Voting EC Qualifier - Spinzz vs Marcus Anthony

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Who won?

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  1. William Spinzz

  2. Marcus Anthony

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    the winner of the match will be entered into
    the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. OOC: @Stopspot you care who goes first?
  3. I'm in a meeting right now, so feel free to go first if you want.

  4. *The lights go out in the arena and a starry night appears on the ceiling and The Order of Night's theme song starts. Marcus Anthony is lead to the the ring by Britanica. He has one hand on her shoulder with a hoody over his head while he looks down. Britanica is flanked by two black cats and as they start walking down the ramp Fenris follows behind them. She leads Marcus to the ring steps and pulls the hood up revealing his head. He looks at her and she whispers in his ear and then slaps him across the face and she starts to laugh maniacally. He runs up the stairs and jumps in the ring and walks to the center and lets out a primal scream. He drops down to one knee and slaps the mat with his left hand and as soon as he makes contact the arena is blinded with a bright white pyro. Marcus grabs a mic from the time keeper. He then walks to a corner in the ring and sits down on the mat with his back resting against the turnbuckle and begins to speak*

    Marcus: Tonight, is one more step to achieving one of many goals. What makes it better is that you ALL get a preview of the tournament final between me and the washed up rock star named Spinzz or better yet Alkaline. I face a man who was one of the top people in a failed and no longer relevant company. A company that kept me AWAY from the ring.

    *Marcus gets up and starts pacing around the ring*

    Now that I think about it, I'm glad that happened. I'm glad because had that not been done to me, I might not have had my brothers. I might not have become my true self. I MIGHT HAVE BEEN IN A RING SOMEWHERE PANDERING TO ALL YOU JACKASSES TO WATCH ME DRINK MY LIFE AWAY!!!

    *Marcus angrily stares into the camera while the crowd fills the arena with boos*

    Every single time I come out here, I'm reminded WHY you people don't matter. You don't matter because YOU PEOPLE can't change the fact that The Order comes out here time and again and backs up every word of what we say we are gonna do. So go ahead boo me, throw your trash at me, and cheer against me till your heart's content for it matters not what you do. Our reign here is as inevitable as the sun setting every day and the moon rising setting the course for darkness to cover all that exists. So Spinzz or Alkaline or whatever you go by can call me an animal. Call me a follower. Call me brainwashed all you want. The fact is that ANYONE that has said those things about me or The Order, has felt OUR WRATH. Anything you say has already been said before and just like them, you'll end up falling victim to The Order.
    *The crowd is still filling the arena with boos*
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  5. Smoke flows from the entrance way and you hear what sounds like an engine roaring. Suddenly an RSPCA van comes out from backstage. Andrew is driving the van and Spinzz is standing on top of the van, saluting the fans that are popping large for his first singles match in forever, the truck stops in front of the ring and Spinzz jumps off of the van into the ring, doing a barrel roll as he lands. He grabs a microphone and look out at the smiling crowds.

    Spinzz: IWT Wrassle Zone… Welcome to the Spinzzycle! Some of you may know who I am but for those who don’t: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Spinzz, and I am the sexual sensation, the big bad Buddha of punk, I’m a meatlovers pizza with everything on it. But more importantly: I am one half of the greatest un-crowned tag team in IWT history, the Rock n’ Roll Desperadoes. And tonight, I give my opponent a flea bath.

    Spinzz turns towards his opponent, looking at him before holding up a handkerchief to his nose.

    Spinzz: My opponent, Marcus Anthony, or as I like to call him and I am sure his “owner” Britanica does to, Muffins. Because what my opponent is to her, is nothing more than a pet. And I figure it is only proper to address him as one. Although in my opinion my opponent is just a flea bitten cur. This is the same man, who together with his tag partner Truffles attacked me and Andrew not once, but twice after our matches in the tag team tournament. I’m not sure if they saw a threat they wanted to get rid of, if someone had lazed our gear with catnip or if they’re just flat down crazy.

    Spinzz: It's probably a little bit of everything. But I do know that you guys messed with the wrong team, and Muffins over here is getting into the ring with the wrong cowboy.

    Spinzz gets out of the ring and looks for something in the truck. He comes back into the ring holding a water spraying bottle.

    Spinzz: So, Muffins. You going to throw a fit tonight as well, or are you going to be a good dog? Who knows, if you behave I might have some kibble bits in the van for you to eat as I send you away to the pound.

