ER: DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP - Winner : Victoria Parker

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Who won?

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  1. Sage

  2. Victoria Justice

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    Your next contest... is for the DIVAS Championship!

    Start Time: 15:45GMT / End Time: 22:45GMT​
    Match Type: Unlimited Promos​
    Match Stipulations: The Divas Title is on the line​
    (Time extended from 2 hours as Lady is PST)​
    Good Luck to both!

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  2. *Victoria makes her way to the ring with the Divas title on her shoulder to a mixed crowd reaction. Victoria surveys the crowd, smirks, and walks into the center of the ring.

    *takes a mic

    Well, it looks like it's time for me to defend my Divas title. Now, I know what you all are thinking. You're saying, "Victoria, who could you possibly have to face in the IWT? Not only are you the only Diva worthy of this title, but...aren't you the only Diva in the IWT?" Now folks, I would have to agree with you. It certainly feels like I'm the only Diva in this company. Sadly and surprisingly enough, there is another female wrestler in this company. I know, I know, I am just as shocked as all of you! You see, Sage could hardly be considered a part-timer much less worthy of a title around her waist. You see, I got this title by default. Sage dropped out of the Wrestlemania match before it even began. Granted, who could blame her? She was up against me, a female wrestler unlike any other. I prove it night after night to the point where I am easily the best female wrestler this company has every seen.

    Despite my obvious prowess in this company, I have a bone to pick with Sage. I want a real match...not a match where I'm just handed a belt because someone decided to bail at the last minute. Sage, this isn't Wrestlmania. This is Extreme Rules and you have yet to prove a damn thing in this company. There's no acceptable excuse for how you left the company to train and prepare for this match. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to stick around and suck it up like the rest of us.

    There's no way you could be taken seriously as a champion. You know why I bring prestige to this title? Because everyone knows who I am. Everyone knows that when I step into the ring or anywhere in this company, something is going to happen. No matter what I get myself involved in, you can rest assured that people take notice. I'm a full-time wrestler in this company and absolutely no one - especially a less than part-time wrestler like yourself - could ever stand in my way. You're just another one of my victims on my way up to the IWT title.

    Your time is up, sweetheart. It's time to stop hiding behind your witty tweets and your smart comments. I want to put you in the ground right where you belong, right next to your dead IWT career.
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  3. *Sage's theme plays as she walks out with a mic and stands there on the stage*
    Still not letting bygones be bygones, eh? Just when I thought we were becoming friends, Vicarooni. :haha: *starts walking down to the ring*

    But seriously, truth time, and I know you don't personally give a shit about all this but I'm going to lay it down for you and the whole IWT universe. The honest truth is that I didn't think I was in the best shape to carry this company. I hardly showed up. I had TWO title matches at Wrestlemania. I thought I was the hottest shit ever. I chewed more than I could swallow. *sits down on the ropes* So, I let the title be handed to a new, pretty, young talent and still being honest here, you've done a good job. Well... besides getting on everyone's nerves, amirite IWT UNIVERSE? *gets up holds mic out to audience who cheered* You should thank me, Victoria, for being so generous as to grant you that opportunity.

    But... after awhile, I realized that was a mistake, but I wasn't about to challenge you again in the state that I was, no. The divas belt deserves better treatment than that. So, I trained every day since then. I passed out a couple of times, but I was determined to get this opportunity again so I can shut that little mouth of yours up. Who the hell do you think you are anyway? Ya' got a stick so far up your butt that I can see apples fallin' outta' your mouth. Prancing around here like you're the hottest thang ever. You know, Vic, that was my mistake before. I didn't think anyone could touch me. Not even the boys in the back. I admit my mistakes and I'm here to fix 'em
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  4. I feel like we coulda' kept goin'. :dawg: oh well. :smug-47:
  5. I'll open a 24 hour poll. give me a minute.
  6. Thank you, Ms. Boss Man Cat Lady ! :happy:
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  7. Wait... LOL

    Brit! Jenn's character name is Victoria Parker not Victoria Justice LOLOL
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  8. :facepalm: Wow I can not think clearly today for crap. haha
  9. CRAP! :angry: I can't edit it so please ignore that mistake... LOL
  10. Well, Sage can't pass up an opportunity to make fun of her boss. :smug-47:



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  12. Divas you say?

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  14. Sorry I would have loved to have kept going. I was just gone all day yesterday for my sister's graduation so I wouldn't have been able to promo at all lol.

    And LOL at all this Victoria Justice stuff :dawg:
  15. LOL all this stuff made me laugh.