Voting EC Qualifier - DazzleMania vs TheOvalhead

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Simon Belmont

  2. Lord Ovalhead

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    the winner of the match will be entered
    into the IWT Title Elimination Chamber!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. OOC: I thought this was an IWT title chamber match?
  3. Oops :lol1:
  4. OOC: I'll have my 1st promo up soon! :)

  5. *Sir Lee comes out at 0:20 of the titantron, to a majority of boos, though of course, the small amount of people like-minded to him worship his presence. He is wearing a blue suit jacket over his Natural Selection t-shirt. He walks slowly down to ring, around his waist is golden IC belt, which he pats every 3 seconds. He walks up the steps and goes in the ring through the ropes. The ring announcer drops the microphone in the ring and runs out of it, intimidated of Sir Lee. Sir Lee laughs at the frightened man and picks up the microphone.*

    Sir Lee: Here we go again, for a THIRD time, I have B.Dazzle as opposition, a loss and a win to my name against this man, the loss lost me my tag titles, a sad event but it elevated me as a man. The win though....WON ME THIS BEAUTY! *Points to his IC belt* The belt Dazzle worked so hard for, Dazzle just let that communist coward take it away from him; shocking from Dazzle if you ask me. And in Dazzle's title re-match, I sent both of those inferior specimens into unconsciousness regardless, and took the belt, because it's truly mine; NOT THEIRS!

    It was such an amazing win, a win so dominating that Dazzle stated in his post-match interview he was considering leaving this E-fed because of it! Oh, Dazzle, you sensitive soul; don't leave because you lost to a superior individual, if Coleman lost to Aids, should Coleman quit? No. You just need to know your limits. You're limit is having someone to support your weaknesses in the tag division or taking on people like Unknown or David.

    So when we have this match tonight and I knock you out AGAIN, I will be respectful, I won't attack you after the match....I'll leave you to stay comatose, dreaming of greener grasses and brighter skies! A alternate World where you and Gavin pretend you won't get castrated at WrestleMania 2! I'm suppose I'm nicer than what people credit me for!

    *Crowd chant "BULLSHIT!"

    But should a fluke result in your victory, then good for you, you represent your dwindling tag team in the Main Event of the PPV before WrestleMania 2, you get your name in lights but for all your effort, your dreams and hopes are ripped away. In the likely scenario though, I will decimate you for a good 10 minutes, tap you out, I'll celebrate, I'll brag, I'll tell Aids I'm ready to end his reign and that would be that for tonight! I WILL THEN STORM INTO THE CHAMBER, and it'll be like it's my cage at the zoo, and the other 5 have trespassed inside my cage AND I WILL MAUL THEM ALL!!! I have never faced the IWT champion Aids, but when I do, I'll give him what Alias gave him; A REALITY CHECK! But.... Not just beating him twice in a non-title, but once in A IWT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!

    Sorry Dazzle, you've made leaps and bound in the last couple months, like me, but my bounds have been much....MUCH bigger, and you may be one half tag team champ, but I still won tag team of the year, and I'm a singles champ, and will be a double singles champ by the time WrestleMania 2 comes our way!


    *Sir Lee raises his fist in the ring air, exhaling before letting off a smirk, anticipating Dazzle's entrance.*
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  6. OOC: I'll cut my promo tomorrow. Got a terrible stomach ache right now.
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  7. *There's a loud mix reaction of both cheers and boos. The crowd waits impatiently for about a minute until The Dazzler finally walks out. He's wearing a black vest with the words The Dazzler on the back, with black tights and boots. He starts walking down the ramp and then stops. He looks at some fans in the audience, raises his eyebrow, smiles, and then walks back to the ring. The Dazzler gets on top of the ring apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He raises his arms and gets another mixed reaction. Dazzler gets in the ring and demands a mic. He gets one and goes to speak.*

    Dazzler: Finally...........finally..................The Dazzler has come back to kick this jabroni's ass!