    Spinzz sprays Marcus in the face with the water bottle, like one would a cat.

    Spinzz: You say the people don’t matter. Boy you’re wrong, the people matter! These people are the ones that put money in our pockets, food in our mouths. And we are here to put on a show. And speaking of these people’s money: Andrew! Bring out the box!

    Andrew gets out of the truck, carrying a big cardboard box; he slides it into the ring before getting back into the back of the truck. Spinzz opens the box and starts going through it.

    Spinzz: Not to come off as a shyster, but I figured I’d take this opportunity to debut some new Rock N’ Roll Desperadoes merchandise, let’s see here….Aha!

    Spinzz pulls out what looks like a dog collar, he walks up to Marcus and with much effort he gets it on his neck. Marcus does not look happy.

    Spinzz: First off, as modeled by the lovely Muffins over here, the Rock N’ Roll Desperadoes flea collar! Since we know that filthy animals have flees. And if you’d follow me here I’ve got some more stuff.

    Spinzz flips the box upside down, letting a cacophony of stuff fall out.

    Spinzz: Now let’s see, what is it I want to market…. No, not the color blind rubix cube, not the steering wheel warmer, not the oregano spice set… Aha!

    Spinzz pulls out another water sprayer, only this one market with a skull on it.

    Spinzz: What I have here ladies and gentlemen, is the solution to all your problems with unruly pets. How many times have you had your cat or dog ruin your brand new sofa, or chair, or coffee table? Well not anymore! With the RnRD’s brand new pet be gone spray, you make the pesky animals stay off of your furniture or anything else you don’t want them on. Observe!

    Spinzz sprays the odd mixture on the ring mat, making Marcus reel back clutching his nose as if he’s smelling something horrible. Marcus is cursing up a storm.

    Spinzz: See! He doesn’t want to get near the center of the ring now. You can buy all these great things and more at . Oh! And one more thing.

    Andrew gets out of the car once more and climbs the apron, this time wearing what looks like a supersoaker mixed with a flame thrower.

    Spinzz: I said I was gonna give Muffins over here a flea bath, and I will. Andrew! Soak him!

    Andrew starts shooting high pressurized water mixed with flea killer onto Marcus, who falls on his back trying to protect himself from the water. Spinzz strikes a pose as the involuntary shower continues and the crowd is laughing.

    Announcer: That has to be an illegal weapon!

    Announcer 2: I find it hilarious!
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  6. *Marcus wipes the flea bath off of his face and begins to laugh*

    Marcus: it's amazing what you have to resort to just to get a cheap pop out of these ingrates. Pet accessories? Flea bath? Dog toys? So creative. Calling me Britanica's pet...that's as believable as you and Andrew being just "partners".

    *Andrew and Spinzz start looking at each other and look back towards Marcus with a shocked expression*

    That look alone says it all. I'm surprised you haven't called the two beat downs a hate crime yet and only people of your "lifestyle" could call their pets Truffles and Mittens.

    *part of the crowd laughs*

    If I felt like I can be funny but guess what, they don't deserve it. The only joke going on here is you two thinking you can stop The Order from winning the tag tournament.

    *crowd starts to boo again*

    What makes this more ironic, is that you poke and prod a dangerous predator with hopes of coming out of this raising your hand in victory.
    So keep pitching your pet toys and looking to get the crowd on your side because the bottom line is they damn well and taking this for you

    *Marcus superman punches Spinzz and drops him to the canvas and while he is down he stands over his body*

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  7. As Marcus stands over Spinzz, Spinzz turns it into a Russian leg sweep, sending Marcus face first into the turnbuckle. Marcus clutches his nose and rolls out of the ring. Spinzz kips back up and grabs his mic again.

    Spinzz: Sorry Muffins, I wasn’t listening. Did you say something about me sucking up to these people?

    Spinzz motions with his arms to the crowd.

    Spinzz: I kind of like these people; they seem to appreciate a good laugh. Oh, as for your comments on me and Andrew’s lifestyle…

    Spinzz jumps out on the apron and plants a big smooch on Andrew’s left cheek. Andrew promptly fakes fainting and falls back first off the apron as the crowd pops big. Spinzz gets up on the turnbuckle as the fans chant “No H8” and “Pride Parade” while slamming their hands on the guard rail. Spinzz egging them on.

