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Who Won?

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  1. Mr Sackfist

  2. NanoRah

  1. [​IMG]
    This is for the Cruiser-Weight Championship.
    Limited Promo Match (4 Each)
    4 promos each, no set time but must be done in 24 hours

    Because of the mix up, all matches are being posted now. When the match is beginning, PLEASE TAG ME! So I know it has started. After the set time/set promos are complete, tag me again & I will open a 24 hour poll.
  2. As the champion I shall start:

    Champ steps out holding his cruiserweight title on his shoulder and removes his black sunglasses, walks to the ring and slides in wearing a black sleeveless hoody and white t-shirt.

    So ladies and gentlemen, here we are at Extreme Rules, and once again I am in action against Jacob Colton (NanoRah). A guy I beat for the title and then beat to pick the stipulation. I gave this guy a chance to pick the stipulation and he still couldn't deliver. Now with all the politics going on backstage, you may have missed what has happened between myself and Nano, so here is a quick refresher. Colton has been accepting challenges for Extreme Rules. I on the other hand have been competing against champions, to name a few current World Heavyweight Champion Christian, former WWE Champion Aids Johnson, beat him in his last match, oh and I some how managed to get the part timer FTJ to agree to a match with me, which sparked the flaming that has now got him suspended from IWT, you are welcome.

    As I promised I would be a great champion, and with that under my belt, I have been in action like I promised, whereas NanoRah never was the champion I am.

    In fact I believe he looked a little something like this during his Cruiserweight tile reign, giving it is Extreme Rules:


    Now I have beaten this guy twice in the past, and I face him again live here at Extreme Rules, where hopefully he has some chance given the no disqualification stipulation. Last time I saw this guy, I told him one simple thing, I told him he was the old lion of the pride, and what always happens is a new stronger lion comes in and beats the lion of the pride, I did that and what happens in nature is the lion dies people, the lion can re-challenge, but what happens is the lion never wins it back, unless your watching some disney program, but Junior I don't see Walt Disney tonight, so I don't like your chances. Come on out so I can beat you again
  3. Britanica sorry, I wasn't here when you made this, can the match be longer please?​
    You talking about defeat me again is so damn funny, you beat me twice because I wasn't comfortable with your matches stipulations, you picked this match too but it won't be so easy for you to defeat me this time, we're now in my home, we're now under EXTREME RULES so don't think you can beat me. You say you fought while I was looking for matches at Extreme Rules, that's true but I did one thing you didn't, I put my title on the line against the first one who asked me to do it and it was you, you then defeated me and I couldn't defeat you twice but one thing has changed with the time, I got stronger and you didn't, the young lion is now me and you're a little rat I'll easily eat. You found my reign but I found yours after Extreme Rules, I'm the guy on the top and you're that brown thing down of my ass, look at the screen and you'll see it:​
    You're right because I don't believe in God's help or neither in luck. I don't watch Disney films because I'm not a princess like you, I don't believe in miracles but you can start praying because when this match ends it'll be you being nothing and me in the top. The lion story has begun and will end with me eating you, ending your stupid title reign and the rest of the people watching me, I'm nobody's hero, I'm an enigma and I'm the one who will defeat you and get his title where it belongs.​
    You keep living in the past, stop living in the past because this is the present, this is my moment and I won't talk about my reign because that's the future, you're a billion years behind me with that mentality, you're too unprofessional, I wouldn't pay to see you in the ring because when someone touches you it's like if the world ends, I'll make the pin and the title will be mine, you can have a rematch but you won't be able to win it. You're also a thief because you robbed gold from that belt, look at it, one part is missing, I'm here and I will give it prestige because I'll change that title design for a mysterious thing I will reveal when I defeat you, Champ.​
  4. I actually had respect for you Colton, when you held your promos together, but calling yourself an Enigma, we have had enough of people ripping of promos and names from other people, I mean CM Gohan and now you ripping off Hardy, jesus how many more people are going to be a mimic. Colton you not only mimic Jeff Hardy, but you have begun to mimic me, taking my material which earned me the right to have this stipulation, the differences between me and you go on and on, but here is one for you, I am an original, your nothing more than a little guy in this business who took on the wrong guy.

    In both our matches I have squished you like so:


    I mean when people hear your promos, this is everybody's reaction:

    And each time you haven't brought an A-Game, you now have no disqualification on your side, please for the love of all that is good give me an original match, don't be like some little punk who can't think of an original name. I win here Junior, I have done since I took the title and I will continue to long after this match is over. I do feel sorry for you though, because we all know how this is going to end, me getting the 1,2,3 from the referee, yippee! See I can throw in some silly rhymes because I am that confident I will beat you. I do hope that if, by some outragous miracle you make it to win your Euro title #1 contender match, I pray to god that I get some fresh material from you junior

  5. Keep talking like if you were going to defeat me, you didn't read well, I said I am an enigma and that's because people don't know when will I do the things I like to do and as I said in our first match I don't need an A-Game to defeat you because I'm better than you and the crowd knows it, I'm not a mimic Mr Sackfist or in Spanish, Senyor Saco de Punyos, you're copying every human in the world if I use the same rule as you used to say I'm a Hardy mimic. About what you said that I took your material, that doesn't make me a mimic of you, that makes me smarter than you because I learned from your kicks and now I use them in my own benefit, I don't need to copy anything from anyone because I'm the real champion, I'm the one who will be at the top.

