him) and then other I really hate outside of iwt in mrsackfist! so how do I vote? after reading both of the I think Farooq more in detail and went more into his gimmick chartaer then sackfist did so I voted for Farooq!
  17. Bitch.
  18. Win or lose, this is probally my best match lol
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  19. Honestly i'll be the first to give credit there. You read it, you explained why you voted, and that really is what adds quality to the section.

    Good job man.
  20. Honestly had to flip a coin for this. Just broke the tie, voted for Sack. Amazing match, sorry fooqy bbe.