ECW 2001 : "Pretty F*cked Up"

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    ECW 2001 "Pretty F*cked Up"


    What You Need To Know

    Hello to all of you, if you haven't realised by the vulgar title and the banner above my first Be The Booker project on this forum will be ECW. More specifically, the end of ECW. Why did I decide to pick this era of wrestling above all else? Am I huge mark for cocaine induced balcony dives? Do I pop for flaming tables? Do I love Steve Corino so much that it hurts? No, no and yes. The main reason why I picked this project was to make it stand out from others in this section and as well as that, I always thought that the end of ECW's run was piss poor. Now, it's time to put up or shut up when I enter the world of extreme trying to save the dying ship in its final hour!
    The schedule will include a single one hour show per week (ECW On TNN, in an imaginary universe where ECW didn't get cut by TNN so that they could show WWE) as well as Pay Per Views every second month. I don't see the point in having a 3 hour Pay Per View every month when I'm only using 4 hours worth of shows to build it. Hopefully, long gaps in between Pay Per Views will help towards a more focused booking style and less last minute/pointless feuds. Then again, TNA has four Pay Per Views per year and still screw up so who knows?
    I'm assuming that the majority of you know what ECW was and watched a few of the TNN episodes. If not, ECW provided a more edgy version of professional wrestling. The line of kayfabe and shoot sometimes blurred in ECW and I'm hoping that I'll be able to do that without going all Russo on it. As for the wrestling style, it would wrong for me to go against ECW's roots so there will be a hardcore element to the shows (more notably Pay Per Views), but I also want to build up a strong wrestling division as ECW had a lot of good workers that never got to come out of their shell under the banner of extreme. That doesn't mean that I'm gonna rip half of the ROH roster from 2003-2004 or steal a shitload of WCW talent when they become free in two months time, but I'll be looking for anyone who can help make this BTB better.
    I'm asking for a bit of leeway from you guys (especially in the beginning) as I try to make this company my own. Also, ECW had so many fucking stupid elements of it that I feel it's best just to ignore them e.g. Blue Boy, Lou E Dangerously and that weird guy with white gloves who used to announce Simon Diamond.

    Now, it's time to get EXTREME!

    CW Anderson (Heel)
    Chris Chetti (Face)
    Steve Corino (Heel)
    Super Crazy (Face)
    Justin Credible (Heel)
    Bryan Danielson (Face)
    Julio Dinero (Heel)
    Simon Diamond (Heel)
    Danny Doring (Face)
    Tommy Dreamer (Face)
    Little Guido (Heel)
    Chris Hamrick (Heel)
    Jerry Lynn (Heel)
    Balls Mahoney (Face)
    Tony Mamaluke (Heel)
    Joey Matthews (Face)
    The Blue Meanie (Heel)
    Kid Kash (Face)
    EZ Money (Heel)
    Nova (Face)
    Rhino (????)
    Amish Roadkill (Face)
    The Sandman (Face)
    Johnny Swinger (Heel)
    Yoshihiro Tajiri (Face)
    Rob Van Dam (Face)
    Mikey Whipwreck (Face)
    Christian York (Face)

    Cyrus The Virus (The Network)
    Jasmine St. Claire (The Blue Meanie)
    Jack Victory (Steve Corino)
    Francine (Steve Corino)
    Dawn Marie (Johnny Swinger)
    Sal E. Graziano (Full Blooded Italians)

    Tag Teams
    The Unholy Alliance (Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri) w/ The Sinister Minister
    Chris Chetti and Nova
    Super Crazy and Kid Kash
    Hot Commodity (EZ Money and Julio Dinero)
    Simon and Swinger (Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger) w/ Dawn Marie
    Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill
    Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke)
    Joey Matthews and Christian York

    The Network (Cyrus The Virus, Jerry Lynn)

    ECW World Heavyweight Champion - Steve Corino
    ECW Television Champion - Rhino
    ECW Tag Team Champions - The Unholy Alliance
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    Notes going into this Pay Per View:
    -Rhyno has been out since being mugged at the last Pay Per View (November 2 Remember) and hasn't been seen since by anyone though he's a Network member.
    -Rob Van Dam is three weeks back from a broken leg.
    -Jerry Lynn recently turned heel attacking Rob Van Dam on his return.
    -Simon Diamond has booked air time.
    -The Sandman has stolen Steve Corino's title, it will be up for grabs tonight in a 3 way Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Caines match between Corino, Sandman and Justin Credible.

