Storyline Ending to Ami vs Alias

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  1. Ami and Alias are seen trading blows, one on one to another. Their fists colliding with the other's head as the crowd goes wild. Alias has Ami against the turnbuckle, striking the masked man against his stomach ruthlessly. Alias goes to irish whip Ami to the corner across from him, but instead Ami counters it and sends Alias towards the turnbuckle. Ami runs, going to clothesline Alias but Alias jumps out of the way at the last second. Alias grapples Ami, getting ready to finish him off. Ami elbows Alias in the stomach, causing Alias to lose his grip on his opponent. Ami shoves Alias back, running towards Alias once more. Alias throws his fist for a clothesline, but Ami ducks and runs to the ropes, then runs back towards his opponent. Alias turns his head, just to be met with The Black Out(clothesline from hell). Ami then lays on top of his opponent, the referee counting for the pin.

    "One!... Two!....Three!!!"

    The bell rings, with the crowd just watching in awe. Ami stands up, with the referee raising his left arm.
    "The winner by pinfall! Ami! Ennemi!!" The announcer said, as Ami soon goes out of the ring, holding his stomach in pain as he puts his red and black coat on. The man makes his way towards the announcer tables, picking up one on the microphones and starting to speak.

    "Time, has denied you for the present. For now, time has accepted my structure to surpass yours. Just remember this, everything changes with time. Enemies and friends can change, given time. Time is something that never stops, for not one single man or woman or child or animal. Now why do I mention time? Because you are to move on to greater am I. Our paths will cross as we aim to get to the top of the mountain, as long as we both have the will to fight. I'm not going to say, do not get in my fact, I encourage you to cross paths with me once more. We all need challenges to make us strong, to make us whole and keep our spirits keen. Until next time Alias Antonio, goodbye."

    Ami snaps his fingers, the lights in the arena going black. After ten seconds, the lights return, and Ami is nowhere to be seen.
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