Voting EC Qualifier - Joey Bryant vs FTJ!

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Joey Bryant

  2. FTJ!

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    FTJ (@Emperor Lelouch Britannia ) vs Joey Bryant(@DK James)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. OOC: Since I was gracious enough to accept this sudden challenge, FTJ, go ahead. Show me what you got.
  3. *the crowd starts chanting "Let's go Joey,FTJ sucks"
    OOC: did you see what i did there?
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  4. As the crowd wait in anticipation, the theme hits and the crowd goes wild as Aids Johnson walks out first, holding his IWT title over his head as the crowd pops, He runs down to the ring and slides in, hitting the corners before grabbing a microphone and holding his IWt title over his head before the competitors come out. Aids trade his title for a microphone and hold it up as the fans cheer loudly, chanting Joey Bryant as Aids takes a few moments and lets it fade before holding up his mic

    JOEY BRYANT! *the fans pop loudly* The future of IWT vs the past! My brother and the man who wants to be my girlfriend, is about to bury FRANK THE JOCK! *crowd boos loudly*

    But what would a match vs FTJ be without the IWT CHAMP! *aids slides out of the ring, grabbing a spot at commentary* It looks like this match deserves a champion because the winner will very will be walking out of EC as the champ. *aids sits down comfortably, waiting on the contenders.*
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  5. *Chris Kaizer falls asleep backstage*

  6. Dat Kid bursts through the curtains without anyone with a pissed look on his face as usual. Kid slides right into the ring and get a mic tossed to him.

    And people say I'm predictable. Look at old Aids Johnson clinging to his same old schtick of coming out here and trying to delegate the spotlight towards himself. I guess you really couldn't resist it now could you.
    Yes, Joey Bryant loves you, in fact i love you too Aids, but I think you're misinterpreting what we're saying in light of your homoerotic fantasies. You see, we love you for what you are about to become at Elimination Chamber. The final sacrifice before the rapture.
    Usually I'd say Jesus wept when I'm done speaking, but i'll let you do the honors when Joey Bryant has one foot on your skull and he raises the IWT Undisputed Championship to the people who will never recognize you as their champion.

    Dat Kid exits the ring and takes a seat at the other side of the commentator's table. Not wasting another glance at Aids.
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  7. *FTJ Theme Hit and he come out with a mic and make his way to the ring.

    *Commentator 1: Well look like were here from FTJ yet again, when he leave already?

    *Commentator 2: Have like or hate him you got to respect what he is he is a top guy no made what people thing about him!

    *FTJ Sit down Indian Styles in the middle of the ring.

    “So He we go again another IWT match for the GREAT FTJ but you see I did this match to not just Qualifier for the Chamber NO NO NO. You see I am here to make a point! Because at the end of this win, lose or draw all you people are going to said the same DAM thing about me! A “jack ass” who overrate for being the 1st IWT WWE Heavyweight Champion! Because all you do after reading this promo you are all going to STILL VOTE AGAINST ME! Just because you all hate me! But here the thing I WILL NEVER LEAVE! You all can kicking me down but I will KEEP GETTING BACK UP! I going do what EVER it’s take to beat you Mr. Bryant! I have nothing against you Mr. Bryant but you are just going be the one I take my OVER 9 MONTHS ANGRY OUT ON! You see I can BE A VERY VERY Dangerous Man if I get push too far! And I have been PUSH ONE TOO MANY TIMES TO FAR HERE IN IWT! And now it time to show it! I may not win this because of biasedness! But you Mr. Bryant will NOT remember this match after tonight to talk about it!”

