Elimination Chamber Elimination Chamber Synopsis and Poster

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Why does Ryback always look like an idiot, he's seemingly attempting to photo bomb every fucking poster.
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  3. lol'd.
    Why is Big Show trying to act cool?
  4. Cos he's a giant,
  5. Not gonna lie, the poster actually looks good.
    Better than the TLC one.
  6. Rock does that imo, just got that look about him.
  7. So top half Raw and bottom half SD I take it...

    Looks like a pretty star studded ppv - and pretty much confirms Rock's winning at RR.
  8. I'll also take it that Ryback is going for the World Heavyweight Champion?
  9. Ryback's caption: insert dick here.

    Rocky will be the last entrant and take 0 bumps on the steel, you heard it here first.
  10. Exactly, I Wonder about who will win the SD EC though..
  11. :ksi:
  12. Dwayne's face tells me that he is winning the WWE title at RR :UPSET:
  13. So I guess Orton will likely win the Rumble then and challenge for the world title. Leaving Sheamus likely to win the title in the chamber if they want to do Orton vs Sheamus. The chamber is a good tool to get the title off of Show and make him look strong.

    This leaves the question who will fill the remaining spots in the chambers. For the RAW one I think Shield might be likely unless they have moved onto feuding with other people or two of them has moved into tag teaming against Hell No. Smackdown I have no idea yet except perhaps Del Rio.
  14. Am I the only one who think that punk is somehow going to retain his title atRR?
  15. Nice poster. I like EC, the Chamber matches always entertain me. Looking forward to it.
  16. Brahma Bull for the victory.
  17. im with you on this one
  18. Great poster.

    I'm guessing Rock will win the belt and probably enter last (or second last) in the chamber match, making sure he doesn't take a whole lot of bumps. (Similar to SS 2011.) But if Cena wins the Rumble, there's no point in him being in the chamber match.

    In regards to the WHC chamber match, they could have Ryback look dominant by winning the belt here in the chamber and then successfully defending it against Big Show at Wrestlemania one on one. Or have Big Show look dominant by winning the chamber match but that would mean Ryback taking yet another pin fall loss, so I doubt it. I somehow doubt Show/Ryback is happening at all come Wrestlemania.
  19. Come to think of it, the poster is telling us that Cena, Rock and Ryback won't win the Rumble match.
  20. Surprised Punk is on the poster tbh.