Storyline Entering The Dragon's Den

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  1. From black, we fade into a beautiful scene: the gawping mouth of a lonely cave, surrounded by the outreaching arms of trees. In front of the cave, a beaten dirt track with giant claw marks can be seen. The clouds in the sky are almost black, with elements of orange, almost like fire. Smoke emanates from inside of the cave, diffusing into the open air.

    From out of frame, a lone figure wanders into the scene. Bearing ragged clothing and a lit torch in his right hand, his face cannot be seen, only the back of his head. He wanders towards the cave mouth, which can now be seen as a huge entrance the size of a two-storey building, rather than a regular sized point of entry.

    The camera pans around as The Lone Wanderer turns his head. From this angle we get a clearer view of the large, clawed tracks on the path, leading straight into the cave; with the black clouds continuing into the horizon, never looking like becoming thinner. In the distance, a lone mountain stands with an orange tint on it's face and ash rising from deep within it.

    As The Man turns back towards, so does the camera. He takes a moment to savour the moment, standing still, gazing into the black abyss before shuffling forward without haste. The camera stays outside of the cave as The Torch Bearing Adventurer disappears into the darkness.

    A monologue appears over the image, similar to that of Guernica's monologue before he enters the ring. It reads:

    ''To Bravely Go; To Enter The Dragon's Den''

    This text fades away, and the image remains for a few moments before Guernica's voice can be heard in a voice-over:

    ''It's time. Let us enter The Dragon's Den''

    This text also fades away, much like the first image. Suddenly, a loud, monstrous roar breaks the silence and the scene cuts to black.

    Just like that, we enter total darkness.

    Until one final text appears:

    ''Dragon Rising''
    ''24th Octover 2016''
    ''The Dragon vs The Wanderer''
    ''James Dragon vs Guernica''

    ''The Dragon Slayer Will Rise''
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