    So to all the hate that don’t vote for me and don’t read my promo and just for Mr. Bryant GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU DOUCHBAGS! Because I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE! For now on I am going to be ME! Not what you wanted me to be! Am I bad guy? YOU DAM RIGHT! And I don’t care weather you all hate me for being a HEEL! AS A MADE OF FACT THE BEST HEEL EVER HERE IN THE IWT EVER! EVER! People said I cheat and underhand the system of the IWT? OH HELL NO! All of that was my work just spell check so you all would vote for me! But you all wanted a 110% HAND WROTE work BY THE GREAT FTJ!? WELL HE YOU GO! YOU got it right now! Will you all still vote for me? NO! AT THE END OF THE DAY, you still come up with some BOLD SHIT REASON WHY MY PROMO IS NOT BETTER! You wanted to vote for this MID CARD Bryant to be in the chamber, who has no change of winning it be my guess but just like a guy one said in WWE ONES “IF YOU IN HERE TO BE THE BEST YOU NEED TO GET OUT YOU WANTED TO BE THE TOP DOG”! AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIS THOUGH MY OWN WORD I WANTED TO BE THE DOG AGAIN! But I not going to hide from what I am!

  8. *The smarks sarcastically chant "what is voting?"* #Kayfabe
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  9. KousakI: If that son of a bitch Francine gets a spot in the EC, well I'll be damned.
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  10. *The lights turn green in the arena to cut off FTJ.*

    *The crowd goes nuts with cheers as Joey Bryant runs out onto the stage at 22 seconds of the song. He smiles at the fans and then points at FTJ at the ring and shakes his head. He walks down the ramp, slapping fans hands as he reaches the ring and rolls in. He sees Aids at ringside and leans over the rope and points at him and lets out a laugh. He nods at Dat Kid as he hands him a mic and Joey walks a foot away from FTJ.*

    “Your life is in ruins, Frank. You just don’t know it yet. I can call it the Joey Bryant effect. You lose to me, you go down a long dark path of losses and failures. Look at Sackfist, Dazzler who I just beat just lost his elimination qualifier match and hell I can even say Dat Kid. Lost to me and has been struggling to get his foot in the door again. That’s just the way it is, and I consider you almost a part time guy. You rarely participate in events unless your check is high enough or the event is to your liking, yet each time you show up for some reason people actually take notice. Instead of just shrugging you off and await the next time you show your face like I do, these people and those in the back take a little extra time in their days to check out any time you have a match. Same for me I suppose, but the difference between you and I is I’m here every week. Competing when there’s nothing on the line and competing when there is, giving backstage advice to those I believe could use a hand and being a leader and a stepping stone for any new guy looking to shine. You’re just a dusty pawn in IWT’s game, getting brushed off and used in a match any time they’re looking for a bit of extra ratings and attention.”

    *The crowd cheers for Joey and he nods.*

    “Let’s do a little experiment. Learned this one off VP’s doctor.”

    *He hops out of the ring and walks to the commentator table and looks the one commentator in the eye, ignoring Aids glaring at him.*

    “I want you to say a word. Any word that comes to your mind that you think is relevant to this match. I’m going to say the first word that comes to my mind.”

    *The commentator picks up a mic and begins to come up with words.*


    *Joey looks at Aids and smirks.*






    “Dat Kid.



    *Joey pauses for a moment and zones out. He comes back into reality after a few seconds and raises the mic.*


    *He rolls back into the ring as the crowd cheers again.*

    “I’m a nice guy, right? I mean I technically won against Eric Draven to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match but to show what a fighter I am, and that I’m never going to be a paper champion, I was generous enough to accept your challenge FTJ. I’ve never liked you. I’ve never liked the attention you bring, I’ve never liked the shit you cause backstage, I never liked your dumb little theme song either. You’re the most overrated POS this company has ever had, and trust me, there’s been a lot of them. But you, some of the top dogs of this company actually support you. It sickens me, it honestly makes me want to gag because you have done nothing to get any form of respect. I don’t care what you won in the past, I don’t care how long you held a title, it flat out pisses me off when I see you getting more attention than some of the newer guys that you couldn’t hold a finger to. Whether it's some joke about liking you or not, I don’t and I never will. I’m speaking for the majority here, nobody likes to see you here. Any time you show up it’s when there’s some big stake on the line. Somehow you never actually prove yourself to be in the main event picture but you keep ending up there so I’m your kryptonite. I’m not letting you in that chamber, I’ll beat you, and I’ll make you realize why you’re just a chump.”

    *Joey gets up in his face.*

    "By the way, I appreciate you calling me Mr.Bryant. Showing a little respect for someone better than you for once in your career."
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  11. *FTJ look cofeused? He get his mic back near his mouth to speak.

    BALBALBALBAL!? WHAT? I could not here you? You think your better then me? OMG of how many wrestler have already said that about me! I lose count! But you qualify against a guy who not even he and did show! I been he all week wanted to get a qualify shot at the chamber match but was refused my the worst GM OF ALL FUCKIN TIME IN JONATHAN! And so to final give something I so RIGHTFUL DESAVAE ALREADY! He give me a shot! It took someone from not showing up for the GREAT FTJ TO GET WHAT HE DESAVAE!? What kind of fuckin BOLD SHIT IS THIS COMPUY COME TO!? You say you here ever week to do show when nothing on line and I ownly he when the event to my liking! Where read this contact that at sign on month right before IWT Rumble! It said I am a member of the active roster! THAT RIGHT FTJ IS HERE STAY! You see I am here for one reason to win the gold ones again! And if ONE GM GETS IN MY WAY SOMETHING BAD IS GOING HAVE BEEN TO THAT GM! Again Joeyboy I have nothing against you never did you are just in FTJ way! And when your in the GREAT FTJ way you either step away or put you away! So you can make this easy on you said and leave or be beatin to a bloodpuple! I glad Aidsboy is he b/c it a little example of what i going to him at Chamber match when I BACK MY IWT WWE HEAVWEIGHT CHAMPION!
  12. *Joey yawns and wipes his face of spit before continuing.*

    "You're a real joke. You almost made me laugh a couple times there. Every time you come out here you hate on Jonathan for "not giving you the shot you deserve" but what do you truly deserve? I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the risks and opportunities I seized, you deserve nothing this year. I joined back in May of last year and I can only remember watching about 10 matches total that you've had in my time here. That's pathetic. I'm giving you the shot that you DON'T deserve, and since you like to scream a lot..."

    *Joey clears his throat and puts the mic right to his lips and gets in FTJ's face.*


    *The crowd cheers and Joey paces around FTJ until he sees Aids sitting glaring at him again.*

    "What's going on, tough guy? I feel like it's been a long while since we've been this close to each other without tearing each other apart. We used to have such great respect for each other but oh how things have changed in the last few months. I respect the fact you've been a dominant champion, and that's it. By standing in this ring right now I'm proving that when I do win that gold, I won't be just a paper champion. Not calling you one either, I'm talking about the past champions before you. Guys like FTJ who win the gold and make the title just a piece of leather. You've made that title something everyone in the back is striving for, so I appreciate that. You brought something out of me months back that no one else was able to do, and when we do eventually go face to face again... it's not going to be you celebrating with your title in the ring. I'll have one foot on your chest and the belt raised high in the air as the crowd chants my name! As the guys in the back rejoice and celebrate the fact that Joey Bryant has finally made it!"

    *The crowd begins chanting for Joey and he smirks and looks at Dat Kid for a moment.*

    "I'll be the champion you've been molding. Failure has become habit for us, and I think it's time for our luck to change. Whether you have the boneheads in the Cure or not I know I'll always be the golden boy, I'll always be the one to say I trained at Dat Church and became a new man. A champion."

    *Joey turns back around and goes back to FTJ.*

    "You're here to stay? Prove that to me. Face off against the new era of IWT. Take on Alias Antonio, take on the Dazzler, take on Aiden Ryan, you'd lose to all of them. This company is a lot different that when you were running things, son. A lot different. It no longer just takes a microphone and a fan base to win world titles, if that was the case I would have won back in October. It takes determination and the ability to never give up despite the losses. So when I lay you down on this mat and pin you, will you go back to bitching backstage or continue to fight until you actually make something of yourself again? That's the question here. I hate everything you stand for and until you prove yourself to ME, you can just go take a seat on Aids' lap and watch how a real competitor gets things done. I accepted your challenge out of pity, out of desire actually. I want to show everyone you're not relevant. You're not someone they should be paying attention to, you're not a draw of this company. They don't need you as the face of the company! They already have me."
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  13. *Sir Lee watches from the VIP box with Trump*

    Sir Lee: You see Francines 2nd promo....That would be ok-ish if this was the X-Division.

