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Who is Winning?

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  1. NanoRah

  2. Adam

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    Contract in the Briefcase Ladder Match for European Title Shot.
    Ladder Match
    Voting will be open (from the start) for 6 hours while the match is taking place, unlimited promos - vote changing is encouraged.

    Because of the mix up, all matches are being posted now. When the match is beginning, PLEASE TAG ME! So I know it has started. After the set time/set promos are complete, tag me again & I will open a 24 hour poll.

    *UPDATE* I am opening the poll now but continue to have your promo battles. I will set it on a 48 hour poll so you can have time to finish things up.
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    *Adam is sitting on top a ladder*​
    Adam: Well, I believe its time. Tonight you will see 2 men battle, Blood, Sweat and Tears will be left in the ring but not mine, Colten, You better hope you dont make it tonight, It will be the biggest regret of your life, You saw what I did to Darth, I beat him like he was nothing, I left that man nearly dead, He was lying there, The fear in his eyes, The pain on his face, It made me want to beat him even more. That man was a just practice on the beating I will give you. I will climb this ladder and watch you on the ground in pain and un-hook MY contract and win. I am the saviour of you all! I will lead you to a promised land and this is my first step in completing that goal, First Darth, Second Colten and third The European Championship. Colten you dont stand a chance, This is my home, Ladders make me feel comfortable , Ladders are my home and you are breaking into MY home and I dont take kindly to breaking and entering, You look at me and see an underdog but when Im done with you there wont be any doubt on my path of destruction, Im leading a clut and a life of destruction and all of you are just mindless beings following that idiot on his life but that will get you nowhere, It leads a life of broken promises and heartache that you're hero cant do it, You cant do it, He cant do it and no one can do it! NO ONE CAN TAKE ME DOWN! Im not a wrestler, Im an asskicking monster here to kick off destruction and thats all I have down and I will continue my streak of destruction and Colten, Your just another win on my list.​
  3. OOC: When will voting open?
  4. I never got tagged by you both that the match started lol
  5. DISQUALIFIED (in RAW 2 Ref voice)
  6. Sorry, Im a bit confused lol
  7. Adam568 I needed you & Nano to both tag me when the match was starting so I can open a 6 hour poll. If I did it when you started it would have been over by now & Nano would have never got to cut his promos.
  8. Britanica consider this started for me. (I never got a notification for the starting of the match, sorry for don't post a promo)​
    *Jacob enters to the ring and pulls Adam from the ladder, Jacob stares at Adam*​
    Who are you? You attacked me in the locker room when I tried to be nice with you, you say there will be blood but it'll be you who bleed while I reach that briefcase, you don't even know my name, it's COLTON not COLTEN. You're talking about Darth, a guy with no experience in the ring but tonight you're facing a man not a bitch like the one I have in front of me. You're not a saviour as you say, you can't save your ass from this fight and you say you can defeat me, you don't realize the one who will climb there will be me because you haven't got the potential to defeat me, your promos are weak such as you are, you can make me sweat because you can't even give me a fight your promos are too short to consider them even good enough for a fight. People pay their tickets to get entertained with wrestling but you don't offer wrestling if you fight against paper opponent as Darth was, compare with you I'm a diamond and you're a dogs shit I don't wanna tread. Ladders your home? Don't think so brother, ladders are my hell and when you step in it you'll see it's painful but pain is something I don't feel. Don't make me laugh, your path of destruction is a win? That means we have the same patch and when this ends it'll be me who has a better path, think a bit better after talking if you have a brain because saying you're not a wrestler that you're an asskicker monster sounds really bad, you did it with Jon to earn a place here? I'm not here to fight guys like you who think they can beat whoever they want without having a real match, this is a real match so bring everything you have, unless you have nothing else to offer to this match, that would mean you're over and I'm the winner, my career has a longer way than yours and proves that I'm the best here! Now bring the best of you...

