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Who Won?

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  1. Dat (El Nino)

  2. Mr Sackfist

  1. Hardcore Cage Match for VP of MOD.
    ( @Dat Kid ) El Nino De Mexico vs @MrSackfist

    Cage Match
    No interruptions (only contenders can post in the thread), match will last for 2 hours of unlimited promos

    Because of the mix up, all matches are being posted now. When the match is beginning, PLEASE TAG ME! So I know it has started. After the set time/set promos are complete, tag me again & I will open a 24 hour poll.

  2. Introducing the opponent representing Dat Kid, being accompanied by Jorge El Burro, weighing in at 170lbs, residing in Baja, Mexico. He is the international ambassador of tacos, El Nino de Mexicoooooooo!

    *El Nino comes out on a donkey wearing sombrero. He goes over big with the latin crowd. He makes a round around the ring with the donkey, high fiving the fans on the way and parks the donkey in the corner. Nino gets in the ring and throws his sombrero out to the crowd like a frisbee and the proceeds to dance to his entrance music*

    Announcer 2: Well what away to start Extreme Rules because nothing says Extreme like a fucking donkey. I mean seriously, we couldn't think of anything else to put here...seriously! Why isn't Dat Kid in this match.

    Announcer 1: Dat Kid was injured during the time and El Nino stepped in, so this match was made official.

    Announcer 2: But he's wrestling in the main event, how convenient for him to miss this match, but not the WWE Championship match.

    Announcer 1: Regardless Sackfist has some sort of personal arrangement with Kid if he can defeat El Nino tonight, we're not sure on the details of this agreement, but this'll be one hell of a match to watch as we await MrSackfist to enter the ring.

  3. Champ steps out holding his cruiserweight title on his shoulder and removes his black sunglasses, walks to the ring and slides in wearing a black sleeveless hoody and white t-shirt.

    I am not sure why Dat Kid stepped down to have me face this taco clown, but heck I am a fan of this guy and I imagine we will all get a few laughs. In fact I'll let El Nino go first
  4. (Play this while you read the promo)
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    *the lights dim and a single spotlight is placed on El Nino*

    Tonight I stand here in foreign territory, with unfamiliar faces all around me. Senorita Sackfest, you and I have never met, but I have seen you perform. That night while I was at Dat Ki'd wedding, you also had a match, and I must say I was impressed. It is a shame that someone like you does not fight for los tacos.
    *El Nino pulls a taco out of his back pocket and takes a bite*

    You see Senorita Sackfest, I am El Nino d Mexico, the savior of all tacos. I can tell by the hanging chin fat on your neck that you are a fan of the mortal enemy of los tacos...los hamburguesas. This is not good, a man such as yourself should not be digesting such garabge. This is why you are not a world champion is why you will fail in your match tonight against El Nino de Mexico.

    Dat Kid is mi amigo, and I have trained him in the way of the tacos, this is why he is in the main event and you are not. Despite being the incredible performer you are, you have yet to realize your destiny, that is clouded by the vile allure of Ronaldo McDonald. When it comes down to it, you can not thrive at the top of la montana. This is why Dat Kid has not placed you in the VP position of the Ministry of Darkness, because he doesn't believe that you can take that kind of responsibility. Rightfully so, you have had short coming in this business and he can not allow that to happen with his group. Putting you in a high position would result in the destruction of the chain in his group. It would be like shoving a fry in your mouth. It may taste good, but in the long run, it will ultimately destroy you from the inside.
  5. El nino, it is true, I am a fan of la hamburgesa, and I do agree, you are the savior of los tacos. However you are wrong on various points in your statement. You say Dat Kid is in the no.1 contender spot because he has been trained in the way of the taco, I am not in the main event because I choose to create a mid-card. I have beaten Aids Johnson in his final match, so it should be me in the main event, but I am not like senor Burro, I mean FTJ, I don't demand title shots without earning a no.1 contender spot. Dat Kid is in that position because he was the first Britanica asked and we all know he was toy boy numero dos.

    I should be the VP of Ministry of Darkness because, alast senor Rodrigo left this place and ahora won't bring back muchos cinturones. You see, I will be bringing yet another title with me to the MOD. I can't think of a better reason to make me VP El Nino, don't you agree the spicier the taco the better?
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    i think we can end this here unless you want to go another round
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    Nah, let the voting begin
  8. This match was spoiled.
  9. Wow... No one is voting.. :dafuq:
  10. I give the match a 2/10.
  11. Voted Dat Kid. Good effort by both.
  12. Crayo ranked your performance in bed as a 2/10. It's why you were banned twice
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  13. Well in both cases, dont get down, there's always room for improvement. :harvey:
  14. Not for Dion Waiters... His game don't need no improved!
  15. I was promoing as El Nino and it isn't an Extreme Rules match, what'd you expect
  16. a 3/10. :senhor:
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