    *Donald Trump looks disgusted*
    Trump: That....Was him talking actual words, in a monologue......HOLY SHIT!! Why aren't we shipping this guy into our PPV freak show act? @Jonathan would make huge profits if he marketed Frank as a Freak; Imagine.... FTF; FRANCOIS THE FREAK!!
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    What just said!? I WILL BE IWT WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AGAIN! AND THAT QUEST START HE TONIGHT! When I end you in this very ring! I piss because Jonthern always try to fine a way to screw me! I AM BETTER YOU! I AM THE STAR OF COMPURY! I know it that the IWT FANS know it and even you know it and just will not a mint it! You are not better then me and you never will! I AM THE BEST IWT HAVE! You wanted because I AM THAT DAM GOOD! And I need you or the dumb ass fans to know it I know by myself! I got money to back it up! What you get nothing copose to the money I make! The ownly "new era" is that it still the same! You may think this is a new era but trust when I said it FUCKIN is not! THIS IS STILL MY ERA! As for taking guy like Alias Antonio, take on the Dazzler, take on Aiden Ryan HAHAHAHAHA! THAT ARE NOT WOTH MY TIME JUST LIKE U RAE NOT WORTH MIND TIME! I am ownly facing you to get in the chamber! And I already beat Alias in that other shited compuy which I will not said! (BTW: Hi Mr.Brockman how is fining the hacker going to e-fed going? Glad I quiet you compury when I did :pipebomb: !) The fact wether you like or not you are nothing to me I fight guy who are worth to face me guy who earn it guy who paid the way for IWT TO EVEN STILL BE HERE! Guy that is the reason your even here without guys like me and the other IWT stars from the beginning help paid the way for new guys! SHOW US ARE RESPECT YOU JACKASS! We earn what we guy we earn the stop power we have today! At the end of the day you are not better and that why your piss at me because i have as well the other old iwt star have that u and the new guy will NEVER have and that GREATNESS! But out of all of then I HAVE THE MOST STARED AND THAT WHAT PISS YOU ALL OFF! Everyone wanted to see what do here in the IWT and that what makes that draw so great!

    Pause for secord and then put mic back near his mouth!

    U don't have the draw like FTJ has that why you NEVER BE a World Champion like FTJ WAS!

    Enouth with the small talk now let get to the match! Ref ring the bell and let get polls open!
  15. NEVER! please removed has nothing to with my match! @Jonathan
  16. He can post it, not OOC. Stop trying to find drama with everything.
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  17. OOC: It does, and dont be butthurt bro.
  18. We ready for voting?
  19. I'll do a last promo since he seems done.
  20. "I could easily be unoriginal here and imitate your delusional words, but I'm not going to do that. Instead of trying to prove that you're still ready for the bright lights and fame of being a champion, you should take some notes from a guy like myself first. I worked my way to where I am now, while you, you complain and complain until you get your way. You're nothing to me. You could leave this company tomorrow and no one would shed a tear because any time you open your mouth so speak it's the same old junk. How you're going to be world champion again, how this is the beginning of your new found quest to dominate again. I never see you actually capitalize on your quests, Frank. Truth is I've wanted to face you one on one for a long while now. I want to be the one to shut your mouth for good and make you realize you're not the greatest superstar to step foot in this ring."

    *Joey points to Aids and Dat Kid.*

    "Those two, they're greats here. They continue to show support for the company and for the younger talent and it's something you will never do. Something you will never understand. You care about yourself and yourself only and while some may call that determination I'll just consider it stupidity. In this business you're always going to have allies and enemies and well congrats FTJ, you found yourself an enemy tonight. Not only an enemy like myself but everyone watching in the back because after I beat your ass in a few seconds, everyone will be looking to pick up the easy win over you. I'm not worth your time? You're probably right. You have a second job working at your local pizza joint, you're going to be late for your shift. Let's go, boy."
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