Storyline Emergency Exit (Hospital Brawl)

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    A pair of ambulances are seen roaring across the freeway, following the events of Retribution. They speed into the hospital, and come to a screeching halt.

    EMTs rush out, and there's a ton of commotion as the victims are being stretchered in. One being Bishop, the other being Jack Forté.

    EMTs helping Bishop: Patient somewhat responsive, eyes are glazed over. Looks like a minor concussion, no need to operate. Let's take him into wing one and see if there's anything else, not surface level.

    EMTs helping Jack: Patient unresponsive, still hasn't come to. Ribs are visibly bruised, has some internal bleeding. Take him to the operating room, have him stabilized.

    The two are split up, and the cameras stop rolling. For now.

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    *The cameras begin rolling again and Bishop is shown laying in a hospital bed with his eyes barely open. He looks visibly pissed off and in pain as EMT's are walking in and out of the room, some of them checking on Bishop. He hears one of them talking in the corner of the room...*

    EMT: Patient right here seems to be okay. He's got bumps and bruises everywhere and definitely has a pretty bad concussion but I think we can get him outta here tonight. Our other patient though, Mr. Forté, he was already hurt and fatigued from his wrestling match, but the attacks on him put some serious damage on him...

    *Bishop opens his eyes all the way and looks towards the two EMT's conversing in the corner.*

    "Did y'all jus say...Forté?"

    *The EMT's cautiously turn around and see Bishop staring them down.*

    EMT: Yes, one of your co-workers I believe, he's not lookin so--

    "He ain't my fuckin coworker!"

    *Bishop coughs and cringes in pain before taking a deep breath.*

    "Where he at...?"

    EMT: Mr.Forté is in the room down the hall being tended to right now. He's going to be here for a couple days till he can walk out of here on his own.

    *Bishop chuckles a bit before coughing and cringing in pain again. He sits up and removes the blankets off his legs to reveal that he's in a hospital gown with bruises all over.*

    EMT: Sir, we highly advise you lay back down you're hurt pretty ba-

    "Man this ain't SHIT! You eva been in a fight, boy? You don't lay in a fuckin hospital bed afterwards, you get up and get some motha fuckin payback, you feel me?"

    *The EMT's both just stare at him*

    EMT: Sir we really don't think you're ready to leave yet, you have a concussion and multiple wounds, it'd be smart of you to stay here for the day and rest up under supervision.

    *Bishop begins laughing and coughing at the same time as he stands up to his feet with trouble. He begins to limp past the EMT's*

    "Y'all don't know shit bout me...I don't need yo damn help. Can y'all show me where Jack's room is? We got some biddness to talk bout."

    EMT: I don't think that's a goo--

    "Nigga jus show me the damn room!"

    EMT: ....alright. Follow me.

    *The EMT and Bishop both walk out of the room. Bishop limps slowly behind the EMT as they get to the end of the hallway. Bishop peeks through the window and sees Jack looking just as hurt as Jack is talking with an EMT.*

    EMT: There's his room. We can let you in there later when he's feelin a bit better but it'd be smarter for you to go back to your room right now and rest up. I can take you ther--

    *Just then, Bishop punches the EMT in the face and pushes him to the ground. Workers down the hall see this and begin running towards Bishop so Bishop quickly enters Jack's rooms and locks the door. All is completely silent for a moment as Jack and Bishop just stare each other down. The EMT next to Jack is also quiet and just stares at Bishop. All of a sudden the workers out in the hallway begin pounding on the door and start trying to unlock it. Bishop notices and grabs a chair super fast and leans it against the door knob to prevent entry.*

    EMT (Next to Jack's bed): Sir you should not be in here right now, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave...

    *Jack and Bishop just continue to stare each other down and both ignore the words of the EMT. There is still banging on the door outside.*

    "I don't know who the fuck you think you are tellin me to leave but I think you need to leave or get outta my damn way. I need some alone time with my "co-worker" here."

    *The EMT abides and goes to sit in the corner of the room opposite Jack. Jack and Bishop are still staring each other down and Bishop slowly begins walking towards his bed.*

    "What kind of fool do you think I am...huh?"

    *Bishop is now standing at the edge of the bed looking down on Forté.*


    *Bishop suddenly pounces on top of Jack and begins pounding away at his head. The EMT in the corner immediately hops out of his chair and tries to restrain Bishop but Bishop elbows him right in temple and he collapses to the floor.*

    "You think I'M STUPID?! HUH?! You and that boy Fargo have had it out for me since da beginnin! I KNOW YOU ON THERE SIDE, fool!"

    *Bishop continues to pound away on Jack but Jack shows some signs of life and kicks Bishop right on a bruise on Bishop's torso. Jack notices this hurt Bishop pretty bad so he begins aggressively punching at the wound, causing Bishop to jump off him and wince in pain. Both men are grunting and breathing heavily and in pain.*

    "I told you I ain't the boy to be fuckin with!"

    *Workers are still trying to find a way into the room but Bishop ignores all the commotion and goes to jump back on Forté but Jack kicks him right in the gut as he pounces causing Bishop to crash and fall to the ground in pain.*

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  3. Jack surveys his surroundings and spots a syringe nearby on the table. He quickly grabs it and holds Bishop down with his foot.

    You think you're that worth it!?

    Forté goes to inject Bishop with whatever is in the needle, but Bishop grabs Jack's foot and throws him off balance. He's struggling to stay on his feet, but Bishop rams Forté in the stomach repeatedly with his foot. Jack loses grip of the needle in the midst of this, but is able to keep from completely toppling from the pain.

    Forté manages to use his foot and stomp on Bishop's chest. Now Jack lays into him repeatedly with his foot until he doesn't see any signs of fighting back.

    You think I need ANY help to take you out?! Alright.

    Forté grabs Bishop by the hair and slowly gets him to his feet. He tells the EMT to stand up and hit Bishop in the face, and when he swings Bishop pulls Jack into the area to take it!

    Bishop commands the EMT to get the chair jamming the door, and to hit Forté with it. The EMT goes to retrieve the chair, but Jack tackles Bishop right into him!

    Forté sees the defibrillators unused, and goes to charge them. He rubs them together and just as he tries to use them on Bishop he uses the EMT to take the pain! Bishop rams into Jack towards the door, sending him back first into the chair. Breaking it. And shortly after a couple of the doctors and security rush in and try to separate the two. Bishop being restrained by some of the staff is blindsided by a charging Jack who hurls at all of them, knocking all of them to the floor right outside of the room.

    Jack stands up and tries to slowly walk down the hallway from the mess, but Bishop charges at him and sends the two of them into a nearby wall! Both on the ground now, not moving.

    had this done yesterday and didnt have time to post till now. sorry @DK James
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  4. *Bishop slowly begins to crawl away from the commotion as EMTs are trying to check on both of them. At this point there are security and EMTs completely blocking a path between the two of them. Bishop is breathing heavily and is helped up by a couple workers. They try to lay him down on a stretcher but he pushes them both away and begins to limp down the hall. He turns back and screams down the hall.*

    "This ain't ova, Forté! Far from fuckin over, you hear me?! I don't give a damn....WHAT your ass're dead fuckin meat!"

    *A couple EMTs try to restrain him again and lay him on a stretcher. he shoves both of them down aggressively.*

    "Man GET cho hands off me! I ain't need this shit! I never fuckin did..."

    *He grabs his clothes off a nearby rack and slowly limps down the hall and out of the picture.*
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