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  1. Hey Everyone, This could be a swing and a miss of an idea but I was wondering if anyone would like to have an entrance video made.

    I made this earlier today, it took around fifteenth minutes and the rendering took about ten minutes. So it really doesn't kill that much time but it is fun to do.

    Of course you guys would be showing me and telling me what exactly you need for a titantron, What music, which superstars you want featured in it, matches, moves, etc as it would be a replica of your wrestler.

    So what do you think? Yay or nay?

    (Also, If I had to ask permission, I apologize I just have no idea who to go to to bring ideas like these up. I hope i didn't step on toes by doing this.)
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  2. Also, Do not fret about the size of the video with the black lining, That was an editing fault. :)

    Edit: Nevermind, that was a youtube fault. It's stretched out now. lol
  3. Cool man! I might hit you up for a GM titantron. :bodallas:

    No need to ask to do nice things for people. Hell, charge people forum cash for all I care
  4. Butters, I am gonna let you finish, but @DK James has some of the best trons ever.
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  5. Would you be down for a request? I can either PM you the info or just put it in this thread.
  6. Man that's cool hahah I can make some nice trons but I like yours.
  7. Oh... My heart! </3

    Maybe if things get a little hectic I can come to you for some advice! haha.

    Of course, Hit me up when you're free!

    Haha, Would rather not charge but hit me up whenever you can! :)

    Also I may state that some titantrons may take longer then some. As finding media and doing things the way some people want can be a little time consuming. I have around eight requests at the moment but still do send me a private message when you're free telling me what exactly you want with it! :)
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  8. You'll get over it, Hillary did, and so will you.
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    I'd like to make a request Cartmen

    Theme: Drew Mcintyre's unused WWE theme
    Superstar: Owen Hart
    Moves: Any Top rope dropkick like 5 would work, any other cool highlights in your perspective can work

    Extra: This isn't really a "You have to do this" but if you can make some of the move's fit the beat of the song.

  10. IWT Stable: SIN.
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  11. Very nice @Butters! :gusta:
  12. @Butters Thanks for the SIN tron, brother.
  13. You gon be mad when I tell you I asked to have it remade
  14. why?
  15. Because I quite frankly did not find it good/good enough
  16. I loved it
  17. Most projects will be on halt as some of my family may be coming down for a gathering, but still do send in ideas and requests and I am going to get them done one by one, just very snail like.