Storyline Enter the Survival horror.

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  1. The titantron screen pops from pitch black to a bright purple. Slowly the studio 72 logo appears contrasting the purple. The screen then crashes into white noise… but a voice can be heard.

    [​IMG] arrival was no laughing matter. My presence dawns the end of days. The END of this era off false prophets-- false Messiah. Any man who dare get into the way of our...revolution must be ready to face the consequences of such stupid actions...

    The white noise vanishes abruptly, the titantron now displays a picture of Charles Raynor.


    Charley… you like playing games, huh? You see before that stunt you pulled you were a non-factor, completely unknown in my world…but you made your impression. I don't care what your thought process was in sending out that clown but it doesn't matter. All I know is that it pissed me off real good…

    Arno’s face in now on the titantron.

    You know I saved you and your friends ass by not letting Judas do his thing but you know what? Since you like playing games…I got one for ya’. It's a survival horror game and it's called Judas Frye…* sinister laughter*.

    The screen cuts to black and a few seconds later a message appears.

    Will you play?

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    A Limousine pulls up in-front of the IWT Arena. The three co-leaders of FAW step out casually dressed in their usual suit and tie shades attire. They glance at each other and make their entrance into the building. A spotlight searches for the three men. They are found up above the crowd in a press box all three with microphones ready to answer Arno Frye. Mr. Cocksweaty speaks first.

    Arno Frye. Right now our client Charles Raynor is in Ames training for his match against IWT Golden Ticket Holder Nick at the Dragon Rising Pay-Per-View at the sold out Lawlor Event Center in Reno Nevada. So unfortunately he cannot come out here to play games with you right now.

    Mr. Lavernius follows.

    However, we know that our client Charles Raynor is a firm believer in accepting any match with anyone. So if it's a match you want we can right now promise you a match with Charles Raynor himself in the near future.

    Mr. Lavernius lowers his microphone and Mr. Raynor raises his.

    On the other hand we noticed you don't have an opponent at Dragon Rising. Hopefully it's not too late because we are prepared to give you a match at that Pay-Per-View if you're willing to accept it. And it's not what you're thinking, not Johnny B. Cool we know you didn't like him too much. Like we said before he was our guinea pig. If you do indeed accept this match you won't know who you're going to be facing until you come out and get in the ring that very night. We have several clients that well...let's just say more then capable of being in the ring with you Arno but it's not fair for them to make a commitment right now on our behalf so you'll just have to wait til Dragon Rising to see who you'll face. We'll keep in touch.

    The FAW theme hits and the FAW Co-leaders vanish into the press box.
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