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  1. Keep it

  2. Get rid

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  1. Clarification: EC might be on another PPV later on in the year, so don't consider it axed completely.
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  2. I think we should keep it its was a good match last year

    We should just do the one match like it was suggested in the thread earlier
  3. I'm good for keeping it unless we can get enough people to set up their matches for an uprising ahead of time.

    And even if we keep it and just have the one match if others not involved in the match want to have matches and let us know ahead of time I don't see why they couldn't.
  4. We have tons of people, plenty to do slot matches. My biggest concern is will we have the time to have everyone ready for that pay per view? Time wise, everyone's going college and work and we may have people missing out on being able to qualify... I'll abstain in this vote.
  5. Two shows before Mania is asking too much. Like I said, have Uprising replace Elimination Chamber's date. Leaves for good build to Uprising and good build to Mania. Less crammed up in my opinion.
  6. I say we get rid of it. I think people might not show up if we can even somehow manage to fill up the card. Not worth it. I do think possibly having it later in the year is a good idea, however.
  7. Worst match ever, and the reason i'm not still champ.
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  8. As the new GM of IWT, my opinion is very important. I'm going to have to go with keeping it around.
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  9. You are the new GM? I'm getting closer to my #, only 10 people to go.
  10. Well, in my fantasy land I am at least....

    But still, #kaizer4gm
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  11. lol phillies sig.
  12. So if we remove the EC PPV the Uprising beforehand will just move up one week? No thanks, the more chances to build and whatnot the better. Besides, there's still a 3 week break before WM. If anything have the EC event just have the chamber matches, that way it'll mean more and you'd know that only the most committed will make the matches. The only way to justify the PPV's removal is if you added another Uprising, or just go with Fast Lane... hahahaha
  13. Well since clearly the vote is still going on, I clearly don't want three weeks of build with Mania. Just have uprising and have one EC match on it for this year if it does win the poll.
  14. The thing is, while WWE alters their schedule yearly the IWT's generally stays the same. Having one show in give or take 8 weeks isn't going to go well. If anything we at least need 2 Uprisings if we're using the same schedule.
  15. Didn't even know that there was a new schedule tbh, but yeah, I say we just combine the Uprising and EC PPV into one event and it can have one or two EC matches within the card.
  16. Just read it and I agree for the most part, but I still think that we need at least one EC match in the month of February as a sorta second chance following the Rumble. A title doesn't need to be on the line, but maybe a shot at the title Lee doesn't pick at WrestleMania could suffice. I don't recall who originally brought that up but I think it's a good idea nonetheless.
  17. Yeah, I brought it up. This was based on the fact that Dat Kid handpicked his opponent last year when that means taking an opportunity away from the active roster for your own personal enjoyment.