Voting EC Qualifier - Britanica vs David Erro

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Britanica

  2. David Erro

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    the winner of the match will be entered into
    the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber match!

    @Britanics vs @D-D-David

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.



  2. *Britanica walks out to the ring with Fenris at her side. Two black cats follow shortly after*

    *She gets in the ring and demands the music to be cut off, picks up a mic and speaks*

    "Here kitty... kitty... kitty. *Britanica pauses as the crowd boos* Where oh where art thou, David? I assumed you would have showed up and pulled off some big stunt to get the crowd on your side, so by the time I got here, people would just HATE me. This is what I predict will happen. You will come out, say that I am crazy. Touch on how much help I need. Point out that I have not had many, if any matches in the IWT. Talk about how I failed as a GM. Tell me how unworthy I am to hold ANY title. You will then say things about my group. Calling them dogs, flea infested mutts. Touch on how crazy or stupid they are for following me. Your attention will come back on me. Again, you will try to convince the crowd of how crazy I am. Take cheap shots, tell me things I already know. Then what I do, well, now that will be a surprise. So come on down contestant 61! It's time to win big or lose so. Much. MORE."
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    *David comes to the ring with Jwab at his side and wearing a black jacket.*

    "Oh, Brit. Ever so paranoid. I'm not here to tell you all those things you are very insecure about. I'm not even here to tell you how much you failed in IWT, and how much myself and The Cure picked it up from the ground and put it on the map while you were AWOL from this company. The reason I'm here is to pick myself back up from my last two falls, and use you as a sacrificial lamb to the first burnt offering of The new Cure. I don't come here to pander to the fans, mademoiselle Britanica, I come here to make a point, a point that I've been failing to make more the past month, although today I can finally get it across. After losing the X-Division title and losing my shot at the tag titles, I definitely won't let this opportunity pass me by. Jwab qualified to this match yesterday, two days back Dat kid qualified into as well. I am the final piece to proverbial puzzle, and soon The Cure will reign inside the sick structure that is known as the elimination chamber, and I guarantee one of the Cure members will go home with the IWT World heavyweight championship, while the other 3 unfortunate members will be decimated and then sacrificed. Soon all the power and gold will once again go to the Cure, and Elimination Chamber will be the first step to the salvation of IWT, the church of Jersey will sing come Elimination Chamber, and the desperate cries of the IWT universe will be overshadowed by the absolute dominance of The Cure.. Brit.... You are the beginning of a greater ending."

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  4. "Mademoiselle? *Britanica puts her hand over her mouth with a touched look on her face* Well, aren't you just the cutest! Using big words, d'awwww! You must have learned that in your bible of negronomics. Yeah, I went there. Something I am sure we all know I lack is equanimity. Go a head, search that word on your phone. I'll give you a minute. *Britanica looks down at her wrist like she is checking the time* You see David, you fell right into my trap like a tired, old fly heading straight for a web. I knew you were going to use you're group for legitimacy. *Britanica says in a baby voice* Want to know how I know this? *She starts laughing* Because without your group... Without the Cure... You are nothing. And I am so very touched you would deem me a lamb of any sort. Little do you know, I am just a wolf in sheep's clothing. Sacrificing me had ought to be a sin. Maybe we should ask Dat One Guy who apparently thinks he has a cult following. See what I did there? Calling your group a cult would be a compliment though. But I digress. Let's see, you are certain someone in the Cure will win the Chamber, you are so sure someone will claim the gold... But you just don't know who? *She puts one finger by her mouth* Or is it that you don't want to say it's you to hurt their feelings? Come on old pup, show a little self respect. And all this blah blah salvation of the IWT blah blah bullshit. I am tired of it. Look around! So is everyone else! *The crowd boos* What are you saving it from? Do you even know? It certainly isn't from me or my group because I mean, we don't pose any threat... Or do we? Or is it maybe... JUST maybe, Dat Kid has you running around tirelessly cleaning up the messes he makes. Know what you are David? - What you are is a lifeless, spineless shell of a former man who got turned into a slave. A simple pawn. A playing piece. Something he is just going to use and discard when no longer needed. You let your group fall into the hands of a man... No, not a man... A BOY, who thinks he deserves it all and will manipulate and put up blinders wherever he see's fit... The so called church of jersey will burn down in it's sins in the moon light. The Order will make sure of that."
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  5. "Your irony goes way beyond your skill, Brit. You are like the other people in IWT that will try and use racial comments to their advantage when they fail to muster up a reasonable argument, but I would expect nothing less from you Brit. You want to believe that The Cure is just nothing but a cult study, with a leader and a pack of slaves. You try to tell yourself that The Cure is nothing but a group that can achieve nothing, but truly.... The Cure is much more than what you want to believe Brit. A group run by Dat Kid will beat a group run by you any day of the week Brit, because the major difference between you and Dat Kid is that after you left the company YOU created to drown, Dat Kid saved it from its doomsday and did much more with it than you ever did. He moulded this company in his image and set a bar that only the stars of this business could reach. And throughout all this... where were you? You were sitting on your couch eating cat litter with your tail tucked between your two skinny legs, watching all the things Dat Kid accomplished in this business. Wishing you could have ever done close to that amount, but that's the thing... you couldn't, and you still can't. You are a failure as a leader, a failure as a woman, and a failure as a wrestler."