    On what would be ECW's final Pay Per View, the vision of extreme starts its redefinition tonight! A card that resembled one of the weakest hours in ECW's history serves as the catalyst for my project. High spots, weapons and a change or two will rock the foundation of extreme. If trying to bring life to something that was already dead is a crime, well then I'm Guilty As Charged!

    Dark Match : Christopher Daniels vs. Balls Mahoney
    Daniels worked heel as Mahoney won with a chair shot to the head.
    Winner : Balls Mahoney


    Before the show begins, we see a clip of ECW World Heavyweight Champion Steve Corino walking around the arena with Jack Victory by his side still missing his title. Victory is dressed up heavily with a tissue in hand. His face is very pale, but his eyes and nose are ruby red. It seems as though he's came down with something. Corino's walking up to the ring crew frantically asking if anyone's seen Rhino, but no one has.

    "This fat ugly wildebeast better show up or else I'm dead meat!" - Steve Corino.



    After a backstage sneak attack at November 2 Remember left Rhyno out for a month, "The Man Beast" returns tonight.

    The show opens with Styles and Joel Gertner standing in the ring giving their typical ECW PPV introduction in front of a packed Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC.

    "In a company where nobody is innocent ... Tonight, we are ALL Guilty As Charged! My name is Joey Styles alongside Joel Gertner." - Joey Styles.

    Joey goes through his usual shtick and signals for Joel to talk, but Jerry Lynn comes out with Cyrus representing The Network. Lynn leads the way by grabbing Joey's microphone and shoving him to the floor.

    "This isn't your spot anymore, fellas. Get out of my ring!" - Jerry Lynn.

    "You heard the man, poindexter. You better listen to him, he's the NEW F'ing Show!" - Cyrus.

    Joey goes to leave the ring, but Joel still stands in the ring (standing with a dirty grin on his face).

    "Hello, everyone and welcome to ECW Guilty As Charged! I am Cyrus, a representative of TNN and The Network. I hope you're excited because you're in the presence of a superstar, a showman and a wrestling god! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to MR. PAY PER VIEW, JERRY LYNN!" - Cyrus.

    Jerry Lynn poses with his trademark devil horns as a sea of boos can be heard from the crowd. A "You Sold Out" chant echoes throughout the arena at Jerry who starts screaming at fans. Cyrus until he realises that Joel is still in the ring leaning against a turnbuckle and looking unimpressed with the pair of Cyrus and Jerry.

    "Hold on, what's this fat sack of shit still doing here? Are you hard of hearing, Joel? Jerry told you to beat it and unless you want to get your ass kicked up and down this ring by both of us, I suggest that you move your fat ass NOW!" - Cyrus.
    "Well ... Well ... Well ... With all due respect, Cyrus - I haven't gotten my shit in ... And I'm willing to bet that these people would much rather hear Joey Styles and I do our jobs than have another Network circle jerk on Pay Per View! Don't we get enough of that on TNN? Let me get my shtick in and you can whatever the hell that you want." - Joel Gertner.

    The crowd pop hugely for Joel's remarks about The Network. Jerry immediately rushes over to Joel and grabs him by the throat waiting for the signal from Cyrus to decimate him. Cyrus laughs hysterically as Joel struggles to breathe.

    "Oh really, Joel? Do you think that these people would like to see The New F'ing Show pop you like the fat balloon that you are? Be careful, Jerry. If you set him off he'll end up on the West Coast highway within the next hour! I can't deal with anymore lawsuits." - Cyrus.

    Joel holds up the mic to his mouth. He quivers from Jerry's hand being on his neck and puts the mic up to his mouth.

    "Tell him to hit me, Cyrus, I dare you" - Joel Gertner.

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    ECW ON TNN : 12th of January, 2001
    "The Backlash Of Guilty As Charged"
    Dark Match - Bryan Danielson vs. Little Guido
    Guido pulled off the win after Sale E Graziano interfered. Danielson springboarded onto the FBI after the match and left the ring with a bow.


    The show starts with Joey Styles and Cyrus on commentary. Cyrus is a nervous wreck checking his back every so often, Joey is getting a good kick out of it.
    "Live from the Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio .... This is Extreme Championship Wrestling! I'm Joey Styles alongside my broadcast partner who seems to be in the middle of a nervous breakdown, Cyrus." - Joey Styles.

    "What are you talking about, Joey Styles? I fear no man in ECW, especially with The Network behind my back." - Cyrus.

    "Not even 'The Man Beast' Rhino?" - Joey Styles.

    "Rhino and I are just fine. He might want Corino and the gold, but that's none of my business." - Cyrus.

    "None of your business? How is it none of your business? Both men were hand chosen by you to be the future world champions of this company! And now you've got Jerry Lynn scratching your back as well, I'm sure that he wants some of the action too." - Joey Styles.

    "I'm going to steal a phrase from a close personal friend of mine - Joey Styles, shut your mouth and know your role ... Jabroni!" - Cyrus.

    "A close personal friend? Give me a break. Tonight, Rhino has requested air time to call out Steve Corino. What are you going to do?" - Joey Styles.

    "I will reveal everything all in good time, Joey Styles. All in good time." - Cyrus.


    The first match of the night is Joey Matthews vs. Angel of Da Baldies who has accepted Matthews' challenge for tonight and promised to come out alone. Da Baldies left Matthews' tag team partner, Christian York, stretchered out of the Hammerstein Ballroom at after their opening contest at Guilty As Charged. Matthews is pissed and has specified that things will get "extreme".
    Match #1 - Joey Matthews vs. Angel
    The match starts with a push from Angel to Matthews, but Matthews is having none of it. He hits Angel with a few heavy elbow shots before bouncing off the ropes sending himself and Angel crashing to the floor outside with a big cross body. Matthews reaches under the ring and picks up a kendo stick, he starts going wild with the stick beating the much bigger man, Angel. Matthews, then, gets a chair and lines it up against Angel's knee who's in the process of getting back up. Matthews runs to the opposite barrier and comes charging at Angel with a huge dropkick to the chair chopping the big man down to size.
    Matthews climbs back into the ring and taunts for the fans. He's on fire tonight. Matthews waits for Angel to try to get up again while stomping his feet on the mat for the crowd to join in. The arena begins to erupt as Matthews dives through the top and middle rope only to be met face first by a steel chair which Angel had held up. Angel picks Matthews up and rolls him into the ring
    Angel, who usually doesn't wrestle, is exhausted by the match and calls for Tony DeVito and Vito LoGrasso to come down to the ring. They come running down, DeVito has a kendo stick and LoGrasso has a chair, but they are stopped by the referee. The ref holds back Tony DeVito, but LoGrasso makes his way past the referee and into the ring with his steel chair in hand. LoGrasso tells Angel to pick up Matthews for a chair shot which Angel does. Matthews is held with his hands behind his back helpless as LoGrasso sizes him up. Vito comes running, but Matthews hits Angel with a low blow using his heel setting himself free. He rolls to the floor as Vito comes charging with the chair only to crack Angel right on the noggin.
    Matthews drop kicks LoGrasso to the outside and calls for the referee as he makes the cover on Angel. 1 ... 2 ... 3! Matthews wins!

    Winner ; Joey Matthews by pinfall (7:35)
    "Joey Matthews takes the victory, what a big upset for this young 21 year old from Fairfax, Virginia. But, wait ... There's Tony DeVito in the ring with a singapore caine!" - Joey Styles.

    Joey Matthews gets up to celebrate, but is whacked from behind with a caine by Tony DeVito. DeVito calls for LoGrasso's assistance and they tie Matthews up in the ropes. They begin taking turns caining him as Matthews screams in pain while welt marks form on his skin from the caine shots. A small bit of blood can be seen pouring from his chest as they let him fall onto the mat. Angel gets back up and gets on top of Matthews screaming in his face.
    "We fucked up your boyfriend and you can't do nothin' about it. Capéshe? You do not fuck with Da Baldies, kid. Do it again and it'll be your life!" - Angel.

    Da Baldies leave the ring in unison, Angel spits on Matthews' chest as he walks away.

    "Those damn Baldies have done it again! The fact is that they can't beat Matthews and York in the ring so they're taking out their frustrations afterwards when Matthews and York are defenceless. That makes them cowards in my book!" - Joey Styles.

    "You can say all that, but who's had the last laugh every single time? Da Baldies. They are bad men, Joey Styles, be careful what you say about them." - Cyrus.

    "I'm sorry that I can't just turn a blind eye to the things that happen on your show like you, Cyrus. The Damn Baldies are a bunch of street thugs with no business inside a wrestling ring, they proved that tonight." - Joey Styles.


    A vignette plays in black and white like an old school camera. It counts down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! And we see what we think is an empty locker room, but there's a figure in the corner turnt away from us with a towel on his head. He sits still in the darkness for a moment and then jolts up slightly. We think he's going to take the towel off of his head and turn around , but he doesn't. All he does is wipe the back of his.

    At Living Dangerously, An Old Friend Returns.
    To order ECW Living Dangerously Live on Pay Per View, contact your local listings.


    Justin Credible came up short in the ECW World Heavyweight Championship match at Guilty As Charged after being turned on by Francine. He seems to not have his usual swagger about him, as if he's missing something. Nova isn't a regular for ECW On TNN.

    Match #2 - Justin Credible vs. Nova
    Both men lock up and Nova flings Credible with an arm drag across the ring. Credible tells Nova that he's in no humour for Nova's shtick. They lock up again and Nova catches Credible again with the arm drag. They lock up again and Credible hits him right in the gut. He gets on top of Nova and starts whaling on him with closed fists. He, then, starts choking Nova. The referee tries to pull Credible off, but can't. He issues a five count and Credible won't let go. He issues another five count and Credible still won't let go. The referee disqualifies Justin Credible, your winner by DQ is Nova.

    Winner ; Nova by disqualification (3:24)
    Credible leaves to the outside as Nova's hand is getting raised and returns with a Singapore caine in hand. He attacks Nova first and then, the referee for good measure. He walks out of the arena in a foul humour.


    We go backstage to see Steve Corino in his locker room with Jack Victory and Francine (who is still within a neck brace). Corino isn't his usual self, he's pissed off and spitting venom about his current situation.

    "That ugly, fat hippo thinks that what he did on Sunday was tough, doesn't he? He thinks that he whooped my ass! Rhino didn't whoop my ass, he attacked me when I wasn't 100% and I'm not gonna forget about that!" - Steve Corino.

    "What are you gonna do, boss?" - Jack Victory.

    "I don't know! It doesn't matter! He puts his hands on the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, the people's ECW World Heavyweight Champion and he thinks that he can get away with that? I don't care what kind of tough guy that he thinks he is - I've beaten The Sandman, I've beaten Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn, CW Anderson, the list goes on and on and now Rhino has decided he wants to be on that list? Why? Because he thinks that I took him out! I didn't!" - Steve Corino.

    "But, you're the obvious suspect. He got attacked the night that you won the belt." - Jack Victory.

    Corino becomes increasingly pissed off the more that he talks about his situation.

    "Cyrus knew exactly what he was doing that night, it's not my fault! I'm sick of being a patsy for The Network, I'm a world champion for Christ's sake! Like, how can Cyrus let Rhino get away with this? Does Rhino think that he can put me through a table and get away with it?!?! And he put Francine in a god damn neck brace for Christs' sake!!! This is totally irresponsible booking, I'm not having it anymore! Isn't that right, Francine?" - Steve Corino.

    The camera points to Francine who tries to move her head, but can't. Depressed by this, she goes into a slouched state.

    "Yikes!" - Steve Corino.

    "So, what are you saying, Steve? That we leave The Network or what?" - Jack Victory.

    "Maybe I am, Jack, maybe I am. What's Cyrus done for us lately? I didn't get any help from him on Sunday, I got it from you guys and I could done it for myself if that blue sack of shit didn't interfere. Maybe it's time that The King Of Old School stops living in someone else's shadow!" - Steve Corino.

    "Really? Are you sure that this is a good idea?" - Jack Victory.

