Storyline End of the Slammys with the correct winner

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    The Cure titantron shuts off and Jonathan's titantron comes on
    Jonathan: Oh that's cute, did you have something planned. Well unfortunately it seems I misread the judges scores and we have a tie.
    Commentator 2: How the hell do you tie in 2 out of 3 falls match?
    Jonathan: So we're going to have a fourth fall to determine the winner.

    crowd chants "Bullshit"

    Jonathan: and to make sure this fall stays untainted. All of your followers out here are BANNED from ringside! Ring the bell!

    Dat Kid's followers head backstage as Dat Kid yells some inaudible obscenities at Jonathan.
    The ref rings the bell and Dat Kid looks over at a still knocked out Frank The Jock. Kid hops over the top rope and on the apron.

    Dat Kid prepares to hit Frank The Jock with Dat Kill From Jersey as he gets up. Dat Kid springboards off of the rope and connects with a big boot to Frank. He goes for the cover. Nano, who's been judging the match gets up from his chair, folds it, and runs into the ring. The referee holds Nano back. Dat Kid turns around to Nano.

    Get your ass out of my ring!

    Frank reaches in his shorts and pulls out his jock strap. Frank nails Kid in the head with his jock strap, tossing it out of the ring, then goes for the pin. Nano points to the pin and the ref turns around.


    The judges write their scores down and the reveal them to be in favor of FTJ.

    The IWC explodes.

    Commentator 1: Frank wins! Frank wins! *starts humping the announce table* Fraaaaank winnsss!

    Jwab and David, who've been standing by the curtain, turn around with their heads down and head back to the locker room knowing that their push is now gone.

    FTJ celebrates (but I'm gonna skip that part because it's as irrelevant as Aids' current title reign)

    After, FTJ leaves Dat Kid gets back up. He angrily paces around the ring. Jonathan goes down to ringside and tries to calm him down.

    Jonathan: Okay, so you lost, but since I'm so nice. You're rehired!

    Dat Kid spits in Jonathan's face. Dat Kid spells "FSW" in the air with his finger.

    FSW chants start

    Dat Kid starts laughing and asks for a mic.

    What are you all, stupid? I'm not bringing that dead failure of a company back, sorry Jack. You think this is the end of Dat Kid? You think you get to sing the "nah nah nah" song that Frank learned from the back of a Fruit Loops box. Jonathan, you think you get to rehire me?! You think all of you could go about watching this match, KNOWING that Gohan was gonna cheat and let me fight! You think you can SCREW me, embarrass me in front of all these people in the MAIN EVENT, and expect to accept some pity offer from Jonathan! I AM GOD!

    Whether or not, I got nailed in the head with a jock strap or not, THESE judges KNOW I won the match! Perfect 8's across the board Senhor? You call what Gohan did in that last match "perfect". Well that make's a lot of since Senhor since "Perfect" is part of your name and your career is that exact opposite of that, Sackfist, I don't give a damn if you went my way for the last round, your ass is just as responsible as these nitwits. There's a reason you got fired from IWT months ago, get your ass out of my arena, and if if I see you again I'm gonna take that Toys R Us plastic belt you call the ACW championship and shove it up your ass!

    Now I did have plans tonight, so I'm gonna announce that right away. It's been more than a month since the Dazzling Chavs defend their tag titles, which means, by IWT rules they should be STRIPPED of their titles. I don't care about some rinky dink half assed tournament Jonathan put together, rules are rules, and I demand that at the Royal Rumble. The Dazzling Chavs go against, my boys The Cure and if either Jonathan or The Dazzling Chavs decline this match I will petition to have them STRIPPED of the IWT Tag Team Titles.

    Now that that's out of the way, I have a new urgent matter to attend to. See tonight, was gonna be The Cure's night. The night that they returned, but we're not gonna see that just yet. I'm sorry @JwabTV & @D-D-David , it's not your fault.

    Dat Kid points to Nano.


    I've had it up to here with your ass! You think I didn't know you were gonna cheat in this match? The moment Gohan picked you, to be one of the judges I knew you were gonna cheat. Everyone watching this match knew you were gonna cheat. I figured having Senhor out here with Sack would squash that, but it seems things didn't go as planned.

    My career was on the line Nano, I was seconds away from being put out of the IWT and you have the audacity to try and screw me over. It's not the first time you've tried to pick a fight with God either. You were there at the wedding months ago, you were backing Jonathan when I split to leave for FSW, and now this. If I knew any better it would seem like you had some personal vendetta against me. What, are you jealous of me because you know that you will NEVER in your entire life will be a part of the main event or hold the IWT championship? Or is that you're trying to make a name for yourself, but you're too scared to get in the ring with me, so you gotta hide like a little bitch and try to screw me over?

    I tell you what Nano, since you seem to be so concerned with what I'm doing me and you are going to have a match, at the Royal Rumble. I believe that it's absolute bullshit that Gohan cheated in this match, embarrassed me, tainted the main event, and gets to walk away with his career intact. Somebody's gonna feel the wrath of God for what happened tonight. Since Sack's fired, Jonathan'll have a heart attack if he gets in the ring with me, I've already beaten the crap out of Senhor, and Gohan ran chicken shit....that leaves you. So at the Royal Rumble, as punishment for your sins against God, you will go one on one with me UNDER IWT rules!

    And the stipulation is this. If YOU lose the match, YOU'RE gonna be the one who has to leave IWT PERMANANTLY! And if you decline my challenge for this match I will make it my personal business to make sure that you are never booked on a single card again and trust me I can make that happen. Someone's going to punished for what happened here tonight and if Jonathan's not gonna do it, I will. @Nano accept the challenge, right now.
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  2. I ashley like storyline. but @Jonathan is ok with it. also @Dat Kid my ending move is the Stummer not the jock whatever u said please change that.
  3. *gav is watching backstage laughing his head off*

    So the cheeky ****s gunna make a petition eh hahaha go on then do it I dare you one simply doesn't get gifted a shot at the titles one must earn it if they think they deserve a match then prove it
  4. BRO, it was Jack who was FSW champ, not Alias.
  5. They both had the same last names, how am i supposed to tell the difference
  6. OOC: Been there done that lol
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  7. Works for me.
  8. Sig
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  9. Shoulda called you wetback antonio :mad2:
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  10. (Continued) in fact gav has a proposal for you if your willing to listen you choose one of your guys ill choose one of mine and if your guy wins they get a shot at the titles at the rumble but if my guy wins then well I'll get back to you on that what do you say?
  11. Deal
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  12. I like everything except the tag titles, its pretty unfair that a champ and someone who has done nothing in months are handed a title shot.
  13. Lets be honest that was a 2 v1 match - that one gav promo next time gav will be there to rip you a new arsehole
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  14. OOC: :dafuq:@TheArabHammer and I have already beat the champs in a non-title match. #OverlookedTalent

    EDIT: Excuses excuses
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  15. Ok when you wanna do this
  16. Don't worry, there's like 10 brothers, pretty sure one of them has changed his name to that.
    David won't be a champ anymore sooner rather than later. He's jobbing to me.
  17. I don't want you talking about unfair. I've heard about your recent exploits.

    My guys are the only guys who aren't in the tag tourney, these guys need to defend their titles a la IWT rules, and I've agreed to have one of my guys fight one of them to earn that shot. There's nothing unfair about it.
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  18. @D-D-David when are you available before the Royal Rumble for a singles match
  19. You got your IC title shot off the back of nothing, lets be honest.
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  20. Yes, I am not saying that was fair.
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