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Who Won?

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  1. WoodWarrior

  2. Farooq

  1. [​IMG]
    This is for the Million Dollar Championship.

    Cage Match
    No interruptions (only contenders can post in the thread), match will last for 2 hours of unlimited promos

    Because of the mix up, all matches are being posted now. When the match is beginning, PLEASE TAG ME! So I know it has started. After the set time/set promos are complete, tag me again & I will open a 24 hour poll.
  2. I'll start tomorrow before ER
  3. Good enough for me what time?
  4. probably between 4-8 EST. You can reply after ER if you'd like
  5. I'll be working after ER but those times are fine with me.
  6. Farooq walks onto the stage in his ring gear. Black tights with white crosshairs on each side, and black boots. On his right hand he grips a microphone as he makes his way to the ring. In his left shoulder he carries the Hardcore championship, which he hands to the referee outside of the steel cage. Farooq, instead of climbing through the door, climbs the cage itself to get into the ring as the fans cheer for Farooq. Farooq then awaits in the center of the ring.​
    Britanica match will begin when Danielson replies​
  7. Tonight J.R. Will be doing special commentary for the match

    *The WoodWarrior's music hits

    *WOODWARRIOR enters on a buffalo*


    *Grabs mic, bleeding from head*

    *Rubs cut, licks it*

    This blood that I bleed is nothing more than my mortal form. I am protected by the spirits around me, and The WoodWarrior has a few things to say before we start this thing.
    You've beaten me a couple of weeks ago in my return match. I didn't under estimate you at all. It was my first match back and I had to get into the swing of things. I wish i could stand here today knowing I have an advantage, but on paper you should be favored. The thing about paper is that it is just trees, trees that have been cut down for the "benefit" of human kind. The sacred spirit within feels all things when they pass, and for every dead tree there is a part of the world that cries out. I hear those cries, and I'm ready to take you out Farooq! It's the sprits that flow through my existance and possesses my soul which allows me to stand here in front of you a humbled man, ready and deteremined to do ANYTHING possible to beat YOU!
  8. Steel Cage lowers to the ring, trapping both opponents inside now.​
    You are much different then our last match, you embrace your natural roots more now. That though, will not be enough to defeat me. Cutting yourself will not stop me as well. I have come fully prepared to win, because if you want to talk about naturals, then here in the IWT you can call me the Sun, and Moon. ​
    Because you see the sun, it is a beautiful thing. It lightens up the day, it makes everything more bright, provides heat, and can provide joy. I make things bright for this company by welcoming in new talent, I provide them the challenge as heat, and the crowd, I provide them joy by giving them everything I have in this ring. But, just like the sun, when I have too, I burn my enemies. I won't hesitate to strike down the ones who are damaging the very things I enjoy to protect and bring joy upon.​
    But I am like the moon. I am one that lights the dark, one that's here to provide light, and one that will never leave. I provide the light to the dark of night by taking down those who threaten this company, which is why I challenged Aids at first, to end his evil reign, but the wind blew him out before I had a chance to light his shadows. I'm here to provide light to those who step in this company, willing to come to me for help. And even when the sun is up, when you look upon the sky, the moon is still there. Upon my return, I have worked hard, not turning from any challenge. Even when the sun is brightening the day, I am watching as the moon as well, so these things that I mention, they all happen.​
    I do see you as a mighty challenge, but I am one that does not back down easily. You can bust yourself open all you want, and try to strike fear, but I don't fear. I stay focus, and keep thinking and analyzing. Because that's what'll get me victory tonight, because when you think, when you stay calm, you don't see fear, you see another way to win, you see that although my opponent may be "tough" enough to make himself bleed, he's also foolish enough to leave himself open in the battle field with no cover whatsoever.​
  9. I was born in to a tribe where the wind howled and the sun beat down on me without a cloud to break it. Every Choctaw child has to run through hot coals to be officially entered into the tribe. Your burnings would be nothing more than mere flesh wounds. I applaud you for being the white knight of the IWT. It's refreshing after the trash I had to deal with in my Tag Team Titles match.

    *Looks at hand* This blood, was not to scare you... This isn't about you Farooq, this is about me! I want to make a statement to everyone that this body that i'm in is my mortal form. I am curious about the limits it can take. There is a battle within you Farooq. One tells of Corruption, hostility , greed, resentment, lies and ego. The other is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness. Which one will you feed? So far you feed yourself with the purest of intentions, but this is the kind of match that you have to throw that sort of stuff out of the tipi, and tap into your dark side. I'm not saying that you are not capable, but i'm interested to test you.
  10. To everything there is a light side and a dark side, there is a heads and a tails, there is a right and left, there is a heaven and hell. Everything has light, and dark. As humans our imperfections lead us to our dark side. If you want to see my dark side, well then, you're going to have a hard time. I keep my mind clear with meditation, keep myself learning from the mistakes of our ancestors, and I keep myself contained. I choose not to feed my dark side, because what people don't understand is, that everything is a choice. Once you take responsibility for these choices, then you'll be able to be in the light.

    Your people should understand this, while the people of my past the founding fathers, they took your land and instead of taking responsibility they chose to say it was for the better of this country. Of course it was a lie, they chose the dark side of hate and greed, they didn't want to live happily and try to live with the natives as one another, it was their way, or the grave way. Do I approve of that? Not at all, peace cannot be obtained from such methods, when there was another ways of living. I myself take responsibility for what happened before I left, my reign as US champion was tainted, it was disgusting, but it was all mine to fault, no one elses.

    When I come in here, I don't come here alone. I come here with the fans, I come in here ready to fight. I come in focused and I expect everything. This isn't that tag team match of yours, this is a real battle until one of us are the winner. I'm not here to make immature jokes, I'm not here to disrespect anybody, I'm here to give these fans the match of the night. This is a true match, one that tests durability, stamina, heart, smarts, and many many more.
  11. Voting for the Ultimate Warrior.

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  18. Best match I had in IWT yet :yes: