Edge reacts to HHH's promo

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  1. As PWMania.com has reported, the final segment on WWE RAW Monday night saw Triple H not only bury Daniel Bryan, but also past WWE Superstars including, Chris Jericho, RVD and WWE Hall Of Famer Edge. When asked on Twitter what he thought of Triple H’s comments last night, Edge posted the following:

    Terri Bey @GioPontiFan
    @EdgeRatedR Hey. What do you think of @TripleH 's dumbass promo about you & others on Raw, implying you weren't a big star? #uttercrap
    Adam (Edge) Copeland ✔ @EdgeRatedR
    I think everyone forgets it's entertainment. Santa isn't real either. Or the Easter Bunny(I think, rabbits are sneaky) @GioPontiFan @TripleH

    Source: Pwmania
  2. Edge's tweet isnt as truthful as Jericho's
  3. Jericho worked the Twitter nation. Edge is pretty much saying the usual.
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  4. Jesus Edge roasted the fuck out of that poor guy.
  5. haters gone hate.
  6. Yeah, I agree with Edge. Santa isn't real
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  7. Santa isn't real!? :shock: :why: :upset:
  8. Edge just ruined Christmas.
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  10. ........No he didn't.
  11. In that video? Yes he did. Sorry, ........ Yes he did. The guy was clearly not hostile at all and Edge was just going in.
  12. nvm. Thought you were talking about that simple tweet.
  13. I lol'd at the people around Edge. They looked very comfortable.
  14. LOL Triple H is working the fucking losers so hard. I'm sure they sit around laughing at the keyboard warriors on Twitter and wrestling forums who are complete MARKS for the shit they're doing on TV right now.

    "Durrrr he buried Daniel Bryan." is kind of the same as saying "I'm a virgin and a complete social pariah!! Girls don't kiss me!"
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  15. That is glorious.
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