    I've a clip of your last promo, you're the suit man while I'm the red T-Shirt guy, this is what everybody wants you to do:

    And what I said before I'll repeat it again, yeah, you beated me twice but I'm now stronger than I was before, I do learn from my losses not as you, you've faced a lot of good wrestlers but you're now facing the best wrestler in the IWT universe, people know it, everybody in the world watching at home this Pay Per View knows it, the only one who doesn't realize that I'm better than you is yourself, when this ends I'll be crowned as the Cruiserweight Champion and you'll be nothing, I'll give you your rematch but you will be like an skeleton, apparently strong but if someone touches you, you can't do anything to save yourself of getting break down. I'll offer you something, why don't you leave this ring as the bitch you are and give me that title from once and for all?

  6. You actually compared yourself to John Cena. That says it all doesn't it? I don't think I need another promo after that I doubt you'll get many votes. Senyor Saco de punos? Did you google translate that? Becuase your spanish isn't very good if it isn't Junior. You say you learned from me, well I have made a mistake, I am not the best teacher because for some damn reason you haven't learned that you have a chance at beating me. Nano you haven't won a match since I beat you, I mean you suffering an online depression dude, and I am afraid it is just going to get worse when I beat you and most likely, Adam beats you tonight. You can't seem to comprehend I beat you twice and I have had quite a successful win streak against major champions and one other guy who has renamed my username in quite a comical fashion. I wish, I so wish I could say, heading into those matches that I am only as good as my last match, but the truth is, you were a cake walk, my ability got me the wins in those matches.

    I beat the top dogs of this business Colton, those two guys out do you in any promo and I managed to beat them both so I ask you what chance do you have?
  7. I didn't copy Cena, I just took a clip from him, I'm better than Cena, the IWT is much better than WWE just because I'm in this company. You keep doubting things, you don't live this life, you think and that's a bad thing you know why? Look you started with good promos this match, now the only thing you're doing is criticize what I do, but you know what? This is proving I'm better than you, you're doing nothing but giving me votes, fight like a man or run like a bitch, Champ. You wanna know something else? Tonight I'll beat you and I'll beat Adam because it's my destiny, you're more focused in my match against Adam than in this match, that's why you're scared about what will happen here. When I'm done with this crap I'll go to the big wrestlers, you've got a nice winning streak but I did something you couldn't. Aids was so damn scared about what I could do to him that he left this company, we had a steel cage match set up and three days before that match he left like a coward, you beat cowards you don't defeat men, before I was a child but I earned some experience and I grew not such a person but as a wrestler, please write your last promo when you're man enough to face me and defeat, now just leave the arena if you don't wanna be kicked out from here. You think you have ability, go to a mind doctor because you're wrong, ability is me and you're crap, with this being said, you're defeated and I'm the winner, CROWN ME!

  8. I shall summarize in one word, Sham. You are a sham Jacob, I mean do people really want someone who has an emotional episode when someone leaves IWT, you and Rodrigo never tagged in a match, yet you cried for him like he was on the titanic. You call Christian a coward? well if you want to diminish your votes, don't let me stop you. A mind doctor? Don't you have the vocabulary to say psychiatrist? Or the intelligence to use a thesaurus? I'll give you a crown, here ye here ye, gather round for the coronation of King Colton of jobberville. Because that is all you have proven to be, you job and job over and over again.

    I don't know why you bothered cashing in a rematch clause, you didn't have the skill to beat me then, you didn't have the skill to beat me for the match stipulation and you don't have the skill to beat me now. Junior after this match I suggest you take a good long look at yourself, you don't deserve to be cruiserweight champion, and after all is said and done, I am still going to be the cruiserweight champion, and you will be the King Jobber. Here Ye' Here Ye', King Jobber speaks his final promo
  9. Britanica it has been 24 hours since the thread was made, Nano has only made 3 promos what happens now?
  10. The poll goes up! I will put up a 24 hour poll for you guys.
  11. Voted Sackfist, 4-0 whitewash so far.

    Great job by both, rather entertaining with the images and videos :obama:
  12. Do I do it any other way?
  13. I don't think so :lol1:
  14. I'll spoil my last promo for if someone wanted to read it, I didn't upload it because I had no time but this is it:

    last promo (open)
    I'm not who you think I am, I'm not a jobber, I'm a champion and I'll be remembered as a champion when this ends, I'm intelligent enough to know what a psychiatrist is but thought you wouldn't know it, you've proved several times you intelligence coefficient is almost zero. Yeah, I admit it, I had an emotional episode, true but have you ever lost someone important to you? You wouldn't be talking to me like that if you had because after all I'm a man and after all I'll be the man who will end with your reign, I'll defeat you for that title that belongs to me, I'll defeat you because I must defeat you, I promised to myself someday I'd be better than you and that day is today, I'm no longer a jobber, from now on I'm the Cruiserweight Champion and you'll have to defeat me if you wanna get that title back, this is ended my dear bitch, this is pretty over, this is my last promo and I don't need media to make it good, I'm the king of the IWT not from jobberville and you know why? Because I have something you don't, I've got courage and I've got nuts to face you in this ring, defeat you and be again the champion!

    I have the skills to defeat everyone in this roster and I don't lose votes saying the truth, you should be scared because when this match ends I'll rise that title and you won't smell it anymore, you'll have your rematch but will lose it, I'm the greatest superstar here and you know it, after this ends it'll be you needing surgery in your face because I'll beat the hell up of you! Don't try to defeat me, it's too late to do it, this match has end as you reign of boring stuff. And yeah, I never was on a match with Rodrigo but I considered him my best friend something you'll never be for me, you're worthless, you can't defeat me this time, admit it from once and for all.