    "Are you doubting me, Jack? Are you doubting your ECW World Heavyweight Champion?" - Steve Corino.

    "Well, umm, no, I guess. Does this mean that you want me out there tonight with you?" - Jack Victory.

    "I think I've got it covered, stay behind and make sure Francine's alright. You guys haven't got a set between you anyways!" - Steve Corino.

    "Alright. Good luck!" - Jack Victory.

    "I don't need luck when I have this gold belt around my waist! Oh, Francine, you better start with those exercises that the doctor gave you when I'm gone. Broken jaw or not, I still want the full extent of your services tonight!" - Steve Corino.

    Francine tries to nod again, but can't. Corino leaves the two of them with a dirty grin on his face, laughing as he walks off.

    The feed comes back to Cyrus and Joey Styles on commentary. Cyrus is furious and shooting into his headset.

    "Who does that little punk think he is, huh? He'll leave The Network? You don't get to leave The Network! He's lucky that I haven't kicked his sorry ass out yet! Nobody turns their back on The Network, absolutely nobody!" - Cyrus.

    Joey Styles watches Cyrus vent with a smile on his face, he's over the moon watching Cyrus gasp for air. He giggles and then makes a statement.

    "Except Rhino, Yoshihiro Tajiri and soon to be Steve Corino, Jack Victory and Francine!" - Joey Styles.

    "I've had it up to here with you, you little shit!" - Cyrus.
    Cyrus tackles Joey Styles to the floor and they roll around for a few seconds until the feed breaks for a brief 30 second period before coming back onto the air. Cyrus and Joey are back in their seats trying to remain calm, but tension can be felt between them. Cyrus puts on a cheesy fake smile.


    "And speaking of no good, overated and overpaid workers here in this company - we've got Rob Van Dam live via Sateillite from some guys basement where he's probably breaking all kinds of rules in our wellness policy." - Cyrus.

    "I'll take it from here, Cyrus, we wouldn't want a biast interview now, would we?" - Joey Styles.

    "Me, biast? How dare you, Joey Styles!" - Cyrus.

    We see Rob Van Dam sitting at home in Battle Creek, Michigan. His trademark smile isn't there, but replaced with a bitter gaze. Joey begins to interview Rob.

    "Hey Rob, how's everything been since Guilty As Charged?" - Joey Styles.

    "It's not great, Joey. My neck's still stiff from Jerry Lynn, but I'm the Whole F*cking Show and even Cyrus knows that he had to put me on here to get his precious ratings." - Rob Van Dam.

    "I couldn't agree more with you, Rob. More specifically, how's your neck holding up?" - Joey Styles.

    "Well, I talked to a doctor this week and he said that it's not as bad as it could have been, but there's definitely some small problems. So congrats, Jerry, you couldn't even take me out when I was practically unconcious. Like I said, it's stiff now, but I know that it's getting better. And I know that in three weeks time, I'll be the man that Jerry Lynn wishes he could be and the man that Cyrus wishes he had - "The Whole F*cking Show" Rob Van Dam!" - Rob Van Dam.
    "That's great news, Rob. Especially since Cyrus hasn't punished Jerry for his conduct anyways." - Joey Styles.

    "Actually, Joey. Is Cyrus there? I have a message for him." - Rob Van Dam.

    Joey turns to Cyrus who signals for Joey to not drag him into the conversation.

    "Why yes, he is, Rob. Do you have anything to say to him?" - Joey Styles.

    "You're god damn right I do! Cyrus, let me know you're there, you coward. Stop making Styles carry you in the booth, we all know that you've got the likability of the clap, but that's not his problem." - Rob Van Dam.

    "Why hello, Rob." - Cyrus.

    "Hello to you too, motherf*cker. I haven't forgotten about what happened on Sunday and I know that you were involved, but I've got a proposition for you." - Rob Van Dam.

    "Go on ..." - Cyrus.

    "Well, if you were a responsible and job worthy Network representative you would have suspended Jerry Lynn for what he done to me at Guilty As Charged. As well as that, you would have suspended Rhino for violently attacking Francine on Pay Per View. Both men tried to take out contracted employees and make sure that I couldn't wrestle again. In my eyes, that's not you doing for your job. Now, I know that you're not gonna suspend those guys because they're "good for business", but I'll be damned if I'm not getting compensated for my f*cked up neck!" - Rob Van Dam.

