Storyline Ending to the European Title Match

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  1. Midas and Alias are going at it in the middle of the ring, trading stiff strikes. Midas connects with a stiff kick to the knee, making Alias fall to his knees. But Alias comes back with a big elbow strike to the face, sending Midas back. The two start pummeling each other with stiff shots. Alias catches Midas's arm and whips him into the ropes. Midas almost ends up going out between the second and third rope but manages to catch himself and launch himself back into the ring. Midas with a big lariat! Alias is down!. Midas crawls over and goes for the cover......But Alias kicks out! Midas transitions into an armbar, but it isn't locked in proper. Alias can locks his hands together and rolls over on his stomach. Alias forces himself up to his feet....and he starts deadlifting Midas who refuses to let go....Deadlift powerbomb! Alias covers....But Midas kicks out!

    Both men slowly work their way up to their feet, Alias goes on the attack, forcing Midas into a corner with more strikes. Alias connects with a big forearm, stunning Midas. Alias back off and takes aim. He goes for a running splash.....But eats a superkick to the face! Midas has him....Profit breaker.... Midas wins!

    Midas pins Alias 1,2,3 and that is it. Both men are out on the mat, struggling to get up. Midas starts to slowly get to his feet with the assistance of the ref.....But Christian clocks him from behind! Christian has hit the ring and he is laying the pain on the champion! Alias gets up to his feet and nails the ref with a rolling elbow, preventing him from stepping in. Alias rolls out of the ring and dives under it, he comes out again with a chair in hand. Alias rolls back into the ring with the chair, taunting Midas as Christian forces him up to his knees. Alias circles Midas with the chair, revving it up like a baseball player with the bat before a pitch. But before he has a chance to swing Drake hits the ring! Drake levels Alias with a running knee! This allows Midas to throw Christian over his shoulder, sending Christian rolling out of the ring to avoid further damage. Drake grabs the chair and chases Alias out of the ring, and as the two flee up the ramp Midas grabs a microphone, Drake standing guard in the ring with the chair held high.

    Okay, that does it! You two, especially you Alias, have been a thorn in my side for far too long. And tonight, on Christmas day you and your hoe hoe hoe over there showed just how low you are willing to sink. Just how many shortcuts you are willing to take. It was just like I said: when you face opposition you don't rise above it or power through it, you cheat. You have your associate, with the ass part boldened I might add, running interference for you. I say it's time to put an end to this.

    In a few weeks, we are hosting the slammies. And I say, that we really top that off with a slam. You two won a a shot for our tag team titles, well we accept your challenge! At the slammies: It is going to be Christian and Alias, versus the most dangerous team in IWT history, the greatest tag team of all time. Midas, Drake, the fucking Desperadoes! And it isn't going to just be a match. Oh no, it is going to be far more than that! There's going to be tables! There's going to be chairs! There's going to be more ladders than you can shake a stick at!

    At the slammies we will go TLC! And Christian, as you walk into that jungle, know this. I walk into with a man I consider my brother, my best friend. A man I trust with my life. But who exactly are you walking into it with? You're walking in with a snake, a rat, a weasel. I wouldn't put it past him to sacrifice you to further his own cause. So as you prepare for the hell we are going to rain down upon you, I suggest you drink some anti venom, or risk getting poisoned.

    At the slammies, the Desperadoes will once again prove....why we are your monies' worth!

    The scene closes with the two teams staring each other down, throwing curses at one another as we fade to black.
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  2. OOC: Should have just added stairs for the hell of it. :jeritroll:
  3. Don't worry, we'll be bringing some extra weapons.:burns:
  4. I'll bring a stepping stool for you so you clowns can fight on equal footing this time.

    I hate punching downwards, I get such a stiff back.