Embracing The Hate... Fella..... *Smirk*

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  1. Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Adam!​
    *Adam walks out on stage beating his chest and shouts: FELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA as he walks down to the ring and takes a mic*​
    *Talks in Irish accent*​
    Ladies, Gentlemen and fellas, Listen up. I have sat by and let the jokes flying around and just ignored it like it was nothing but tonight that changes fella, I have to embrace it to destroy it fella, I have this asshole in WWE copying me but I will ignore that. When I look into this crowd here tonight fella, I see signs and shirts all over the place, They all talk about me and my differences fella, Im sick and tired of it. Theres no way to defeat it, It grows and grows overnight and gets worse and worse, I first came here to cause a fuss, As a young fella in Ireland, I watched as men made impacts and destruction in their paths and as I grew up and made it here, In my first 6 months here, I have ended careers *Based God Darth*, Dominated the X-Division and won titles. I have made more impact in 6 months than most men here have made in 6 years, All the children want to be me and their parents envy me, I am the best wrestler to come out of Ireland fella. You all make your jokes Big E Rection likes to pick fun at me and tonight it ends, The hair is not just a coincidence, It represents the fire and passion that burns inside me that no one else has, I dont need The Crusade and I dont need anyone, Its time for the hate to be embraced into the flames of my hair. You cannot compare to me, So stop trying....... Fella.​
    OOC: This gimmick will not have an effect on my Title Match as I will use my old one in that match due to an already written promo.​

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    This is the best gimmick you've come up with

    Adam embraces the hate, I dig it.
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  3. About time! Welcome to IWT, CopperCab!
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  4. Daywalker!
  5. This was an awesome idea, and you really pulled it off.
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  6. Youre so out of the Crusade.
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  7. I already left
  8. Show Spoiler
    Its awesomeeee
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  9. I literally laughed my ass off at that shit.
  10. Another gimmick change? What are we all? Charlie Haas?
  11. OOC: Been thinking it over, Gonna leave this gimmick for now, It just doesn't work with my current position, I will come back to it in the near future.