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  1. So we have a bunch of Eminem threads so this is just a general discussion of him and his songs.

    Right now listening to Not Afraid its one of his best songs ever imo.
  2. We get it, you're an eminem mark, no need to create a whole thread on him. This just kills other threads related to him.
  3. MC Hammer>Eminem since he came back
  4. People can still make other threads, chill babes.
  5. Why must you make these pointless posts in my threads. I made this thread so we don't have a bunch of threads.
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  7. I despise Not Afraid. One of his most popular songs in terms of sales and views etc., but it doesn't show how fucking talented he was. His older albums (infinite, MMLP, and TES) are GOAT worthy in terms of rap. Still to this day the greatest of all time in my opinion, but it's sad to see how he's kinda fell off recently with his songs replay value and general direction. Too pop for me.
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  8. I really like the lyrics in Not Afraid is why I like it.
  9. Greatest musician of all time or just within the rap genre? Rap I can make a case for although I enjoy Big L too much to confirm it (yep bipolar sebe is back so that'll probably change by the end of this post) the overall GOAT is Bob Dylan IMO, so much talent it's scary. All subjective so we'll disagree in all likelyness though until Cloud drops a massive Madchesterbomb.
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  10. @Crayo what are some of your favourite Em songs?

    Mine are Stan, Without Me, Mockingbird, When Im Gone, Lose Yourself, Real Slim Shady, My Name Is, Headlights and My Mom.
  11. Not directed at me but I'll throw out Mushrooms and Like Toy Soldiers as ones which don't usually get mentioned. Listen to them back to back and you get his range highlighted so well.
  12. Rap obviously. I mean, I'm a huge rap mark, but I'll never consider any rapper to be the greatest musician of all time.

    My whole family mark for Bob Dylan. My brother is named after him.

    God, so many.

    The Way I Am
    The Sauce
    Drug Ballad
    White America
    Till I Collapse
    Square Dance
    Say Goodbye To Hollywood
    Without Me
    When The Music Stops
    Nail in the Coffin
    Rock Bottom
    Yellow Brick Road

    All off the top of my head. Missing loads probably.
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  13. Not a big Dylan fan, but I won't argue about him being the GOAT. I wish he took better care of his voice though and stopped smoking when he did before.
  14. Yeah I'm kind of the same the emotion he can convey though is great especially in Hurricane. Also name the GOAT rock vocalist? I wanna say Ozzy because I'm a sabbath dong slurper but Axl is pretty damn close.
  15. I'm gonna be honest, I love Ozzy and Axl, I really do huge fans, but they aren't close to being top tier singing talent in my opinion. And have you heard Axl on Chinese? He expanded pretty good with Scraped as terms as vocals. Song writing wise, I would give it to Axl, since Ozzy didn't write Sabbath songs in the original era.
  16. [​IMG] I've needed an excuse to use that for a while.

    Who you got purely vocally? Ozzy on paranoid gave him the edge IMO but I'm open to hear other opinions.

  17. I think Rob Halford of Judas Priest is one. Painkiller, yes I'm going for their most popular song, but that shit is intense vocally.
  18. I feel like a fag but I've never heard of it. Brb youtubing it, I dig the drums and bass. It's got a welcome to the jungle vibe I'm a fan.
  19. Surprised a bit, his voice pitch is very high in this song. It was a one time thing though, he could never perform the vocals this high live ever. Although it is a bit unfair since the song Painkiller would go on the album Painkiller and he would then leave Judas Priest. By the time he returned, his vocals took to much damage and he can't reach high notes, so this song is definitely out of the question to sing live.....but he does attempt it still.
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