ER : TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Winners : Victoria & WoodWarrior

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Who Won?

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  1. Victoria & WoodWarrior

  2. Alkaline & Eric Draven

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    This is for the Tag Team Championships.
    Pig-Pen Street Match
    Interruptions by others is encouraged, unlimited promos for 3 hours, voting will be open the entire time.

    Because of the mix up, all matches are being posted now. When the match is beginning, PLEASE TAG ME! So I know it has started. After the set time/set promos are complete, tag me again & I will open a 24 hour poll.

  2. *Eric Draven walks out to chants of who the fucking hell are you, he holds a microphone in his left hand and wears a T-Shirt which says "Free the swamp monster and a picture of Xanth on it. Draven smirks at the crowd before getting into the ring"*

    Ladies and Gentlemen, wait we're in Danielson country so they'll be no ladies here tonight. My name is Eric Draven and I am here with a public service announcement, yes I and my partner Alkaline who you'll meet very shortly are here to help you very lucky people. We're here tonight to claim our rightful spot as the world tag team champions and take them to new heights everyone of you has only dreamed of. We've purged the disease known as Aids "Ducky Balboa" Johnson from this delightful company and now we'll purge those worthless pieces of tin that cast a shadow of the greatness that will be the tag team division of IWT, word will travel across cities, counties, countries, continents and even worlds as we are declared your new Intergalatic Tag Team champions of the World. We'll be the perfect fighting champions as we've already shown by walking into this disgusting pigpen just so Danielson feels comfortable in his home environment of Rednecksville, the only place in the world with 6,000 related inhabitants. We'll not differentiate between rich and poor as we loudly and proudly pronounce to you, Ladies And Gentlemen it's my pleasure to introduce back after another dominating victory and still your favourite ever Tag Team Champions of 3 universes, the team of Eric Draveeeeeeeeeeeeennn and Alkaline..... The Generattttttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooon.

    *The crowd begin to chant We want Danielson, where is CrayJ*

    It's OK Danielson is near by, don't worry people you can smell him 500 yards away. Everyone stop and take a deep breath. Now onto your second question where is the other member of the soon to be former Champions, the first lady to ever walk into this vile place CrayJLee? Now this is news just in by a very credible insider but apparently she was seen walking around the male lockerroom looking for yet another partner. Now I have video evidence of this, if you will maestro backstage.

    *The camera cuts to the titantron showing a large man with a full beard, bald head with a wig at a slightly twisted angle revealing his balding skull, a white dress three sizes too large for him and a child's replica tag team title.*

    The man looks towards the camera and begins to speak in a high tone of voice but with his natural tone cracking through every so often.

    Man: Oh hello IWT I'm the IWT WWE World Tag Team Champion CrayJLee and I'm currently here scouting the male talent for new hmmmm partners if you catch my drift.

    *The man feigns a laugh as the camera cuts away*

    Well there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, CrayJ has been scouting backstage for her replacement of Dat Kid Danielson, sorry lost track of which partner you were on. Note to self keep a list next time, wait who am I kidding I'll need to re-write the dictionary for that one. Also before any of you ask yes WE DO GIVE AUTOGRAPHS FOR A PRICE AND NO WE WONT HAVE A PICTURE DONE FOR YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE WITH YOU IN IT.
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  3. Show Spoiler
    This fucking match is stealing the show. CALLING IT

  4. *Alkaline struts into the arena. Pushing a shopping cart filled with various objects. The fans chant "You're not Danielson" at him as he gets in the ring. He has a T-shirt that says "Frank the cock for high school president". He smirks at the crowd before grabbing a microphone.*

    Sorry that I am late bro. I just flew in from Hollywood after a meeting with the movie execs for the movie we are planning. Then I couldn't find a cab out here in this wasteland so I had to steal a big goat and ride to the arena. I think it could just have been Danielson's brother though.

    *Crowd boos him and chants for Danielson's brother*

    But I also managed to bring some stuff we could use in our match. I have it all in this shopping cart. Does the crowd know what this is? This is a shopping cart.

    *points at the cart*

    You use it to gather and move your groceries when you buy them at the store. Say it with me now: S H O P P I N G C A R T! Got it Huckleberries?

    *Crowd boos him*

    But anyways I got some goods in the cart, gas masks, since this place stinks and it is bound to get worse as Danielson gets in the ring. Some rope, a cheese grater, a steel chair, garbage bin for us to drop those ugly ass belts in. A stuffed moose head and some road kill on a stick, I figured those losers deserved a last meal. And also, superkicks for all!

    *Crowd cheers for superkicks*

    Oh you liked that huh? Well good! Because when Victoria and Danielson get in here, in this stinking and probably poisonous thing that is supposed to be a ring we are going to go to war. And it won't be your average Hatfield s vs McCoy s feud. It will be a full scale invasion! We will burn this hovel to the ground like vikings on a field trip, pillaging, enslaving and taking no hostages until we have what we want! Victoria has proved that she cannot keep a partner and thus shouldn't be entrusted with the tag belts no matter how ugly they are and Danielson needs to realize that he cannot carry the team by himself. The only reason his old tag team worked was because he had a partner who could do work, not just some eye candy around his arm. So tonight there will be violence, there will be backbreakers, there will be suplexes, there will be kicks to the balls and titty twisters. We won't stop until we have the belts and Danielson is going to have to nuke us to keep us down.