    *Crowd cheers, but only because of their hatred for Sir Lee.*

    Dazzler: Hey, hey, The Dazzler doesn't need your cheers. He doesn't give a damn about your cheers. Those are a thing of the past. Hell, you people better not boo The Dazzler either. The only reason you boo him is because you know you'll never once amount to what The Dazzler has amounted to. So sit your fat, stuck in the gutter, candy asses down and pay attention. Don't think I won't whip each and everyone of your candy asses, like I'm about to do Madam Lee over here!

    *More boos and cheers*

    Dazzler: Round three. Just like you said, Lee, it's round three. For the first time ever though, this match is not going to be for a title. For the first time ever, this match will be one on one. Man to man. Mano-a-mano. The match people have been waiting for. It's The Dazzler, not B.Dazzle, vs Sir Lee. In one side of the ring we have an ass kicker like no other. A man of intelligence, wit, talent, charisma, and pure electrifying intensity. And in the other corner we are going to have Sir Lee. Now, don't get it twisted, Lee, The Dazzler isn't standing here and underestimating you. The Dazzler can't underestimate the man who is wearing championship gold, but........he also won't overestimate you. The Dazzler knows you're good, but The Dazzler is better, and he means better! This match isn't about the I.C title. Tonight, your I.C title means jack-shit to The Dazzle. There's a bigger prize on the line tonight. The stakes are higher tonight, then they've ever been in our entire careers. A win tonight, puts one of us on a one-way train to an IWT Championship opportunity. Tonight, the chance to show the world that us so called "mid-carders" can hang with those so called "main eventers". The Dazzler knows he can hang with Main Eventers, hell, he can whip every main eventers ass in the split of a second.

    *Some fans in the crowd begin chanting "Dazzler". The Dazzler looks at them and appears angry.*

    Dazzler: What in the blue hell did The Dazzler say about five minutes ago! He said shut your damn mouths when he's talking!

    *More boos than cheers this time.*

    Dazzler: Lee, you heard that right. You heard the people chanting The Dazzler's name, right? Good, because that is going to tie in to what The Dazzler wants to say next. You see, you said that your win at the Rumble was so awesome that it made The Dazzler want to quit. That couldn't be further from the truth. You don't understand. None of these people understand, and they might never understand. Everything I've done the past several months, was the leading point to what i did to Joey Bryant. Getting these people on my side was just a plan. These people were my pawns in the game of chess that is this business. The Dazzler had it all figured out from the start. Get the people behind you, you get noticed. Turn on the people, you get the world's attention. That's what happened. The Dazzler was never going to quit. He cut that fake-ass interview to get these people on his side. You should have seen what happened just a few minutes after that interview aired. The phone calls, the texts, the tweets, the facebook messages. "Oh Dazzle, don't quit". "Dazzle, we'll miss you if you leave." "How much ass kissing can we do to make sure you stay". All these jabronis fell for it, just like you seemed to have done. For a man who acts like he's the smartest man in IWT, you sure were pretty stupid to fall for such an old trick. The Dazzler would think that after your time in the porn business, you would know the difference between fake or not. Apparently he was wrong.

    *The Dazzler begins to smile at his own joke. He gets boos from his fans and rolls his eyes at them.*

    Dazzler: You think you're going to be a double champ by Mania? Well, it looks like it's you who is in need for a reality check. By the way, double champ? Been there and done that, but The Dazzler doesn't blame you for trying to do the things he's done. Listen, the only way you are going to be walking into Mania a double champ is if you beat Alias, but The Dazzler doesn't think you can do that, since you........well......since you couldn't do it before. The only man walking into Mania a double champ is The Dazzler. The Dazzler walked out Survivor Series a double champ, and now he's going to walk out E.C a double champ. The only difference is that instead of carrying that I.C title that's strapped around your waist, The Dazzler will be carrying the most prestigious title in the world, the IWT Championship! The Dazzler may be a stepping stone, Lee, but it looks like your Candy Ass just accidentally missed a step.

