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Your New US Champ Should Be....

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  1. Alex Simms

  2. airbourne908

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  1. [​IMG]
    This is for the United States Championship.

    Limited Promo Match (3 Promos)
    3 promos each, no set time but must be done in 24 hours

    Because of the mix up, all matches are being posted now. When the match is beginning, PLEASE TAG ME! So I know it has started. After the set time/set promos are complete, tag me again & I will open a 24 hour poll.
  2. Rodrigo is shown via satelite.

    Seriously, what is this? This is the changes you told me you were doing? Who are this guys and why are they having a shot at my title? This is just falling apart. Two rookies facing for a championship I covered with glory? This is lame and this lack of respect for the championship makes me sick.Can this get any worse? Are you gonna give away the title or just give it to the first guy who comes into your room and gives you some dick to suck?
    Since I left this has get worse and worse. Booking doesnt make sense.And my beloved title, the one I won defeating Kid in a 5 star match is now in the line. I'm calling it. It will be lame. People wont buy the PPV and the company can go to hell. *People cheers*
    Fuck this shit.

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  3. You start first Airbourne, Well start it Britanica
  4. So, I can get a heads up on what your promos will be like.
  5. Are you people fucking kidding? Post your promos and start the match.
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  6. *Joel Rain comes out to a series of cheers*

    "Hey guys, I made it. I made it to Extreme Rules, my first ever pay per view! The same goes for my opponent who you probably haven't heard of, but who could blame you? This guy has had less of an impact than Britanica's cats, sorry cats. My point is, this guy didn't do a single thing other then come out to the ring to get this match. There's nothing I can do now though, I'm here, I have a match, might as well get a title out of it. So Alexander or whatever your name is, come on out here and show the IWT universe what you are really made out of, and what what you have to offer to the Internet Wrestling Titles."

    *Joel Rain waits for his opponents arrival*
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  7. Is this even a promo ^^
  8. :gtfo:
  9. Okay seriously? I don't have anything to go on at the moment. I have to wait to see what he does.
  10. Neither of you are capable of starting? How did you beat me, honestly.
  11. yes, it's a start at least. 3 promos each, you save your big guns for last.
  12. I just did....
  13. *Alexander comes out*
    "So, I'm making my debut right here at Extreme Rules, well, you maybe 1-0 but after these promos, you'll find out why I'm the good god almighty of IWT, you see, I have this once in a lifetime opporunity at this glory, because right now I haven't much debuted but after a while, you'll get to know me more once I become the US Champion because that is the first part of my plan to become the best on IWT today, My Days are coming to IWT."
  14. *Rain chuckles a bit, but then gets serious*

    "Good god almighty? Did you just say you were the good god almighty of IWT? Okay, you have a lot to learn about IWT before you start calling yourself "The Good God Almighy". I have seen many other IWT superstars who have at least 10 times more talent than you, but I guess it isn't very difficult to have more talent than you, again, I don't remember your name. Examples, Aids Johnson, despite his attitude, he's an all time great. Rodrigo, had a five star match with ANOTHER all time great in Dat Kid. My point is, before you enter this business telling the people that your the best and nobody can stop you, take a look around at all the BETTER talent that IWT has to offer.

    Another thing, yes, I agree this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to win the United States Championship in your first match, but that doesn't mean if you win, you're the best. If you want to be the best, you must make your way up the ladder of success and conquer the obstacles that this company has to offer, once you do that, then maybe, just maybe you can call yourself a decent talent. You and me have a long road ahead kid, tonight is your first step, better make it a good one."
  15. *Alexander looks at the thing*
    "Look, I know what you're saying, and I agree, I got more time to build my career but with this win, people will go like 'Oh wow, he won on his first try' not many IWT superstars got that opprotunity, those people you described, I know they are the best, but they didn't start out with a title win like I will, you see back, I said this win will be part one of my plan to be the best".
  16. "You just don't seem to make sense my boy. First you say you're the best, but then you say you're not the best. Make up your mind boy!

    How do you know for sure you're going to start out with a title win? Has it occurred to your that maybe you could lose this match and hit Rock Bottom because of you debut match? These are the things you don't think about. You don't have the brains to figure out the concept of going into a match. You're just all talk, you say you're the best, but can't back it up. You say you're going to win, but you're failing at the moment, you SAY you have a plan to be the best but really, all you have is your hopes and dreams. But sorry kid, your hopes and dreams won't pull you out of tough situations where you're being pummeled by the competition and have no comebacks. Even if you do have a plan, it will all burn to smithereens as you watch step one slip away from you when you see me standing tall with a championship on my shoulder with the ring announcer telling the world that Joel Rain has won the U.S. Title and what's-his-face didn't and is sitting ringside thinking, "Oh lord, where did I go wrong?" Let me answer that for you, you went wrong coming out to the ring last night to challenge me to a title match today at Extreme Rules, maybe next time kid, you'll shut your big mouth.

    Now, any last words before the referee raises my hand as the winner and new United States Champion?"
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