  9. *Adam pushes Colton away*​
    Adam: Who the hell do you think you are, You little ****! Bringing you fat ass out here and trying to attack me and pulling me from where I belong! This is my territory and walking into it un-invited is a dangerous path my friend, Your here in my turf and I dont take kindly to strangers, Im going to enjoy kicking your ass up and down this ring and at the end of the night I will climb that ladder, Unhook my contract and win, Your nothing Colton, You think you have some great rep but your nothing, Your a piece of shit and I will beat the crap out of you and SAVE these people from your web of lies and broken promises.​
  10. *Jacob stands up and stares at Adam*​
    You're confused, this isn't your territory, this is their territory *the crowd starts cheering Jacob* and nothing you say or do can change that fact, they're the reason why you are here trying to fight me, I don't lie and I haven't broke any promise I've done because everynight I stand in front of this people and that's the promise I made to them, and I keep standing here and I'll do until the day I retire and that day will be the day of my death. You can't save anyone and you can't decide what they have to do, get that in your short mind because it seems you haven't done that yet. You don't belong to the ladders, you're mother was a bitch but dropped you out with a ladder because she didn't love you, you grew up with bitch blood but thinking the ladder was your real mother, I feel sorry for your ignorance because I'm the best wrestler between you and me, I'm the best wrestler with the ladders and I'm the best wrestler of this entire roster. I thought you could bring me a real challenge but you couldn't, this is your favorite kind of match but mine too so shut your stupid mouth up and fight as a man, stop hiding behind those excuses, I want princess in the outside and bitches in the bed, we're not in a bed and this is the outside so be a princess and fight if you want!
  11. Adam: oh now you gonna tell you sob story and give these idiots in the crowd undeserved praise? This aint they're territory, They are invited into mine, I rule this place, I dominate this place and this is my home, Im here to kick ass and your No.1 on my list, Im a wrestler, Im just an ass kicking monster and Beware Of The Beast! Im a beast, maniac son of a bitch here to cause havoc and destruction and thats what I promise and THATS WHAT I DO! I say, I prove I AM A BEAST! You should be scarred, Your worried and I know it, I look in your eyes and see the fear in them, Your worried because you saw what I did to Darth and know ill do the same to you, But I wont, Ill do worse! Ill beat your till your a lifeless body on the ground covered in blood! You wont even remember, Ill watch as they pull you from the ring and put you in an ambulance and Ill smile and hold my contract up high just to add insult to you, Your not aware on my destruction, My destruction have ended careers and lives. Im going to end you and prove to everyone here that your just a bullshitting mother fucker who thinks he is the man and a wise man once said "You've got to beat the man to be the man", Im the man and you cant beat me so put your tail between your legs and run off before I make you run off!​
  12. #NanorahIsWinning
  13. I don't care about what people said because to be the man I have to beat the man? I did beat 3 guys in my match for the CW Championship, do you think I'm afraid of you little princess? You're so damn wrong, I'm here to stay, I'm here because I'm the best and I'm proving this tonight here in the middle of this ring, I'm faster than you, smarter than you and that is better than the strength, you're only muscle but he muscle I've trained the most is my brain because to win this kind of matches you have to be smarter than your opponent, you must counter his moves and do it ok because he can counter you again and that's the thing I wait for, I admit I'm here because of this people but at the same time they annoy me sometimes, that's the truth and I live with it, you must know what I'm talking about because I'm the strongest opponent you have faced in your short career and that's because I've been in better matches than you have been in, I'll defeat you when this ends and I don't care if you call out everyone of your friends to kick me because they're as you, worthless. Now if you want to do something right, take that ladder, give it to me, leave the ring and watch me winning, if you don't do it, be sure your career will be over. I don't care if you kick me but if you're going to destroy my career, please do me a favor and kill me then because I'll return and beat you once, twice and every time we face each other!
  14. Adam: its funny how you even think you have a chance at even throwing one punch at me, This isnt even a match, This is a one sided beat down and your on the wrong end, Its no DQ, No count out, No pinfalls. No cheap wins and I can beat the crap out of you and never stop, You better hope you dont make it to the match and if you do be prepared and call the ambulance before the match because you will need it, Im the man that will end your career before it even starts, Your nothing yet and before you can even try and become something, Im going to stop it because if I dont end your career tonight, I will someday soon, Because every time you even taste the ladder of success, Ill be there to push you right back down and take MY RIGHTFUL PLACE on top, You cant beat me and never will. Nothing will stop me in this match NOTHING! I will not hold back, I will not have limits and I will not stop until I end you and your web of lies and broken promises because when its all said and done, Ill be on top and I will beat the European champion and win what I have deserved since day 1, Im not a wrestler and wrestlers have limits on punishment they can give, I DONT.​
  15. Keep talking, words are cheap, I don't give any credit to someone who has stepped in tis ring only once and thinks everything's easy. You know what? To be a wrestler you have to fight and you keep hiding behind your words. You're a young superstar and you talk me about ladder matches, I've been in more ladder matches than you that's the first point, the second point is that I fight with wrestlers, I don't fight with guys who pretend to be a wrestler, keep thinking you will defeat me because that won't happen, keep thinking you're better than me and that I'll need an ambulance when you don't know what's the meaning of Extreme, I thought you could give me a match and you're giving me everything but that, call an ambulance, don't make me laugh kid, I didn't need an ambulance against better wrestlers than you, what makes you think this time I'll need it? I'm not as weak as you are so you can say whatever that won't change the fact that I'm better than you. Your career is starting right now while mine has already started and I don't care if I have to kick your ass as strong as I can, I'll do it, you don't even deserve to be in this ring, you should be in the development area kid. You're saying you'll do what I did you in the starting of this match, you don't even think you can end my career in this match, is it really necessary to do this? You don't know what you want, you think you can't beat me but I'll defeat you, if somehow I lose I won't mind because everybody will know I'm better than you little experiment of a man. You also said you won't have limits, the limit is in front of you, it's me, and you're repeating the same you've said all the match, what an intelligent person you are, you can't make this without using the same crap you used before. I don't want that title belt, is all yours but I'll defeat you because I want to prove you're weak, people know you're weak and you also know it, that's why you wanted to face me, to think you aren't weak but that's why you'll lose, you don't deserve anything but lose this match against me, the best of the IWT​
  16. This was supposed to be over a long time ago...
  17. Congrats to Adam568 You won the contract!
  18. Britanica Can I cash in my contract at any time?
  19. Sure can. Just gotta make sure the title holder responds before you make it official.