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  1. *Nick walks out to his usual pyro and theme. He takes his hood off and squats down halfway down the apron. He laughs as the crowd cheers. He hops up onto the apron and stands on the top rope with his arms open. The crowd cheers and he hops down, mic in hand*

    "Now, you might be wondering why I'm out here. I've got a few things I'd like to address. First, my match in the IWT title tournament. Yes. I lost to that trash Joey Bryant. I lost fair and square I'm admitting it. Here's why. I was so busy thinking ahead... thinking to facing some of the greats of the IWT like Alkaline or Farooq at a PPV to guarantee a shot at a title... or facing Aids or Georgie and bringin them down all by myself... I sort of forgot about the opponent staring me blank in the face. Just as it looked like I was pulling away... I began imagining. Imagining a future where I was champ and the entire landscape of the IWT would be changed forever. Next thing I knew, I was on the mat pinned for a three count."

    *crowd boos*

    "Don't worry. Ill be back at the top soon. That was only my second match. There's only room to improve. Soon, my people, our dream will be live out. I will raise that title above my head in victory!"

    *mild pop*

    "Now, next on my list of things to address, Dat Cripple from jersey!"

    *boos all over the arena*

    "Well, I guess I can't actually call hi that name anymore. But I've got a lot to say about you, but ill keep it nice and short for you Kid. It's not even that you played all of us, it's that you just inserted yourself into a title match. The cure and the crusade aren't even a problem to me. It's YOU. All you do is abuse your power by putting who YOU want in title matches and not who deserves. Nobody wants to see you face Vicky. Quit abusing your power. You're boring, bland, untalented and stupid. Qualities like that are reasons why you're so hated. I think you'll be needing a bit of a test before NOC... I think we should face each other at some point."

    *crowd pops*

    "Now, if you're too much of a pussy to accept that, there's another reason I need your attention. NOC is coming up. And as of right now, I'm not booked in a match. How can you have a PPVwithout me in a match? If im not in match, the PPV will be a disaster. Ratings and buys could possibly plummet. You need me Kid. I'm what these people want.

    *few cheers*

    If any of those title holders out there have the balls to put their title on the line, I want a shot at one! You know what, my match doesn't even have to be for a title! I want anyone at NOC and ill beat your ass. I don't care who you are! Kid, I want a match."

    *crowd pops as Nick drops the mic*
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  2. Dat Kid walks out holding his cane under his arm with mic in hand. He stops at the stage.
    How dare you! How dare you come out here drag MY name through the dirt. You want to make me out to be some sort of bad guy, just like everyone else wants to make me a bad guy. You're wrong, I'm one of the good guys. Nick tell me what I have done for you since you've gotten into this company. Gave you a match a match that put you ahead of the pack of rookies at the 2nd biggest PPV of the year. Then after that, I gave you a chance to become IWT Champion by placing you in the tournament. I've given you more than any rookie has ever received.​
    You know what you are? You're an unappreciative bastard! You have the AUDACITY to come out here, insult me, make false accusations, and then DEMAND that i place you in a match? Who are you? Who the FUCK are you?! I am the most entertaining man that has stepped foot in an IWT ring and you're a guy that just got his ass handed to him in the first round in the IWT Championship Tournament! You wouldn't have to come here and demand a match at Night of Champions if you hadn't failed yourself against DK James. so no, you dont get a title shot because LOSERS don't get title shots here in the IWT.​
    However I will give you a match at Night of Champions. It's going to be you in a match against King Charles rko2004 .....AND Lucas Hacksaw Samalan....AND FailFaceFTW in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match!​
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  3. OOC: Damn, he no likey
  4. Now this is going to be a beating of a lifetime.
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  5. Nick laughs. Strange.

    Announcer 1: You think he'd be irate after an announcement like that but he's laughing? I've always thought this guy was strange.

    "Kid. I may be a rookie and still have a name to make for myself, but could you enlighten me as to who the hell these people are? I feel like King Charles may ring a bell. I remember him walking around like he was hot shit and then shot down. I believe it was by you, Kid. Yes. Didn't he go into your office one day? That's where I think he's from. Hacksaw... May have heard that name once. But I don't lie."

    Nick walks around.

    "I wanted a match and you were kind enough to give me the... 'gift' of a match, I guess I'll call it. You think the odds are stacked against me Kid... But the odds have been stacked against me my whole life. Hell, even in my debut match, every competitor hated me and were trying to eliminate me first! But I still won. I've overcome tougher obstacles than this and Ill be overcoming this one for sure. You said this will be a beating of a lifetime, but for me this will only show why I'm a future champion. Kid. Watch your back when you're in the locker room. Because after I defeat three guys hand picked by you, I'm coming for you!"

    Nick drops the mic to a mild pop and stares at Dat Kid.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. you beat me to it. It probably works better this way.
  8. I want the gold sucka
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