Voting EC Qualifier - Victoria Parker vs Chris Kaizer

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Victoria Parker

  2. Chris Kaizer

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    the winner of the match will be entered
    into the World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. *Sir Lee watches from his TV, Donald Trump is over as they eat crumpets and tea*

    Sir Lee: God, I hope Parker used that money I gave her after her tag match to buy some hot clothes, maybe some Velvet Sky attire.

    Trump: As long as she doesn't look like a prostitute, prostitutes kill profits, I know from experience! Lovely crumpets by the way, maybe I should market these in America and huge PROFITS!

    Sir Lee: Yeah sure, go for it, you guys deserve them, we'll get Tebow and Bruce Knight to advertise them.

    *They shake hands*
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  3. Show Spoiler
    I assume my opponent wants me to go first. I'll have my promo posted by the end of the night.
  4. OOC- Oh yeah, sorry about that. Saw this earlier and didn't come back to say anything.

  5. Victoria makes her way down to the ring, getting a mic at the bottom of the ramp and getting into the ring.

    Announcer1: The last time we saw Victoria, she won her match against two members of The Order but suffered a nasty beating from her former tag team partner Dat Kid.
    Announcer2: That was so disrespectful! No one should do that to a two time IWT Champion. Let's see what she has to say tonight during her match against Chris Kaizer.

    Victoria stands in the center of the ring, waiting for some of the boos to subside before she starts to speak. "What an interesting turn my career has taken. Back when I was your IWT Champion, I was laughing at those in the dark matches and those that had to settle for qualifying matches to get the titles they wanted. After everything that's happened, this is where I've ended up. Being in the asylum changes you - it makes you think mainly of survival and escape. My anger and desire to be champion again consumed me to the point where I did blow up that asylum, taking all of the staff with it. I felt the stress lifted off of my shoulders because at that point I was free. I went into my match with Aids wanting to show everyone that just because I was in the asylum didn't mean I'd lose again...but, I was wrong. Despite my best efforts and going into sudden death, I still couldn't get to Aids. There was too much at stake and too much history there. The story was dark and beautiful, but in the end it gave me the strength I needed to say enough was enough and move on to something new."

    Victoria's hands are seen in fists as she tries to maintain her composure. "Of course, the outcome could have been so different if The Order hadn't interfered. I had plans for Aids' family - a plan some of you would have liked, and a plan some would have been disgusted by. Either way it was MY plan to see through and they ruined it. Thankfully I got some of my revenge in my dark match, but Alias and Britanica will also get what's coming to them. Their lair is gone and soon everything they know will be broken!"

    Victoria takes a deep breath and continues. "My match and objective tonight is simple. This match will be won by yours truly. I've faced against the very best of this company and Chris Kaizer is about to face off against one of the best IWT Champions of all time. Kaizer's last match was full of sarcasm and blatant African American stereotypes, so I hope he has a lot more planned for his match against me. Disrespectful stereotypes and shots against women won't work against me as I've proven that time and time again against various opponents. Chris, if you want to be World Heavyweight Champion then bring something close to an A-game and see if you have what it takes to defeat me. The crazy might be bottled up at the moment, but you should still make your way out here so I can show you what a real champion looks like."
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  6. *Cole is watching backstage*
    Cole: HEY! Victoria Peach is Back!
    OOC: #VictoriaPeach
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    Chris Kaizer walks out with a big smile. He walks down to the ring mouthing words that can't be made out.

    Wow, first of all, my last match ended in a DQ against a crazy man. Now in this match, I am facing a murderous,disillusional,crazy bitch. Now, I'm not going to insult you using very sexist jokes, that's isn't right at all. All I want to do is point out, you killed 2 people and you also blew up a fucking asylum. A FUCKING ASYLUM! And Jonathan thought it was a good idea to let you back in? What is this? Manson Family Wrestling? Where the Big Time Murderers Play?