    Cyrus begins to panic after hearing Rob speak.

    "Are you going to sue me, Rob? Please, no, I'll give you anything!" - Cyrus.

    "Don't worry, jackass, there won't be any suing as long as I get my way." - Rob Van Dam.

    "What do you want from me?" - Cyrus.

    "I'm glad that you asked. I want Jerry Lynn at Living Dangerously and I want him in a match of my choosing! I'm gonna end him right then and there before I move on to your corporate champion whethere that's Rhino or Steve Corino. I don't care who it is! Can you give that to me, Cyrus?" - Rob Van Dam.

    Cyrus begins to loosen his collar as sweat drips down from his cheeks onto his shirt.

    "What's the stipulation, Rob?" - Cyrus.

    "None of your business!" - Rob Van Dam.

    "I need to know." - Cyrus.

    "No, you don't! And if I don't get this match, it's on your head. Now, do we have a deal?" - Rob Van Dam.

    "Umm, uuh, no. I mean, yes! Yes! Fine! Fine! But you can't sue me if you lose?" - Cyrus.

    "Deal! I was never going to sue you in the first place haha. See you later, Joey. Cyrus, have fun wiping the sweat from Jerry Lynn's ballsack! I'm out!" - Rob Van Dam.

    RVD's connection ends as Cyrus just realises that he's been blackmailed by Rob Van Dam. Joey Styles watches on with glee.

    "Well, it's not been the first time that we've been threatened to go to court ... and it won't be the last! Here's your final match of the night - a four way for a shot at Rhino's ECW World Television title in two weeks right here on TNN!" - Joey Styles.

    Match #3 - Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. Kid Kash vs. Simon Diamond vs. Super CrazyThe match starts off with Kid Kash and Tajiri in ring as Simon dodges out of starting the match. Tajiri and Kash lock up, but Tajiri quickly turns it into a striking contest which Kash cannot match him in. Tajiri swings for a kick, but Kash hops over and bounces off of the middle rope for a Cutter sending Tajiri to the mat.
    Tajiri rolls out of the ring and Super Crazy enters amped up as ever. The two men who were partners last Sunday at Guilty As Charged are now beating the snot out of each other. Kash goes for the Money Maker, but Super Crazy reverses with a backdrop and hits a standing moonsault. 1, 2 ... Kash kicks out!
    Tajiri tries to get back in the ring, but is stopped by the referee. This allows Simon Diamond to enter, throw out Super Crazy and pick up the pieces of Kid Kash. He picks him up for the Simonizer, but Kash reverses into a roll up. The referee turns around. 1, 2 - Diamond kicks out! Kash sets Simon up for the Money Maker, but can't lift him. He smacks Simon on the back a few times to keep him down and ascends to the top rope waiting for Simon to turn around. Kid Kash leaps towards Simon, but is met with a superkick that knocks him against the ropes and back into Simon for the Simonizer! 1, 2 - 3! Kid Kash has been eliminated.
    Simon Diamond spills out to the floor as Tajiri and Super Crazy enter the ring. They begin to mat wrestle for a minute or two, but Super Crazy is getting the better of Tajiri. Tajiri gets in the corner and Super Crazy charges at him with his knees up. Tajiri gets out of the way, Crazy hits the turnbuckles and then Tajiri locks in the Tarantula. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Tajiri breaks the hold. Crazy crawls to the other side of the ring, but Tajiri pulls him right back into the center. He lines up the Buzzsaw Kick, but misses as Crazy ducks and rolls away. Crazy charges at Tajiri and nails him with a big crossbody. 1, 2 - Tajiri kicks out. Super Crazy lies him on his back and climbs up for a huge moonsault which he lands. 1, 2 - Tajiri kicks out again! Super Crazy picks him up and hits the Crazy Bomb! 1, 2, 3! Yoshihiro Tajiri as been eliminated! It's down to Super Crazy and Simon Diamond.
    Simon Diamond rolls into the ring and both men stare each other down. Simon offers for a handshake, which Crazy accepts only to be run over with a big clothesline. Simon keeps Crazy down and clubs him with forearm shots to the back of the head perhaps setting up another Simonizer. Simon picks Crazy up in an electric chair position and tries to drop him into the turnbuckle, but Crazy won't let go. Reverse Frankensteiner! 1, 2 - Simon Diamond got his foot on the bottom rope. Crazy picks up Simon and goes for another Crazy Bomb, but can't lift up Simon. He goes for a spinning DDT, but Simon pushes him off. Crazy is on his knees and Simon hits him with a big superkick. Simon picks him up and hits the Simonizer! 1, 2 - Crazy kicks out! Simon Diamond is shocked, he argues with the referee, but it stands as a two count. Simon picks Crazy up for a powerbomb, but Crazy reverses it into a sunset flip - 1, 2 - Simon kicks out just in the nick of time! Simon props himself up against the corner, but Crazy charges at him with a big dropkick sending him face first into the canvas. Crazy heads to the top rope for another moonsault. He soars towards Simon, but Simon gets his knees up. Crazy is struggling for breath as Simon picks him up and plants him with an inverted STO. Simon, then, locks in a Koji Clutch. Crazy tries to break the hold, but he can't. He moves left, he moves right, there's nowhere to go. Super Crazy taps out! Simon Diamond will face Rhino in two week's time for the TV title.

