Voting EC Qualifier - Jwab Atom vs Jacob Colton

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Who won?

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  1. Jwab Atom

  2. Jacob Colton

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    the winner of the match will be entered into
    the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber Match!

    Jwab Atom(@JwabHDTV) vs Jacob Colton(@Nano)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. OOC - Will post promo when I get off work which is at 2. If you wanna go first it's fine, Nano.
  3. Was gonna write mine right now as I have some time off.
  4. *Chris Kaizer is backstage*

    Chris Kaizer: This is Jacob, correct? Not FTJ?
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  5. *Unknown watches from the command point*

    Hmm. I wonder if this has to do with the limo outside.
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  6. *Cole is also watching from Backstage*
    Cole: i think his name is Jacob but let's face it Jacob is a very boring name....

  7. Jacob comes out to a new theme song. Crowd boos. Jacob just shakes his head and makes his way to the ring. When he gets into the ring, he asks for a microphone, the ring announcer hands him one and his speech begins.

    Jacob: It seems you still remember what I did... You know what? I don't care because I just don't care about you nor what happens to this company. I only care about myself and my great self is only going to make his way to the top whether people like it or not. That's why I'm out here, because when I win tonight I will get into the elimination chamber and in the worst case scenario, I'll walk out with several bones broken but with the championship in my hand. Tonight, Jwab... I've heard he's trying to create The Cure 2.0 and just as The Cure did, they're not going to be successful because Aids won't join them.

    Jacob stares at Jwab.

    Jacob: Jwab, just letting you know, don't waste your time. Don't waste your time and try to fight me, you're only making it worse because you know in the end I'll defeat you, not because I'm the best but because I have tons of things to prove and you're just on my way. You can try and fight me, but I'm just letting you know I ain't gonna go easy on you. I was born to lead, I was born to bet a top guy, my destiny is large and I've learned how to shine and you ain't stopping me right now. You're just an obstacle. I'll break you down as The Dazzling Chavs broke The Cure down. Don't waste your, my and everybody else's time, just lay down and let me pin you. That'd be easy and you wouldn't be as embarrassed as you will be if I ever get to put my hands on you. I have no problem with you at all, but I MUST and I mean MUST get to the Elimination Chamber. You also want to get there and it's a fact because we all want to be a top guy, but in the end only one will get the championship belt and that isn't you. If I'm honest I'm so tired of this paper champions we have as of now I can't really get to hold myself back until I bring prestige back to this company. Lets be honest, even PWGP has more prestige than we do... We have old glories back as Senhor Perfect facing Danielson, but who cares? Nobody knows what the future will bring but eventually the truth will prevail and the truth is this company is just getting old and needs some new fresh air. Do you know how many days has Aids held the IWT Championship? I think it's about damn time to get somebody to get that championship from him. Will it be at Elimination Chamber? I don't think so because he'll just do what he does best, he'll get away while everybody fights to get his championship and when the time comes, he'll pin the last man retaining his title. He's a lucky man because if I were in the IWT Championship Chamber I'd for sure get his title away from him, but I'm in the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber which means I have to fight untalented guys as you to get to the top, right where I belong to.

    Crowd boos, Jacob stays quiet as they keep booing and chanting "You sold out." When they shut their damn mouth up he continues

    Jacob: Lets play a little game. Lets play the guess what game. Just in case you don't know what that game is, Jwab, I'll introduce it to you. The guess what game is where I ask you some questions not giving a fuck about what you think because you can't change facts. Lets begin. Guess what happened when I came here and debuted? I became champion at IWTMania. Guess what happened two weeks after I became champion? I lost to Sackfist because I wasn't ready. Guess what is large? A destiny. Guess what's your destiny? Your destiny is to fail to me, and then go some time to where you belong, which is the upper midcard, fighting for the X-Division championship, probably even getting an X-Division Championship reign, grow up as a wrestler and then attempting to get the title I will hold. Guess what will happen at IWTMania? I will headline the show, people will pay to see me fighting, hoping I lose to a tough opponent, but I won't. There's no excuse right now, I have only one choice which is winning and so I will do. Now get out of my way because this sneaks are made for walking and that's exactly what I'll do.
  8. Cole:i like this "Guess what" game
  9. *Donald Trump is sat along with Sir Lee in Trump's mansion, eating popcorn*

    Trump: God, Colton is a bigger joke than those Tout stocks Vinny Mac bought. IWT CEO's wouldn't make that same mistake!

    Sir Lee: You said it! But seriously, Jwab is like sex on toast, and Colton is Herpes on Porridge. If Jwab loses and Coltons in the chamber, IWT will be a laughing stock!