    *The Dazzler puts the down the mic, smiles, and raises his eyebrow at Sir Lee.*
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  8. *Sir Lee applauds Dazzle, but then chuckles, causing confusion amongst the crowd*

    Sir Lee: That was a beautiful monologue Dazzle, and I respect your motives, your determination and your confidence. But unfortunately, you're matched against one of the few individuals talented enough to give back more!

    Regarding your double champ remark, Being a double singles champ is so much more prestigious than holding a singles title and then a tag title, I mean we've seen that plenty of times. Holding the IWT Intercontinental AND the IWT Championship at the same time...Now that's extraordinary! Regardless of Alias, regardless of the past, the future dictates my ascension to greatness, I "lost" to you and Gav at Survivor Series, BUT THEN I DESTROYED THE BOTH OF YOU MONTHS LATER, BOTH MATCHES IN THE SAME WEEK!! I think that, if I can do that, then there's every possibility my loss to my former associate will be neutralised one day, regardless of the tremendous amount of talent he possesses.

    Ah....That heartfelt interview where you threatened to flee the e-fed was a ruse to work the crowd....Aren't a manipulative piece of work! Trust me Dazzle, I don't disbelieve you, but you can't deny for a second MY VICTORY OVER YOU, UNKNOWN AND DRAVEN MADE YOU SICK TO YOUR STOMACH! You probably went waltzing into that watch with a sense of pride and optimism, hoping to get your title back from that coward, defeat a veteran in Draven and pin me again. But no, Me and Draven stole the show, and then I stole your human rights as I beat all three of you for mercy, the referee begging me to stop BUT I KEEP HURTING ON YOU, I MADE YOU GO FROM THE ROCK OF 2001 TO ROCKY MAIVA FROM 1996!! So your master plan was why you gave that pathetic drivel to the interviewer, that's a plausible explanation. And much thanks for that riveting porn jibe, fortunately my athleticism and experience meant that they couldn't have even hidden their organic orgasms if they tried! *Crowd Chants "Organic Orgasms"* And hey, your mother wasn't faking, that's for sure. SEE, I CAN MAKE CORNY AND MORONIC SEX JOKES TOO, I'M PRETTY MUCH CHARLIE SHEEN, BECAUSE LIKE HIM, I'M ALSO GOING TO BE WINNING!

    *Sir Lee smirks with the right side of his face, caressing his beard as he does so!*

    And, please, explain to me Dazzle, how your better..... You only ever beat me in a tag match and we may have had two other people in the way of our second encounter, but you had NO-ONE to assist you that time, neither did I. I used to think my element was tag-team, but really I don't need other people to tag in during my matches, I'm ABOVE THAT, NATURAL SELECTION DICTATES YOU CAN'T JUST RELY ON OTHERS, EVENTUALLY WHEN THEY ALL TURN ON're going to die! And when you and Gav crumble as a partnership, as you two already detest each-other, getting your remarks at each-other at every opportunity, like school children! Funny because you too have the mental ability of school children....Your persona leads me to think you're Eugene, and Gavin is illiterate and has no social awareness! Maybe instead of the Dazzling Chavs, you should be called the "Juvenile Dunces"!

    Oh wait, guess what Dazzle, that sword I drew on Gavin, is MAKING A RETURN!! Couldn't just threaten one half of your special needs tag team with it, could I?

    *Sir Lee's interns come from the crowd with a blue bag, put it on the apron of the ring. Sir Lee walks up to it and unzips it, the microphone still in his left hand as he attempts this. With his right hand, he lifts the same silky and majestic sword he brandished against Gavin in PWGP. The crowd go silent. Sir Lee points the sword in the direction of The Dazzler.*

    Don't be frightened, I'm not going to stab you with it. Well....That is, as long as YOU DON'T GET IN THE WAY OF MY SUCCESS!! You say that you're the stepping I'll miss, not just that, but you say in a tense that I already have. Guess what sunshine, this match HASN'T STARTED YET! Stupid comments like that are what make me consider becoming a full-fledged Natural Selection and killing you, I wouldn't even have to use my sword! But if it helps!

