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    This is for the World Heavy-weight Championship.
    Limited Promo Match (3 Each)
    -3 promos each, no set time but must be done in 24 hours

    Because of the mix up, all matches are being posted now. When the match is beginning, PLEASE TAG ME! So I know it has started. After the set time/set promos are complete, tag me again & I will open a 24 hour poll.
  2. *Lights go out

    ANNOUNCER: Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - weighing in at 235 lbs, he is the Instant Classic, CHRISTIAN!!!!


    Baraa, you idiot! Do you actually think you have a chance of defeating me? I mean, I defeated Gohan with my telekinesis power before the match even begun. And you! You've been gone for how long? Are you still employed in this company? Do you even lift bro, because after seeing your win/loss record I can't tell if I'm facing a competitor or the NW Wildcats.
    So for now, I'll stop talking and I'll wait until you reply loser.
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  3. Also known as the match you would've lost. :gtfo: this thread loser.
  4. How are you not banned from this section?
  5. A pitiful god at that.
  6. *Fan calls security as Gohan took away his fake belt.
  7. Nope. That's a replica.
    Gohan, you're drunk.
  8. Gohan is so drunk. Stealing fake belts from kids.
  9. Gohan is gay? I knew it! :adr:
  10. You think he's stupid enough to bring the actual world title? I heard he has it in a safe thousands of miles away.
  11. So you took my watch and kicked my ass?
    Sorry dude, wrong person.
  12. from his wrist? You stole his watch you drunk.
  13. I don't see the announcer mentioning the world championship. Also the picture doesn't even have it.
    You're drunk Gohan, go home.
  14. Go home, you alcoholic fuck.
  15. Excuse me?
    I'm God of this forum. And in the real world, this, is God.

    Gohan couldn't even beat Buu :pipebomb:
  16. See Gohan? You're writing in caps and distorted letters. You're obviously drunk.
  17. You're obviously drunk.
    Are we on Nitro or RAW?
  18. You're drunk. I'm still the World Champion of the IWT. It's in the threads. Look it up rookie.
  19. Um, it's still in my signature. You're obviously drunk.
  20. Gohan you're suspended and not making things any easier pal, chill out.