Epic Heel Turns

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  1. Alright, dish the dirt!

    I'll go straight to the jugular with Austin at Mania 17.

    It shocked the fuck out of me.

    Rock at SS 98 ruled too. I bought hook line and sinker into his fighting against McMahon.

    I was such a mark for Rock regardless that it solidified my fandom 4 LIFE!!!

    Best ever though has to be Bret at 13. The double turn is high science and it hasn't been done since.
  2. I don't wanna get too prolix and just start listing every good heel turn that pops to mind, so I'll just name my top five favorites instead:

    1. Hulk Hogan at Bash At The Beach 1996
    2. Shawn Michaels on the Barber Shop
    3. Stone Cold Aligning With Vince McMahon
    4. Daniel Bryan being screwed by HHH and Randy Orton at Summerslam 2013
    5. Seth Rollins turning on The Shield

    And if you wish to read my tl;dr summaries of me describing the nature of each turn that I've listed, read below:

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    1. What's there to say here that hasn't already been said a million times before already? The all-American, superhero-to-kids-and-adults-alike-everywhere Hulk Hogan turns his back on the millions of fans who supported him throughout the years and in doing so writes another chapter in wrestling history along with it. His promo after the turn is probably still the greatest heel promo of all time, and it lead directly to one of the greatest wrestling angles ever as well.

    2. Michaels pretending to have worked out all of his issues with his friend and partner Marty Jannetty on an episode of Brutus Beefcake's The Barber Shop, only to then superkick him and throw him head-first through a plate-glass window. Awesome. Bobby Heenan's commentary that Jannetty was in fact trying to "jump through the window" of his own accord is just hilarious.

    3. The infamous heel turn, remembered for what a flop and disappointment it turned out to be more than anything else, but I digress. Trying to ignore the fact that in hindsight this would have been better off never happening at all, the moment that you realize Austin and McMahon are actually working together after all the hell both men have put each other through in the past is still both awesome and very surreal and worthy of being remembered. I have to say, I've watched the last 5-6 minutes of this match back several, several times.

    4. The fever-pitch that the fans had for Daniel Bryan had just reached an all-time high seconds after witnessing him defeat John Cena to win the WWE Championship... only for Triple H to pop the bubble by laying Bryan out with the Pedigree and allowing Randy Orton to cash-in his Money In The Bank briefcase to become champion instead. Orton turning was heavily rumored and somewhat expected, but HHH? I knew him suddenly being announced as the special guest referee only one week before the PPV should have been a red flag, but I honestly considered that they may never turn him again, and that if they did, it may not work on account of him being such a respected legend and veteran in the eyes of the fans by this point. Nevertheless, this was an epic moment, and I wasn't even mad that Bryan got screwed out of the championship since not only did it give us heel HHH and heel Orton once again (although the latter of those two ended up being disappointing), but because the babyface being screwed out of the title and then getting revenge later on is pro wrestling 101, especially when you're as natural of an underdog like Bryan is anyway.

    5. We all figured The Shield would somehow unravel and break apart by the end of the year (probably by the end of Summer), but no one really thought it would come as soon as the night after Payback, a PPV which saw The Shield beating Evolution for the second time. Furthermore, everyone thought it would be Ambrose that turned on the others, not Rollins. Very nice swerve here indeed. The fact that this one is so recent probably has a lot to do with it ending up on my top five list, but nonetheless, it was a genuinely shocking moment, and there are literally only a few things that can still shock me in wrestling nowadays.
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  3. Hogan forms the NWO at Bash at the Beach 1996
    Austin aligns with McMahon at X-Seven in 2001
    Rollins turns on the SHIELD at Raw in 2014

  4. One's I liked a lot
    1. The Rock at Survivor Series 1998
    That was mad good, Vince rings the bell and you see The Rock hug Vince and everyone is just like, "what-the-fuckin-" such a classic heel turn right there
    2.Matt Hardy at Royal Rumble 2009
    Matt hitting Jeff in the head with the chair just left everyone speechless, even the announcers didn't say a word for a full on minute, that one was very well done.
    3.Seth Rollins on Raw 6/2/14
    I love it how this was on June 2nd, my birthday, I was ready to see a probably a repeatable main event between Orton and Reigns until it totally changed, Triple H was just like "There's always plan B" then the chair show and I was just like "... ... ..." I couldn't believe it, the end of the shield right when I turn 17... crazy
    4.Triple H at Summerlsam 2013
    Damn... on ones that I went crazy on, when Bryan won clean and the pyro went off I thought that was it, then Orton came out and I thought "this is stupid... him just being like he's still here" then he walked away, then turned his head back towards the ring and that's when I knew what was about to happen "OH SHIT" , Triple H pedigrees Bryan and there ends a short reign. I was pissed but shocked Triple H turned heel