    *Walks to towards The Dazzler, the crowd are in shock, but the referee, despite all of his fear, comes to The Dazzler's rescue. As the referee pleads, Sir Lee chuckles, he drops his microphone and lifts the referee by his neck*

    [Sir Lee whispers to the referee] Oh, look at you, all high and mighty doing your job.... Well, on a Natural Selectionist basis, I am better than you in EVERY WAY!! I guess I should kill you!

    *The Referee shakes his head*


    *Sir Lee shakes his head*

    Sir Lee: Don't pull that with me, we are in a match scenario, all bets are off, and you tried to grab me and my sword, instigating a fight, I'm not being unprofessional, I'm just using self-defence! Now, I'm going to take you to the outside. We don't any blood on the ring, do we?

    *Sir Lee smirks at the ref. Sir Lee hurls the ref to the outside, breaking the ref's left arm*

    Sir Lee: Showtime!

    *Sir Lee's interns pick up the ref, hurling in pain. Sir Lee goes to the outside with his sword, he looks down the ref, looking for the best angle. He then stops, seeing his preferred angle. HE PLUNGES HIS SWORD INTO THE REFEREES STOMATCH!! The ref falls to the floor, blood oozing from his body.*
    *The crowd go into panic*

    Sir Lee: THAT'S THE STUFF!!! THAT LITTLE MISCREANT GOT ELIMINATED. You see that Dazzle, after I beat you tonight, maybe YOU WILL JOIN HIM IN THAT PILE!!!!

    *Sir Lee lifts the sword out of the referee's carcas, and licks the blood from his sword. Multiple attendees projectile vomit!!

    Sir Lee: Now that....IS A PROFIT!!!!!!!!
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  9. *Cole is on his phone watching backstage*
  10. *The Dazzler looks at Sir Lee disgusted by what he saw, but he shows no fear.*

    Dazzler: Games are done, aren't they. The only way you could prove you could beat me, was by stabbing another man with a sword. That doesn't make you anything but a disgusting, psychotic, pathetic excuse of a man. It doesn't make you look scary. It doesn't make you look tough. You don't look all bad and evil. You look like a little over obsessed, pompous, arrogant, bitch. We get it, Lee. You're rich. You're smarter than everyone. The thing is, nobody, and The Dazzler means nobody, could give a damn about any of those attributes.

    *Medical staff rush down to ringside and get the ref out on a stretcher. They quickly rush the ref back to an ambulance.*

    Dazzler: What are you going to do next, Lee? Stab The Dazzler too. Come on, then. Do it. Stab me. Break my arms. End my life. I dare you too. The Dazzler doesn't dare you, I dare you. You want to prove that you'll do whatever it takes to be a winner, how about you win by forfeit. If you take me out now, I won't stand in your way of going to E.C. The only thing that's making me sick to my stomach right now is you. No, it's not because your I.C champ. It's not because of the retard jokes I hear over and over and over and over again. It's none of that. You make me sick, because you are a heinous disgrace to what the word Man means. The things you just did are over the top. Ending another man's life isn't going to get you in an IWT Elimination chamber match, it's going to get you sent straight to jail, but I guess your money and connections plus corrupt government means you won't have to worry about jail time.

    *The Dazzler puts down the mic and walks up to Lee's face. He looks Lee dead in the eye and backs up a couple of feet. He looks at the crowd who are not behind him due to Lee's disgusting actions. The Dazzler smiles and then spits directly into Lee's face. The Dazzler backs off with a huge grin.*

    Dazzler: Maybe, just maybe, I'm not fit enough to adapt to the conditions you've put me in today. Maybe I'm not going to be able to survive this night. Maybe I'm just speaking hypothetically? That's it. That must be it. I am going to adapt to these conditions and make Natural Selection fail you. I am going to survive tonight, and many other nights as well. I am going to beat you. I am going to win the IWT Championship at E.C! Threaten me by taking a mans life all you want, but you can't phase me. My prayers go out to that ref and I thank him for sacrificing himself even if I wish he hadn't. This win will not be just for me, it will be for him. That's all I can give him and his family right now. I'll repay that man, that is a promise, but right now I have a murderer to deal with. You may have a sword in your hands against my bare fists, but I'd rather go out like a man, than live on like a bitch.