    He runs his hand through his hair

    Why do I always get booked against crazy people? Roadster,Victoria,Alias,fuck it even Farooq was crazy in his own way. Now, I feel bad for you Victoria, you have been through a lot. You got the shit beat out of you by Dat Kid, not the first time she was probably beat up by a black man. You went crazy because you couldn't get the job done. Which brings me to another thing, why the hell are you getting a shot at the WHC? You had what? 5 matches against Aids and you couldn't hold or win the title? Can anyone just get a shot at the title from out of no where? Can someone like Johnny B. Cool come in, win 2 matches and get thrown into a IWT Champion EC qualifier match? What is this? WWE?

    The crowd starts to chant for Joey Bryant.

    Okay, one sec Victoria, I know you like a lot of attention, but I got to address this. Shut the fuck up. I have had enough you illiterate fans chanting for someone else who couldn't get the job done. Just like VP. You know, if that was me facing Aids as many times as VP and Joey, I would be the IWT Champion. Joey couldn't do it, so now he is with Dat Kid and his gang of morons. He is getting another chance though, why? He can't get it done! Just like you VP.

    Kaizer mouths the words "wow"

    You two are really alike. Besides the fact you blew up an asylum and killed 2 people. He is getting a shot at the top title while you are sitting here facing the future of this company to try and get into the WHC EC match. You two are very alike. Victoria, you are a new type of species. I don't even know what. The best way to describe you is...crazy murderous let down bitch. You say I am about to see what a real champion looks like. A real champion doesn't get 5 matches for the IWT Champion and come out with nothing! A real champion doesn't kill people for god's sake! Maybe you! Should bring your A-game.
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  8. Victoria Parker vs Chris Kaizer*
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  9. #DatKid4GM
  10. Keep thinking BZ is BJ. FFS.

    Sorry :lol1:
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  11. Yeah he changed his gimmick name
  12. Ya know, like...3 months ago.
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  13. Brita hack your account?
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  14. SWERVE Jono is Brita :russo:
  15. Double swerve, they're actually both Jeff from EBW.:mog:
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  16. Victoria walks up to Chris with a crazed look in her eye and slaps him across the face several times. "How DARE you try to demean me in front of the entire IWT. Do you KNOW who the hell you're talking to?! You just said exactly why you shouldn't mess with someone like me. I blew up an asylum and killed several people for goodness sake! No wonder you're still stuck in the midcard facing off against others, never getting a title shot like you think you deserve. You obviously don't have an off-switch and don't know when the hell to shut up! Mediocrity and stupidity just oozes off of you like a sick and twisted poison. You can't expect to advance anywhere in this company when you run your mouth off like you just did in front of those who are so much better than you are."

    Victoria starts to pace the ring. "Why did Jonathan let me back here and give me countless IWT title shots? Because, frankly, I'm great entertainment. People love to witness a great trainwreck. And what's a better story than the IWT's first female champion losing her mind, and showing the world why exactly she's as dangerous as she says she is. Not only that, but the story was action packed! Everyone got a first row seat to seeing an asylum actually get blown up! You do not get to see that everyday."

    Victoria smiles darkly and decides to sit on the ropes, looking directly at Chris. "You see, there's no one even with a set of balls in the back or out here in this ring who's willing to do whatever it takes to win. The Joey Bryants of the IWT you think you can compare me to couldn't and wouldn't do the things I have. I may have been unsuccessful getting the IWT Title back from Aids Johnson, but don't make the mistake that this is the last you'll be seeing me there. There are other titles and other wrestlers to destroy and torture in the meantime. I have the World Heavyweight Championship in my sights now. That title has been riddled with disappointment...champion after champion that have not defended it enough and have simply left it to fall to the wayside, letting it fall into mediocrity. There's a desperate need for a champion of my caliber to take it over and have it stand for something again. This isn't a time for the company to take a chance on someone like you who has no real experience. Now, having me as the champion? Now that makes perfect sense.

    Victoria looks off into the distance with a dreamy look in her eye. "Victoria Parker, World Heavyweight Champion...that has a great ring to it don't you think?"
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