News El Chapo Captured

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Feb 22, 2014.

    Looks like they finally got their man after teaming with Mexico authorities. Last year there had been some reports of him having died from a heart attack but was proven untrue, Looks like Mexican Marines had located him at a resort area Mazatlán/

    He's said to be responsible for a little over 25% of the illegal drugs that come into the United States which I think there are plenty of people under him to take over the business so people will still be able to have that access.

    The last time he was in Mexico prison was for 8 years and then he was facing an extradition to the US and had escaped in a laundry cart said to be assisted by guards. He's a bit older now so who knows if he has that kind of endurance.
  2. And in other news, millions of small time drug lords kill each other for power.