Storyline Ending to Michael vs. Brandon Pain

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  1. Brandon Pain and Michael are both left lifeless on the ground as the referee begins a count to 10. Slowly but surely Brandon Pain and Michael make their way up to their feet. After rising up, Brandon Pain and Michael begin to trade blows. Michael gets the upper hand and irish whips Pain unto the rope. Michael hits a spinebuster, and down goes Pain. 1...2..- Pain kicks out.

    Michael, increasingly frustrated, begins to pound away on Brandon Pain. After 15 stiff jabs to the head of Pain, Michael steps off and begins to taunt that his first legit victory is closing in. This allows Pain to recover and attack Michael from the back. Pain grabs Michael in a belly-to-back position and hits a nasty German Suplex. Pain goes for the pin 1...2..- Michael Kicks outs.

    Pain begins to lift Michael up by his hair, but Michael pushes Brandon into the referee. Brandon ricochets off the referee which allows Michael to get a kick to the groin in. As the referee gets out of the situation he notices nothing. Michael lifts Brandon Pain by the head, from the ground, and lifts him unto his shoulders. Michael throws Pain up, in the split second where Pain is up in the air, Michael kneels down with his knees up. Brandon Pain lands hard on Michael's knees, and Pain flips backwards with the impact (OOC - See Cedric Alexander vs. Matt Sydal for Reference) and lands on his stomach. Michael goes for the cover with the crowd in anticipation, holding their breath in eagerness. 1...2...3!

    Michael jumps up in shock as well as the rest of the crowd!

    The strobe lights begin flashing around the arena as the music begins echoing to an erupted crowd's screams, shouts and cheers. Michael runs around the perimeter of the ring like a lunatic with the FTW World Heavyweight Championship in his arms. Pyro begins to blow up around the arena. Confetti flows around the arena as the titantron lights up with a graphic.


    "OOC" (open)

    @RedDwarfTechy - Great match; hope you like the ending
    @Majour - Looking forward to our match at WrestleMania 3 for the title.

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  2. OOC: Hold on, hold on now. Majour still has to face the winner of me vs butters. My fault, I'm being slow.
  3. Could've told me that when I said I was making the graphic and such. np though.
  4. Sorry, you just asked about Arab, who is on your side of the tourney ladder. Butters, Majour and I are all on the opposite branch. Hey imagine if we end up meeting at WM though? How does that work? :hmmm:
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  5. OOC: Loved it! sorry for the late reply, had no internet what so ever and yes, it was terrible. @Tsar, awesome match, always fun working with ya :)
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