    We are Draven and Alkaline, the Generation. And like us or hate us we are the best damn team in this universe. And there is nothing a redneck and skank can do about it! Those who are fans of Danielson and Victoria better get their autographed pictures before this starts, cause once it is over. Those two won't be photogenic.
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  5. Wait a second? We agreed to a pig pen match? Lmfao? Where was I on this?
  6. It's cool though, will respond tomorrow morning. We can start the poll before ER tomorrow
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    Quick Reminder my name is The WoodWarrior. You could find that information if you followed IWT closely. I'll provide you with a link to eliminate further confusion
    *The WoodWarrior's Music/ Titantron Hits*

    *Everyone in the crowd seems to be doing the native chant of the Warrior*

    I take great honor in being one half of the tag team champions. You've taken constant shots at my ethnicity throughout the past week, so let me set the record straight.
    I was born in the Choctaw tribe, where the wind blew freely and the sun beemed down with nothing to break it. I'm a warrior, and it's not what you think. I'm not someone who fights because I have the right to. I fight for the sacrifice in the good of others. I fight for the defenseless and for those who can not fend for themselves. Most of all I fight for the future of all humanity, and i'm going to be doing everyone a favor by dismantling you wasi'chu's limb from limb.

    The great spirit makes all races, and you've looked unkindly upon people who are not like yourselves. Your hatred seperates us as a human race, and within the IWT. This "Pig Pen Street Match" was another way for you to mock me, and continue your lack of respect. You two think you're clever, but you've become the poster boys for arrogance.

    The only thing that stinks is your below average one liners. Do yourselves a favor and strap your boots on a little tigther, because in about 25 seconds i'm going to make my way down that ramp, and taking out 500 years of fustration out on you two.

    *drops mic*
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    *Victoria makes her way down to the ring, doing slow claps along the way

    Congratulations boys, it looks like you've been the entertainment for the crowd this evening. Thankfully, my tag team partner and I have arrived to bring the professionalism back to this match. It seems like the two of you, who are nothing but glorified part-timers, have found a way to make an impact so far. However, due to your long absence in the past, it looks like you need a refresher on IWT history especially when it comes to me. I had a tag team partner in Rodrigo who was disqualified at Wrestlemania. This tag team title means everything to me and I was not about to lose it so I took the services of Dat Kid. We won the tag team title but Dat Kid was not a long-term decision for me. I wanted a tag team partner just as determined, ruthless, and well-trained as I am to work along my side with the tag team titles. Now that WoodWarrior is at my side, there's no need for another tag team partner. He has experience as a tag team champion just like me and he's the perfect fit for what I need and the rest of this company needs to hold the tag team title. The IWT Universe doesn't need yet another pointless set of part-timers who decide to come around when there's many titles on the line.

    I don't need to be carried because I can certainly hold my own in the ring and on the mic. If I can knock out Dat Kid, the #1 contender for the IWT title, cold in the center of the ring, imagine what I can do to an actual opponent. You've disrespected me and my tag team partner for the last time. We're a united front and no one is better than us when we work together in the ring. So you wanted a fight? You're out of your league boys and you're just about to find out how.

    *drops mic and starts heading down to the ring
  9. We each have one promo each and that's it?
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    Yeah, and you still didn't answer me why the challengers were able to choose the match stipulation.

    Clarity on who can challenge for a championship
    There is no more draft. Anyone can challenge anyone, and you are NO LONGER RESTRICTED TO YOUR BRAND. This is to encourage fresh feuds.
    Just because you post in the challenge a champion/contender match, it does NOT mean you will get the match. The champion can choose to wait until there are more challengers.
    If you persist to message the champion, either in public or private message, then you will lose your right to challenge for a championship.
    Also, you cannot force the champion to battle under your terms. The champion has the say on the rules, if you don't like them, don't fight them.
  11. No idea in all honesty, didn't she clear it with you? I think Alkaline PM'd her but no idea beyond that.
  12. Nope. Draven pm'd me but I even told him I was thinking of a "Strap Match" instead. Oh well.
  13. I didn't PM you :hmm:
  14. Meant alkaline. My bad
    1. Yo. seabs and I made a thread about half an hour ago which is a press conference for our title match at ER. Feel free to drop in on it and create some banter. We also suggested a match stip based on the banter and feud we had before.

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      I suggested a strap match in a thread britta posted.
  15. Well I have no idea, Britanica Jonathan I'm confused. Why did we chose the stip instead of Danielson getting his strap on?
  16. It's cool, just close and Vote Britanica .
  17. I am sorry! I must have made a mistake. I had to make all the threads at the last minute. I never had time to verify anything... Jonathan was suposta do the match posts & voting but something came up so he couldn't do it. I am sorry. Please PM me next time you see a mistake and I will fix it. I will open the poll though.
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