    Spinzz: See Marcus, these people aren’t threatened by your dark and brooding speech, and neither are me or my partner. We see threw all the smoke and mirrors, which makes us not afraid. And the best way to combat guys like you, is with a bit of comedy.

    Spinzz jumps off the turnbuckle and lands in the ring. He starts digging through the piles of merchandise left in the ring, looking for something. Marcus starts getting back up to his feet and back into the ring just as Spinzz finds a cowboy had among the merch. As Spinzz is trying it on Marcus gets back in the ring behind him and is looking to sneak up on him from behind…. SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Spinzz hits the superkick from out of nowhere! sending Marcus back out of the ring. The crowd pops big for Shawn Michaels signature move. Spinzz is standing in the ring, cowboy hat and all looking down at his opponent.

    Spinzz: But don’t for a second think that I am a fool. I’ve played mind games for longer than you’ve been active in this industry kiddo. This ain’t the first time I’ve traded mental barbs with your “mistress”, nor will it be the last. So mock me as much as you want, but know this: If you do, I will kick your teeth straight down your throat. And go Brokeback Mountain on your ass!

    The fans start chanting “Brokeback Mountain” as Spinzz and Marcus stare each other down.
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  8. OOC: good match dude had a lot of fun
  9. OOC: So I'm confused, are we dogs or cats? :idk:

    Nice to finally see the debut of Spinzz. Had me smiling thats for sure, but Marcus made me lol at one point ( and the kids are sleeping, so thanks for that :happy:). Entertaining match, two very different styles, I just like the darker side myself. Not sure if the gay thing was a counter or true to character though :notsure:
  10. Your winner by 5 votes to 2... Marcus Anthony!
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    Marcus looks over Spinzz, taunting him, before the referee goes to raise his hand. As Marcus faces the crowd, Aids Johnson slides into the ring behind him, causing the crowd to pop loudly. Marcus turns to see what it is, and is unable to duck under a brass knuckle right hand from Aids, busting him open.

    Aids grabs Marcus, throwing him over the ropes, before spending a few seconds at the turnbuckle yelling out and beating his chest, as the crowd continues to pop. As Aids moves outside of the ring to continue the beating, Marcus gives Aids a low blow, and begins giving knees to Aids face, causing blood to stain around his mouth and nose. After a few more knee's, Aids gets a block on the leg, twisting it and putting Marcus back on the ground momentarily, giving Aids another chance to begin delivering punches on a downed Marcus.

    They continue to attempt to one up one another, punching each other in the face and trading blows to the ribs. Aids gives Marcus another hard right, before he looks towards the entrance, anticipating The Order to come out to aid their teammate. Marcus begins to get up, and Aids jumps over the barrier in towards the crowd with Marcus following close behind.

    They continue their way up into the crowd, before an unknown man in a Relevant t-shirt smashes his beer bottle over the head of Marcus, causing him to turn and deliver a punch to the face of the fan, knocking him down bleeding from the nose. He begins to chase Aids again, but Aids once again hits Marcus with a strong right while wearing the brass knuckles, knocking Marcus down to the ground while blood runs down into his eyes.

    Aids drags him to his feet, before walking up a set of stairs in the fan deck area, taunting Marcus, who is clearly fatigued from the fight he has just finished, as well as the two shots with the brass to his face. Aids picks Marcus up, and points down 5-8 feet at a table, which has food and beer for the crew members. He pulls Marcus in, and gives him a crucifix powerbomb onto the table below as the fans cheer and scream over the carnage left below. Aids wipes the blood from his face, before walking down the stairs to where Marcus is, grabbing two of the beers. Aids cheers the two beers, pouring the first one on Marcus, and slaming the second one with a crooked smile on his face.

    As he finishes his can, The Order's theme plays, and Aids immediately takes off running towards the backstage area through the fans, who are all cheering and chanting *holy shit* as the members of The Order run down to attend to Marcus.

    OOC: not great quality, my bad on that.
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  12. 7 votes!?! Thats it? WTF!? laaaaaaaaame
  13. OOC: I liked it!
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  14. Blame the people who didn't vote. Pathetic turnout for a good match.

    I think the issue is all these dark matches. No more dark matches while official matches are going on, takes away from them.
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