    Although, to correct one of your very many mistakes. Before I was in the new Cure, I was the longest reigning X-Division champion in all of IWT history, but I was lost. Dat Kid showed me the way of Christ and I was saved, the same way we are here to save all of you people that have eventually lost your ways and are falling in the way of the devil. The devil is here to steal, kill and destroy, but He came so that you can have a life. Brit, what you represent is the exact opposite of what the people of the world needs. You come here saying you are wolf in sheep's clothing, nothing more than an agent of the devil. You lead The Order and all its members to the wrong path and in the end you will be the reason to their demise, like a true devil. You are the one that is spineless Brit, because the big difference between you and I is that I didn't join The Cure all because of my own personal gain, although you started the order because that was the gateway to getting known here in IWT, although you would sell them out in a second. I wouldn't sell my brothers out, which is why I didn't say which one of use will win the chamber match. When it is down to us, it will only be faith that will decide which one of the IWT saviours will go home with the title, but in the end the title will still symbolize something much greater than just a belt... *David signals to Jwab, and Jwab passes David a bible* The belt will symbolize the beginning of a brighter future for IWT. The order is like a snake, when you chop off the head, the whole thing will crumble. Tonight Brit, you will crumble. Opposing The Cure is like opposing the forces of nature, by foot or by force you will not defeat us and The Church of Jersey will rejoice in harmony."
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  6. *Britanica starts laughing hysterically. She tries to stop her self and continues laughing for a minute*

    "Brit. Brit. Okay Brit. Brit. SHUT THE HELL UP! *Britanica gets angry* I am a failure!? I created this place to drown!? REALLY? Let's look back on your words. I CREATED this place. I even tried to drown it! Regardless of the things that happen, good or bad, does this not make me the God of IWT? No... No it doesn't because I am not worthy of that. That is the difference between me and Dat Kid. I can learn from my mistakes. When things happen in my favor I don't claim to be a savior of any kind. I don't hide like a coward behind a mask. I don't put on this false persona of being the best thing in the IWT like the weak and brainless men around here. I dominate. These men that follow behind me may say that I have saved them, but I am not savior. I am a dark shadow that passes by. The night of the sky the stars try to shine away. But here I am, I return back every night with vengeance. My hunger stronger each time. *Britanica starts laughing again* What exactly are you trying to do? Intimidate me with insults? Sticks and stones pup. I don't seek personal gain in my pack. We work together. We eat together. We hunt together. Pack mentality is something that can't be bought. It is not something you simply learn. It is earned with respect. You would know nothing of respect or what it means to have brothers who would die for you. You hide behind false dreams and a false prophet. Waving the bible around like a little puppet. You compare me to a devil, my pack to a snake... But who is the true devil here? The one who returns to help those who have been wronged? Or the ones shoving things they believe to be right down the throats of millions? I wage that you break. You wake up one day and realize what a joke your career has become. Hiding behind a coward. Walking with cowards. You will only become one. Time is a tricky thing. But I can assure you, your time is running out. So make it count. Win or lose, I am not moving. I am not bending or budging. You can't destroy this fire inside me. Not until i get what I want. Not until my pack's hunger is satisfied. So take that to church and drink that down with your wine. Praise your false idols. Mock the bible. It is not be that will be burning, it is you. Reap what you sow. The end is far from over...I have only began."
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  7. OOC: Damn, I was hoping those were the last batch of promos. 10 more minutes to write a promo, leggo!
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  8. NIKE! :angry: :woo1:
  9. "The things you refuse to understand and put reason to are the things that will slowly eat you up. You choose to walk a certain way, talk a certain way and dine a certain way. You choose to have a certain way of life and that is the same way you showed the men behind you. There are no false prophets involved, nor are there any false persona's involved. The Cure speak the truth and we stand by what we speak for the greater good of this world and this community. We are the angels sent by God to save IWT and believe it or not, no matter how deep the seed of the devil has been planted in you, you can still be saved, Brit. The Cure can help you, and we can help everyone who have been hypnotized into thinking a certain way, and acting a certain way, because our way of life is better than yours. We have been saved which means we are better than all of you, but that is why we are here, we are here to show you that there is a better way to live. We don't need to intimidate people or insult people, or succumb to the foolish ways of the people running around like headless chickens to show/prove our dominance, because our territory has already been marked. Elimination Chamber will be our territory and without a shadow of a doubt we will show our dominance, we will show the 3 other individuals pain and suffering like they've never seen before. You, Brit... you are standing in the way of faith. You are standing in the way for the final piece of the puzzle to be inserted into his dwelling chamber, but you will be pushed away like the cat you are. Come Elimination Chamber, the church of Jersey will have their biggest service of all when The Cure will reign supreme inside the sadistic structure we all know as the Elimination chamber. You are correct, Brit. We do reap what we sow, and the seed we have sowed in the hearts of every member of the IWT locker room will grow in abundance. The super natural forces of nature will no longer be stopped by anyone. The Cure will reign supreme."
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  10. Promos are still open for 3 hours 50 minutes
  11. Unless you both want to end here?
  12. yeah we are done :obama:
  13. Think you guys got a bit confused when @D-D-David said 10 minutes to write a promo. It's 24 hours from when the first PROMO is made, not when the OP is made :lol1:
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  14. Woah, wtf that long. It was open at 10:56 AM yesterday. Wow, I had more times than I thought

    Edit: Ahhhhhhhhhhh I see, Lmao
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  15. Erm.... e-woops.
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  16. Good match Brit!
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  17. Same broskie :obama: :woo:
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  18. Poll closes at 11:34 tomorrow...

    How fitting. lmao
  19. I had a real tough time here, but I really thought David's first promo gave him the slight edge. Good match, looking forward to more from both in the future.
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