    *Lee draws his sword in front of Dazzler but Dazzler stays calm. He's breathing deeply, but he makes sure not to show fear. He raises his eyebrow, gives Lee the finger, and drops his mic.*

  11. *Sir Lee grabs a handkerchief from the inside pocket of his suit, with the sword still in his other hand, he wipes the spit from his face. He smirks at Dazzle, tearing it up into little pieces and dropping them on The Dazzlers head. Sir Lee laughs*

    Sir Lee: That, my peer, is the closest you will ever get to the confetti they give to IWT wrestlers after they win a World title match!

    You try to hard to put me down, sure, claim this incident is obsession, but ENDING ANOTHER HUMAN BEINGS IS SURE INSANE!! You pretending it doesn't show the sadistic man I am is delusional. Don't lie to the crowd, just like you did in that interview. How can we trust you? What's next? You're on steroids? You're planning to poison Gavin? I think you've become quite the deviant. I think YOU are the one becoming this twisted and obsessed individual, I'm doing this for the greater of science and our Worlds resource, you're doing this for your career. Sure, my career is important, but what is my career if the World runs out of supplies due to the demand of our over-sized population..

    The beauty is Dazzle, I know I don't require a sword to brutalise you, I've done it once AND I'M HAPPEN TO DO IT A SECOND TIME!! And this time, less mercy, I initially promised no post-match beat down, but I worry you've got a bit of a hot head on you, not promising it, but the thought of a post-match reality check beat down sounds appropriate right now!

    Jonathon, our wise and powerful GM, made a deal with Cameron which states I have immunity from the police force while in the IWT ring. The money Cameron paid was extraordinary.

    I.....For the last 20 years, have been thrown an overwhelming amount of adversity and I've thrown it straight back, from my parents going bankrupt when I was 7, to my house being burnt down when I was 10, to my mother being diagnosed with cancer when I was 14, to her dying when I was 18. From when my mother was diagnosed, up to her death, I had to do many, many MMA tournaments, the physical toll was ridiculous, but I conquered all, no matter what Natural Selection tested me with, I got through it. Even my mother's death; I took the situation and was able to get the best out of it. I sold the story of how I did MMA matches to support my dying mother to magazine companies and made big money, I then used that to invest in WWE Forums stock and made huge money. And it's all been up from there, bad moments can be painful, but it takes the true greats to make them work. That I can do that, let's see how you do in that respect tonight? You're against a superior individual, who has the title you worked so hard to get, I have a lethal weapon and I've been able incapacitate you without it, so imagine how I'll do with it!

    It's all nice if you go out tonight by my force and you're treated like a martyr. But when you're dead, all the people that depend on your will be left deserted. Nice good guy speech by the way, perhaps you're the total independent person you say you are yet!

    Regardless, you've living like a bitch since the Royal Rumble anyway, you took your win against the New and unimproved Cure and began to whine about the fans ever since!


    *Sir Lee drops his sword on the floor, he unstraps his belt and lifts high in the air over The Dazzler*

    You see what I'm doing Dazzle, that's what I will be doing with the IWT title in the chamber!

    Sir Lee intensely stares The Dazzler down, pointing to "Sir Lee" on his belt*
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  12. I'm about to go, but I just want to say how awesome the vote names are.

    Simon Belmont vs Lord Ovalhead just looks badass to me.
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  13. OOC: Gohan votes for Dazzle just as I owned him on his profile... haahahahahahahahaha. U MAD BRO? @Emperor Lelouch Britannia
  14. i though the quilty was better then ovalhead and was more in detail. and more oraralnety to it.
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  15. Change the header to voting please.
  16. My 2nd promo was almost the double the words of his~ "Detail"

    That's cool though, given your reason. Suppose I can't complain..
  17. Going to vote Ovalhead, Thought he had the better promo even though both of them were quite good.
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