    *Trump nods in agreement*

    *Sir Lee sips tea from his The Cure 1.0 mug, with him, Jwab, David, Alias, George and Aids on it*
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  10. *Jwab walks out with a steel chair in hand. The crowd boos and cheers for "Joey Bryant". Jwab stands there with his face in disgust at the fans yelling out Joey Bryant's name when Jwab has nothing to do with him. David comes out 10 seconds after him. Jwab is walking towards the ring and he sees a sign that says "Arrive. Cure. Leave.". He smiles and points at the sign with the chair. He yells at the crowd around him. "That's a real wrestling fan!" He goes around the ring. Eyeing Jacob. He slowly steps in, keeping eye contact with Jacob. He has a little "haha" and wedges the chair into the turnbuckle while David goes and sits with the commentators. Jwab talks a little trash to Jacob from across the ring which can't be heard*

    *Camera cuts to the announcers going to speak*

    Commentator 1: Is that the same chair he hit Xanth win? The night after the Rumble?

    *Commentator 2 goes to speak but David cuts him off*

    David: Yes it is, Savio. That chair symbolizes what The Cure is fighting for. Everyone tries to sit on us and use us like we are bodyguards or soldiers. But we aren't. We don't listen to no one.

    *Camera cuts back to Jwab in the ring while he snatches the mic. Jwab slowly brings the mic upwards toward his mouth and goes to speak but the crowd get louder. They keep on cheering "Joey Bryant". Jwab signals for them to quiet down. They slowly quiet. He smiles and pulls the mic up and goes to speak towards Jacob*

    Jwab: You are finally done talking. What a relief. You just kept on rambling on like the crowd actually cares about what you say. After what you did.. trying to screw over God. I haven't met a bigger retard in my life. What was it that I used to call you? Oh yeah, Captain Retard Muscles. Let's talk about how you are the biggest retard in this company. You have the worst win loss record that I have ever seen. David & I have been watching IWT every week. If he wasn't in a match, he was sitting back in Dat Church training with me. Watching you lose to every single person you have stepped into the ring with. I've beat you once and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna beat you again. You don't deserve to even step near that title. You shouldn't even be in a qualifying match! You have aligned yourself with the likes of Frank The Jock. That's pretty damn sad. You may have saved Frank's career. Causing a disqualification. Allowing him to continue his losing streak in IWT but.... you put yours in more jeopardy doing that. You don't just have a bull's eye on your back. You have one on your chest... your forehead... let's just say.. everyone wants a piece of you. You ran away from God. But you ran right into me! You are getting no where near that Chamber, buddy. But not just the chamber.... you aren't going nowhere near Wrestlemania!

    *points at the Wrestlemania sign and gets more serious. The crowd starts cheering for Jwab since they fucking despise Jacob's muscles. He looks like an 80 year old Hulk Hogan*

    You can put all of the money you have on that bet! You don't deserve to go to 'Mania!! You shouldn't be in a Qualifying match!! You don't even deserve to step into this damn ring!!! Especially, when you fuck over everyone you come in contact with. Even yourself. You are a ticking time bomb that shouldn't even have a contract with this company. You see...... I have a ride waiting for you.....

    *Titantron shows a limo outside the arena. It has JACOB spray painted on it with a picture of The original Cure standing over him from an Uprising in August*

    Jwab: You see that Limo? You could say.... it's... "The bomb"

    *David gets up from his commentator table and goes and stands at the end of the entrance right behind where Jacob is standing in the ring*
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  11. *Alias backstage....*

    Alias: The good 'ol Cure days....sick picture.
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  12. *Jacob laughs at Jwab's speech*

    Jacob: Hard words coming from you... The only thing you forgot to check are the facts. Yes, everybody wants a piece of me but not only people from here, some people out here and not only angry fans who believe your so called God but also managers, other companies and even TV shows. You know why they now want me? Because I made an impact, I shocked the world by burying a main event. I should be in this company in your opinion, and probably not only yours, but I'm still here and whether you like it or not, you're facing me tonight and if I weren't in this company at least I'd be fighting at another company with some fresh talents... The only fresh guys I see coming in say they'll be champions and haven't even watched IWT... *Jacob's phone rings* Umm... Sorry, gimme a minute. Wait, what? Really? Ok. *Puts the phone back into his pocket* Remember when I said some new talents haven't even watched IWT? This is what I meant. I've got a footage for you, so lets watch it.

    Jacob: There you are, that's what I was talking about. This won't work out, they may make history in the future, but they won't as of now... Now moving to something you also said and where half right. I have one of the worst win/loss records ever, and I've lost to you more than once, if I remember correctly it's been three times in tag team action... Well, tag team action means it was you with a partner against me with another man... This is a one on one match, brother, so just check out the fact that in singles competition you have never ever even fought me in singles competition, so shut your mouth and bring it all. You may believe in God, but I'm an atheist and I don't care what a so called God or you tell to me. You can say you'll win me but there's no fact you will, we're both equals and that's why we both have a 50% of chances at getting into the chamber, but the difference between me and you is that you need some advantage, in this case it's the man back there *points at David* which will help you when things turn out to be different than you expected. Once again, Jwab controlling a match with the numbers game. It's fine, you need advantage, but while you need some advantage I only need a chance and you will hand it to me because one way or another you're going to turn your back on me and I will take that second and get you on the mat. 1, 2, 3! I will be in the Chamber. You know what's the funniest part about this? People in the back think I may join you as my career seems to be done... I don't care about your group nor your methods, if I'm gonna get to the top I'll do it because of who I am not because of the numbers game, I won't get into your game and that's why tonight, right after pinning you or making you quit, I'm not going to say I defeated one opponent, but two...

    *Jacob asks for the limo image to be shown again*

    Jacob: Good lord, that was expensive, wasn't it? Well, as tonight I'm not getting in that limo, I guess when I defeat you, you may want to use it. Every limo has a mini-bar in it with champagne and some other stuff, instead of celebrating you may just want to get drunk so you can forget when Jacob Colton, the worst wrestler ever in your opinion, destroyed you in the middle of this ring. You are the loser, I am the victor.

    *Jacob laughs as he drops the mic.*

    OOC: @Jonathan just in case Jwab doesn't get in time, allow him to make one last promo before the poll so it's a fair match.
  13. OOC - I have to go to work in like 3 minutes. So.... is it alright if I make a promo when I get home?
  14. *Cole is shocked when Jacob shows the footage*
    Cole: okay..who the fuck is recording me?
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  15. Sure
  16. OOC - Kk, It will be up by 10. I have some stuff to do around the house real quick and I have to go grab some groceries from Hyvee. BUT IT WILL BE UP BY 10
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  17. *Jwab looks around the arena, he's biting his lip in anger. He is currently wondering how he got footage of Cole talking. He slowly grips the mic. The crowd is waiting for Jwab to speak... they are actually... cheering for Jwab?!? They are cheering his gorgeous name. Jwab smacks the mic onto the chair wedged in the turnbuckle. The sound ripples through the air. A loud bang. The crowd goes silent.*

    You know what Jacob. I'm curious about a lot of things right now. Who are you working with? How in the hell did you get that footage of Cole?! But back to what you said. Other companies and TV shows... they don't want you. *laughs a little* Their ratings would drop like the bass that Johnny drops every night at one of his parties. You were literally this close *shows a centimeter with his sexy fingers* from getting fired from IWT. If it wasn't for God giving you a shot at redemption.. which also had your career on the line.. but none the less. He was gonna give you another chance to prove yourself. But you ran away like the little bitch that you are. But you can't seem to run away from IWT. You claim that you wanna fight fresh talents when you can't even beat ANY of the talent in IWT right now. You will lose in every single ring you step in whether you like it or not. You have no part in IWT history... at all. Other than being the man that saved Frank's career. Frank's lucky he is even still employed. Where is Frank? Where are you hiding him?! Eh?

    *looks at David. David slowly creeps closer to the ring*

    You are right. This isn't tag team action. This is ONE on ONE but still. I gotta make sure you don't break the rules. Try to disqualify me or yourself in any way possible. But..... you are a loser. So even if this was "FRANK THE JOCK & JACOB COLTON AKA THE JOCKS vs. JWAB ATOM!" I would win. Just because of you *points at Jacob* You drag everyone down with you. Remember Adam? He could have been something but no. He aligned himself with you. Now, where is he??! How about Rodrigo? He's been..... somewhere else. Probably in some jail cell in Mexico. But.... let's talk about another thing you just said. YOU JUST SAID THAT PEOPLE IN THE BACK WERE CONSIDERING YOU JOINING US? Are you ok? Do you have a damn fever, Jacob.

    *goes to poke Jacob but stops himself and smiles*

    We would never let you walk among us. We can't cure something like you. You are so far out of reach... we have to kill you. *looks at the titantron, Limo appears on the screen* That limo will save not just you. But all of us in IWT. The second I pin you for the 1.... 2.... *smiles* 3. I'm going to make sure... no one.... ever sees your face..... again.

    *David gets on the apron*
  18. OOC: Quick note, Jwab, well done but I'm not teaming up nor interested in joining the Jocks...
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