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  1. Dat Kid walks out to the ring with no music. dressed in regular clothing. An IWT Staff member tries to go after him, but it's too late, Kid's through the curtains and walking to the ring on live TV. Kid steps into the ring, mic in hand.

    Last night I lost fair and square to Christian and the night before I lost to the guy I helped build, Drake. That's the cold hard facts and I'm not going to rationalize my defeats. The fact is, I have lost my ability to perform in this ring the same way I used to. I've lost my footing before, but I've always been able to get right back up, but right now I don't feel it.

    There's only so many times you can reinvent the wheel and I think I've hit my limit. Now there's a reason I'm saying this tonight, because...I will not be appearing at this year's Wrestlemania.3

    The crowd boos

    Now I know that's going to upset all of you and it's going to upset the people in the back too, but the fact is I don't have anything left. The only things I got is my streak and my memories. If I got beat at Wrestlemania, all that goes away and we all know that match would be smack dab in the middle of the card.

    I always imagined myself maybe one day fighting for the IWT Championship at Wrestlemania in the main event, like the way it almost happened in the first one. The fact is my career has not been that great and it's only going downhill from here.

    So if I can't go out with a bang, then I'm going to go walking out on my own terms and my terms are, tonight at this moment is the last time you will see Dat Kid in an IWT ring.

    Dat Kid puts the mic down in the center of the ring.
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  2. I blame Punk, what an asshole.
  3. D'oh. I bet we see him in an IWT ring at the HoF ceremony though.
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  4. That's what everyone says. Come 3 and half weeks later - you'll be back.
  5. *Alias Antonio's theme song commences to play throughout the arena, much to the surprise and overwhelm of the IWT audience and Dat Kid. Out of the stage smoke, he comes out, sporting a suit surprisingly, with his tag title on his waist, and his IWT Title around his shoulder. He doesn't seem fazed or anything after what Lee did to him following his match with Alkatrz, instead he seems dauntless, with a confident smirk taking over his face. Alias takes his time reaching the ring, as he contemplates the scene ahead of him. The IWT Champ finally reaches the ring, and just stares at Kid before grabbing a mic.*

    Kid man, what happened? Our careers have crossed paths time and time again for the past year and a bit. Constantly. Over and over. We've had wars. We've had alliances. But....but I've never seen you in this state. I mean, look at me now, top of the damn mountain.'re just there. Things certainly do change don't they my old friend?

    I don't want to believe this is the end. I know it isn't, Kid.

    You've done so much to my career Kid, good and bad, but overall it's helped me become a better wrestler here in the IWT. I want to repay you, I really do. The only way imaginable I could do that is giving you a match at Extreme Rules, your last match. A full year since the first one.

    Oh, I know you're going to reject, but it was worth the try, right? If this is the end of the road, one hell of a road it's been. I hold you in high esteem, Jabri. Shake my hand.

    *Alias approaches Kid to shake his hand.*
  6. Dat Kid slowly reaches for the mic, never leaving eye contact with Alias.

    Listen to me, I didn't come out here for you to accept this. I don't expect any of you to accept this, but you all had to see it coming. There is no one more match between you and me. Alias thet match we had last year was the match of the year and there wasnt one that could top it. With that said, to have a match with a man who just doesn't have the ability to perform on that same level would be to spit on my own legacy and I will not allow it. I respectfully decline your offer.

    The crowd boos and Alias puts his hand down.

    However, there is one favor I need you to do for me. If this company still has any shred of legitimacy I will be headlining this year's Hall of Fame, there's no other way to do it. If that is or rather when it is the case, I would like you to do the honor of inducting me in to the Hall of Fame.

    Dat Kid extends his hand.
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  7. *Alias takes a deep glare at Kid, almost looking dumbfounded, as if he's questioning himself "why?". But that soon turns into a smirk with Alias shakings proceeding to shake Kid's hand.*

    I.....I accept.
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  8. Dat Kid raises the hand of Alias, bows his head, and points to the current IWT Champion.
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