    Winner ; Simon Diamond by submission (14:17)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    "Simon Diamond has done it! I always saw potential in Simon, if I'm being honest. What a class act!" - Cyrus.
    "Oh, give it a break!" - Joey Styles.

    Simon starts to celebrate in the ring. He signals the belt around his waist and taunts on the top rope until ...

  4. ECW.COM : After The Bell
    *Do not read unless you have finished 12/1/01 Episode*

    We see a young Gabe Sapolsky staring at the camera while walking around the back of the Hara Arena with a goofy stare on his face as he's looking down at the camera.

    "Okay, we're gonna try and get a word in with Justin Credible after his disqualification loss to Nova moments ago." - Gabe Sapolsky

    Gabe walks through the halls and into Justin Credible's locker room as he's taking off his boots in an almost lifeless state. He knocks on the door and walks in. He's very timid, not trying to set off Justin Credible.

    "Hey, Justin. Can we get a statement about your match tonight with Nova for the website?" - Gabe Sapolsky.
    "What? ... Oh! Umm, sure. Sit down." - Justin Credible.
    Gabe sits close to Justin pointing the camera in his face.

    "So, what happened tonight, Justin?" - Gabe Sapolsky.

    "Well, I lost ... And I shouldn't have. I did some things after that, umm, I'm not particularly prove of." - Justin Credible.

    "What was going through your mind when you attacked Nova and ECW official, John Finnegan?" - Gabe Sapolsky.
    "I don't know, that's the thing. It's just an impulse. I'm friends with Nova and I've never had a problem with John Finnegan before tonight, but I just snapped. Everything was getting under my skin out there. Nova, the crowd, just where I am in this company in general isn't a good look for me and I think a combination of that came out tonight. It's something that I'm not proud of and it's something that I'll have to live with, but hey, that's what it's like being the bad guy. Right?" - Justin Credible.

    "Have you ever thought of a fresh start?" - Gabe Sapolsky.
    "A fresh start? It's not that easy." - Justin Credible.
    "Why not? Francine's gone, if there ever was a time for a change, it's now." - Gabe Sapolsky.

    "Hmm ... I never really thought about it like that. I've always been the bad guy, I've always been a dick, that's Justin Credible. That's me. I don't know if I have it in me to be a hero. You know?" - Justin Credible.
    "Well, why not? The guy that I'm taking to right now is as admiral as they come." - Gabe Sapolsky.
    "You think?" - Justin Credible.

    "Yeah, you've admitted to me, yourself and the ECW fanbase that you're not what everyone thinks you are. It takes a real man to accept his faults. Maybe you're not as bad as you think you are, maybe you're .... Good?" - Gabe Sapolsky.
    "... Maybe you're right. Wow! That's, ehh, something to think about. Thanks, Gabe!" - Justin Credible.

    Justin Credible leaves the room without saying his catchphrase, Gabe is confused. The camera turns off.
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